Rossi: “Not Impossible” that Two 1 MW E-Cat Plants Will be Ready in October — One in Greece, One in the US

In one of his typically terse responses to a question on his website, Andrea Rossi has hinted that a there may be more than one power plant ready in October when he launches his technology commercially.

A questioner asks:

“1. Will there be two 1MW stations in november, 1 in greece and other in USA?
2. By this date, will you give full e-cats for certain universities to test them in any way they want?”

Rossi answers:

1- Not impossible
2- Yes: University of Bologna, University of Uppsala

Rossi has said that he has signed an agreement with a US company, and on May 11th he commented, “In due time we will make a press conference, when the 1 MW plant in the concern of our USA Customer will be in operation.” Rossi is implying now that this press conference in the USA could take place in October — at least it’s “not impossible.”

In addition, he says that the Universities of Bologna and Uppsala (Sweden) will have their own  E-Cats where they can conduct testing “in any way they want”. Statements like these only increase the anticipation for October for many people who are following this story. Lots can happen between now and then, and as with many product launches problems and delays and difficulties are not uncommon. It’s going to be a long summer for some!

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  • Brad Arnold

    I think all the analysis so far minimizes both the upside and downside of the E-Cat. I am personally for the E-Cat: it will allow virtually unlimited desalination of ocean water, severely reduce the cost of transportation, and even furnish the power necessary to escape the Earth’s gravity well.

    On the bad side, there is about 100 trillion dollars in energy infrastructure that will be rendered obsolete by the E-Cat. That “wealth” will disappear, sending the market into panic, and possible cause a world wide financial meltdown.

    • I disagree about the meltdown.

      Electric Utilities would be able to install steam generators and turbines to use the steam. Very clean and low recurring cost for input energy.
      Distribution grid would still be utilized for many years.
      Cleaner energy would cost much less than “dirty”.

      Remote locations and off grid locations would benefit from small generators and no cost to link to a remote grid junction point.

      Oil and NatGas would still be used for a long time for transportation until economic portable engines could be devised and deployed. This will take several design cycles to proliferate, so progress would be evolutionary.

      China is already going to use a lot of US coal for many years for all the new plants they are building and coming online every day. Eventually, they will replace the steam generators with non coal heaters. So change over would be gradual.

      It will take a lot of years for the technology to spread widely. If suitable licenses are available with training, and R&D companies are helping, the next 25 years should be very exciting.

      See the National Museum of Scotland which houses a lot of historical technology relating to use of steam energy from the 19th century.

      Some nuclear plants could be replaced in situ with steam energy generators in place of the nuclear parts and the distribution would be used as before.

      New nuclear designs could be converted before they are built.

      So a graceful evolutionary path is the most likely to be the result as long as there are no hidden gotchas.

      Even then, as we get a lot more brains thinking of all the possible variations of this new technology, a lot of new applications will be imagined, designed, built, tested, and revised.

      It is like a new door is opened to the future.

      I think the proof of feasibility is already before us. We have seen it on the horizon while walking around Pompeii. I believe volcanos and perhaps guysers are natural E-Cat devices.

      A whole new science of nuclide transition chemistry may be able to be quickly developed once the transform rules and processes are understood. Looking at the periodic chart will take on a lot of new meanings.

      In the mean time, may God bless Dr. Rossi and grant him the wisdom necessary to insure that his invention is constructively utilized and does not lead to destructive ends.

    • George Sutton

      Oh for Pete’s sake! There isn’t going to be any freaking meltdown!!! If Rossi’s device ends up working, then it will take years if not decades to have dramatic impact on our economies. Oil will still have huge uses in our economy. There will be a slow gradual replacement of oil with these devices. Oil will drop dramatically as demand decreases. But there will always (well at least for the next 50 years)will be a demand for oil to make such things a plastic and lubricants.

      It will be a great day for all of humanity when we can end our dependence on this dark gooey mess. We can all breath a sigh of relief.

  • Jay de Silva

    This technology is said to have been around since 2009 but we have yet to actually see commercial or domestic application.

    I have a sad feeling that like Guy Negre’s car that is supposed to run on compressede air, this too will become vapour ware, useful only to the inventors to collect money from gullible dupes.

    Or is it that Rossi and Guy Negre have both patented their inventions to death, just like Apple did with their first desktop computer?

    If it is so revolutionary, can’t they do something for mankind and just make the damn thing without making promises and promises?

    Until these fusion reactors are actually working, don’t believe in them. The so-called inventors will say anything to convince the gullible. Just wait until they are functioning, and functioning for some time too.

  • Interesting that you mention Guy Negre. His car has been certified in France and will be made in India by Tata (TTM) , who also makes Jaguars. The air car goes only 100 km on the air tank but can go large distances by burning gasoline to expand air into the tank. The E-Cat heat could do this!
    New things often take a long time to reach fruition. Don’t give up on the air car as it may someday include an E-cat range extender!

  • Deborah Proctor

    I work at a 100 kW non-commercial radio station in North Carolina. There are dozens of universities in our coverage area. WCPE needs about 135 kW all in all; if you had a small demo plant here and we went off grid, millions of people would “hear the proof” for as long as you desired.



  • Vorn

    i would love t o bring this to Australia with our new carbon tax this would be brilliant for energy production….if it generates successfully

  • You give an example of building a plant in Greece that will put out 1megawatt of power – that should power 700 homes. can power 8,500 homes with one 65kW power unit using no fuel, is small in size, and no pollution…the power produced costs nothing but the cost of the technology. Mr. Sumaruck has a COP of infinity.

  • David

    @Charlotte Wilson
    No. The announced plant in Greece at Defkalion Green Technologies, which is to demonstrated to invited scientists and journalists in the ‘last week of October’ will produce 1Mw equivalent of heat. No announcement has been made regarding the production of electricity. Rossi says he is still struggling with finding an ‘appropriate’ electricity generating system to hook up to his e-cat