Professor Loris Ferrari of the University of Bologna on Testing the E-Cat (“Energy of the Crazy”)

An article was published on the Italians site Social News written by Professor Loris Ferrari of the University of Bologna physics department in which he reviews the past research efforts into cold fusion, and anticipates to a new phase of its study and development. Ferrari, along with other Bologna professors Sergio Focardi, Ennio Bonetti, Enrico Campari, Giuseppe Levi and Mauro Villa will make up a research team looking at Rossi’s E-Cat technology.

He says in the article that cold fusion effect is moving from isolated occurrences (he calls them “events”) into the realm of “facts” which are verifiable and reproducible and looks forward to a new era of research and energy technology.

He labels the current minority of cold fusion believers as “the Mad” and those who have been skeptical of it as “the Sane” — and thinks now it may be time to listen to the Mad.

A Google English translation can be found here.

  • Roger Barker

    That should read “Loris Ferrari” and not “Louis Ferrari”.


    • admin

      Thanks, Roger. Fixed

  • Waiting

    When asked whether this article means Bologna has an e-cat, Rossi said “We are close to the signature”.

    Can anyone guess what “close” means?

  • Lars

    I have heard Uppsala university in Sweden will test it to.

    • Waiting

      Yes, we’ve been hearing that from Rossi for quite some time now. Yet it keeps not happening …

  • Jalaluddin Morris

    I will be much more interested when “will test” becomes “have tested”.