Want to Buy a Small E-Cat? Rossi Says He’s Working on That

The idea of being energy independent at home is very a appealing one. Who would not like to be able to provide for their household energy needs without being attached to the grid — provided it was a cheaper option. For many people, one of the appeals of the the E-cat is that it holds the promise of being able to operate as a home-based generator.

A visitor to Andrea Rossi’s site on April 19th commented, “looking forward to get a 5kW device 2012”. To this Rossi replied, “About buying a small E-Cat: it is not fanta-science. I am working on this very important issue.”

Previously Rossi has said that for safety reasons he has envisioned E-Cats being used in power stations and industrial plants, but he recently he has revealed that he has downsized the basic module he’s been working on because it is safer. He’s said that power plant that will be installed in Greece later this year will be made up of a combination of small E-Cats, each capable of producing up to 4.5 kW of electricity.

This most recent comment indicates that there may be a change in tactic,  perhaps he’s expanding the options he is going to offer. In any case, apparently he sees the ability for people to buy their own E-Cat for their own energy needs as “very important”.

  • Per

    Nice blog! The E-cats produce heated water, not electricity. About 50 percent of the energy will be lost if converted to electricity even with the best know conversion mechanisms.

    • admin

      Good point — very true. Rossi has said recently that in their contracts they are guaranteeing their customers that they will get 6 times more electricity out of the process than is input. Of course the heat will be useful for heating homes and water.

  • Waiting

    50% efficiency would be hard, but 20% efficiency would certainly be possible. So two of the 5 kW thermal generators could produce 10 kW of heat, which becomes 2 kW of electricity, which is enough for a typical home, including running a pump on a well to provide water. And the leftover waste heat would be more than enough to heat the home and make hot water. So you could be off the grid, at a cost far below buying a second home. And eventually at a cost less than buying a car.

    Of course, that’s only if this is real. If he gives away the two reactors he’s promised, and the two physicists say they work, then I’ll be fairly confident this is real. Until then, I’ll just wait and see.

  • Apparently, the “secret” of Rossi’s e-cat is about how the powder of Nickel is produced and how the surface of the chamber is prepared.

    If I’m right, the main problem is to be able to produce enough powder of nickel and reaction chambers. The rest appear trivial or, at least, already solved.

  • frayed

    You could also use the excess heat for air conditioning or refrigeration.



    It would be very efficient if you Incorporated heating/cooling and refrigeration in the energy use cycle. Heated swimming pool anyone?

    Ammonia refrigerators have been around since the 1800’s.

  • Burt

    There is too much fuzz about the e-cat for home. Of course it will come, but you’re missing the point – with energy this cheap we could heat our homes with electricity for a while. The big thing is not “energy for the home” – it is “energy for the world”.