Italian Office for Patents and Trademarks Approves Rossi’s Patent for the E-Cat

On April 6 the Italian Office for Patents and Trademarks licensed the patent for Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer invention and the award has just been made public. Since individual EU countries no longer issue national patents, this is apparently an EU-wide patent.

This patent does not include details of the catalyst that allows the powerful nuclear reaction to take place within the E-Cat. Rossi has said that the patent on this catalyzer would be applied for separately.

The full text of the patent in English is available here under the name “Method and Apparatus for Carrying out Nickel and Hydrogen Exothermal Reactions.”

  • Tony

    yeah, if you check the link from the wiki article almost all eu “states” are covered.

    • Tony

      might be nice if you interviewed Brian Josephson, main defender of the wiki article. Nobel prize winning physicist…

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  • Pee Vee

    A lot of mistakes in patent matters:
    Patent Offices grant patents, not license.
    Nearly all individual EU countries issue still national patents, EPO is alternative to national routes.
    EU-wide patent does not yet exist, EPO grants patents for coming into force in single EU countries

    How are the other issues in article fact or fiction?