The E-Cat Story Not Even a Blip in Google Trends

Just a quick note. I decided to try a test to see how much interest there is at the moment in the E-Cat story by going to Google Trends, which shows the frequency at which people around the world are searching particular words or phrases.

I did three separate searches: “Andrea Rossi”, E-Cat, and “Energy Catalyzer”. For each search the result was, “Your terms do not have enough search results to show graphs”.

It just goes to show that a subject that some of us think could be the story of the century is not even on the radar of most people!

  • Brian

    “It just goes to show that a subject that some of us think could be the story of the century is not even on the radar of most people!”

    So why do you think that might be?

    • admin

      I think most people have not heard of Rossi or his technology — you have to be looking in some relatively obscure places on the Web, or know people with unusual interests to know anything about the story. And even then, many people will dismiss it out of hand since cold fusion or anything like it has such a bad name.

      I’m not surprised by the lack of interest — but I do find it ironic that something that could be so important is largely unknown. I think in time all this will change — It’s just interesting observing the action (or lack of it) for now.

  • Paul Cunningham

    The only reason I have been following this is due to a headline in discovery news that appeared on my iGoogle (home page) a day or two after the January demonstration. I have been trying to read everything that I can find on the subject ever since.
    It is funny how a story about Charlie Sheen gets picked up by tens of thousands of websites but the NyTeknik articles are only picked up by two or three.
    If the technology works as advertised, there will come a day, when it goes from obscurity to the top news story of the world. It will probably happen overnight. The fact that it’s being ignored is probably a good thing as far as not interfering with progress.

    • admin

      I think you may be right about this becoming big news overnight. It would only take the right story from the right source to do that. Meanwhile I find it an interesting process watching and waiting 🙂

  • nut

    I have been following these kind of news between 1989 and 2008; so far the only interesting developments are eestor, blacklight, the s.e.g., the emdrive and what was his name mr. poflefnov? *lol* …… somehow they don’t want to or are not allowed to sell a product let alone tell the public.

    This planet has no future. I wish the aliens send us a big fat asteroid and put it to an end before it becomes embarrasing.