Call for Ideas — Ways to Demonstrate Usefulness of the E-Cat

There was an interesting suggestion posted yesterday on Rossi’s web site from a reader who is an avid swimmer:

“I am adept at swimming (I swim about 7km per week).

“But now is the beginning of winter in Brazil, and the pool water becomes too cold for swimming.

“Some clubs have swimming pools heated electrically, but very few, because the electric heating is very expensive. A good advertisement for the E-Cat would be to sell it to clubs (for heating swimming pools and steam sauna). With a cheap heating, all the clubs could have a heater for cold fusion, and the news would spread worldwide. I could even do demonstrations to clubs in my city.”

This is a proposal which provides a local practical benefit, and at the same time demonstrates to the world the usefulness of the E-Cat — a good advertisement for Mr. Rossi.

I thought it would be interesting  and fun to see if any of the readers here could think of other interesting and novel ways to demonstrate the usefulness of the E-Cat to the world at this early stage of its development (not talking about future applications that will require lots more development and engineering). If you have any ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments below!

  • Ryan

    Would be awesome to demonstrate the system as part of a residential heating setup.

    I live in an old house which, despite extensive weatherizing efforts, still costs around $450/month to heat for a good 8 months of the year (Colorado, USA).

  • I think another good use, besides heating pools and buildings is cooling them in the summer time.

    The E-CAT could feed the steam to a Lithium Bromide absorption chiller unit, which will produce 41 deg F or 5 deg C cold water, for air conditioning, at a COP of around 1.

  • BB

    Heck! You can even heat the ocean, so we can finally have a nice beach in San Francisco, would take care of the shark problem too.

  • Oriole

    Can’t be used as the heat producer for central heating and hot water production system for household, business and factory use?
    It would not take much technology to achieve.

  • Corruptor

    Could it not be used as a CHP (Combined Heat & Power) replacement for a household?

  • An e-cat would be very useful to warm water used in greenhouses.
    Currently gas is used (methane, liquid propane, etc.) but this cost a lot.
    With the e-cat technology people could keep a greenhouse warm all year around.
    I don’t count the use of electricity to power LED lights and grow plant underground or during winter long nights.
    It could be very useful to cool water down and allow to cultivate plants in very hot places.

  • Roger Barker

    The best and simplest thing to do would be to plug an efficient stirling engine and power your house for about $100 per year. 😉

    • And where could one purchase a stirling engine?

      • Roger Barker

        When Rossi’s E-Cat comes online I am sure the race will be on to develop efficient heat energy->electrical systems.

      • Alan Gideon

        The only ones I have seen advertized or for which plans are available have been either solar powered (rather high temperatures), or tabletop models to teach basic principles.

        The other significant step needed for commercialization is the unemotional day-by-day slogging thru a comprehensive test plan in order to characterize the E-Cat for engineering purposes. Think in terms of performance curves. Once those are available, and if the results are favorable, you could see a geometrically increasing number of application and design ideas. Has anyone seen data of this type yet?

  • WaltC

    One great application is offsetting fossil fuel usage– especially in residential use:
    Step 1) (the easiest) home heat– I have hot water radiant heat, using a boiler system, and a hot water heater, both based on natural gas. I’d love something cheaper & potentially more reliable (parts of NM had a natural gas outage in the coldest part of last winter).
    Step 2) grid-tied residential system where an E-Cat provides electricity & heat (electricity production will produce significant waste heat anyway & it might as well be used to heat water & a home). Because it’s grid tied, the E-Cat electric generator doesn’t need to keep up with peak power usage, just average usage.
    Step 3) Same as Step 2, except off-grid. It needs to support higher peak usage and may need to support more variability in power generation in the course of the day.
    Step 4) Put one in my car.

  • I am a real estate constructor and i just finished the construction of 29 appartments.I just started the construction of a new phase of 17 appartments. In the future, another 65 appartments have to be build. I use a collective heating system based on gas and partly on solar energy. That system is used to heat the sanitary water and radiator water. My ambition is to lower the use of gas as much as possible. I am definitly interested in the e-cat generator as an alternatif source of heating.

  • Lou N

    I work at a VA Hospital, and we continue to use boilers for steam for steam sterilization of medical equipment, laundry, and kitchen along with building heat. With the E-cat, it sounds like it would be better to have these located throughout the hospital than to have main boilers and pipe the steam throughout the hospital.