Greece’s Moment of Destiny: How the E-Cat Could Change the Nation’s Fortunes — and the World’s

There’s been quite a lot of discussion by people following the E-Cat story about the lack of attention that is being paid to Andrea Rossi’s technology. Rossi himself has said that he would have preferred not to have publicized his work until October when his 1 MW plant is revealed, but he went public earlier this year at the insistence of his colleague, Sergio Focardi.

For a long time I have thought that it doesn’t really make too much difference when the world starts to take notice, because once E-Cat products are on the market there will be no way to ignore the reality of this technology. I have thought that seeing the press drag their heels is somewhat amusing, since they are well behind the alternative Internet media on a very important story.

But I am beginning to change my mind about this in the light of what I am learning about the current situation in Greece. The Greek Parliament is scheduled to vote today and tomorrow over another set of austerity measures that need to be passed in order for continued bailout money from the Euro Zone nations and IMF to keep flowing. At the same time there is civil unrest growing in the nation which will likely grow if those austerity measures are passed. I even heard an analyst on the BBC mention civil war in Greece if the austerity measures are passed.

Civil unrest and economic disaster in Greece would make Defkalion Green Technology’s task of launching a brand new industry all the more difficult. It’s hard enough to be successful in a new enterprise in an atmosphere of stability.

If further austerity is not passed by the Greek Parliament it will almost certainly mean no more funding from Europe and thus lead to a default on its bond obligations. This could lead to them dropping out of the Euro Zone and cause worldwide distress in the financial world as creditor nations and banks with exposure to Greece are hit hard. The contagion could spread worldwide.

How would this scenario change if there was widespread knowledge of what is happening with Andrea Rossi, and Defkalion Green Technologies? How would the general Greek population feel if they knew they could be the leaders of an industry that could not only help their country, but also benefit them personally through sharply reduced energy costs?

How would Greece’s creditors act if they were aware that they are dealing with a country that could be the leading player in a new energy revolution?

It’s not easy to answer those questions, but if the full potential of the E-Cat technology became widely known, understood and accepted it could make a huge difference in the precarious Greek situation. So I’m hoping now that news of the E-Cat spreads far and wide rapidly and finds its way on to the radar of global consciousness as soon as possible. The Defkalion press conference was a good start, and perhaps the news of it has begun to make its way to people of influence, and maybe there will finally be a breakdown of the wall of relative silence that seems to be surrounding this very important technology that could change the fortunes of Greece and the world.

  • georgehants

    The BBC. unlike most of the “free press,” is publicly tax funded to honestly and unbiasedly inform the u.k. population of everything important concerning world and regional events.
    Who is making the decision to censor news of the Rossi E-Cat and Defkalions progress.
    Why are questions not being asked in parliament based on the u.k. proposal for five nuclear power stations.
    What are our MP’s for.
    When the E-Cat is fully released, there must be a public inquiry to apportion blame for this “big brother” coverup.

  • Dave Stone

    Below is a repost of a comment that I made on Defkalion’s Forum. This was posted under the topic “Public Demonstration Needed”. Please note the second paragraph in particular:

    The purpose of a public demonstration would be to eliminate doubt, to quiet the naysayers and awake the world to the new reality of unlimited, cheap energy. Don’t you think that mankind could use some good news for a change? Freeing humanity from fossil fuel slavery would usher in a new era of prosperity for everyone on the planet (except for the oil cartel and big oil).

    Some would argue that we just need to be patient and wait for October for the one megawatt E-Cat device to be demonstrated. I would submit that Greece may face default before this technology goes to production. If the E-Cat can be shown to be real, beyond a shadow of a doubt, then the IMF and EU may be persuaded to extend their loans based on the fact that Defkalion, a Greek company, has been given the exclusive contract to bring this to market (except for the US and defense). Of course, Defkalion could be looking at a trillion dollar market here.

    Others would argue that a public demonstration isn’t necessary since the “technical people” have already made the case for the E-Cat with previous experiments. Obviously, these experiments have failed to convince anyone except the true believers. People see the electrical connection going to the heating resisters and suspect that these resisters are boiling the water. They question the methods used to measure the steam and whether it is dry enough for the calculations to be accurate.

    I think we need to get past the experimental minutiae which leaves open the door for doubt to creep in. We need certainty. So I proposed the above “seeing is believing” experiment. Setup the experiment in a large hall for all to see. Make this a marathon event. Invite respected academics and credible institutions to monitor the proceedings. Have the media monitor the E-Cat 24 hours a day.

    We need to excite the imagination of the general public and offer hope for a better future.

  • Dave Stone

    Below I describe the “seeing is believing” experiment from the same aforementioned topic “Public Demonstration Needed”:

    Given the complete lack of coverage from the international media and the rampant suspicion and criticism from the skeptics, I would say that Defkalion will have to do more to boost their own credibility and to also help Greece boost their standing with the IMF and the EU.

    I think that Defkalion should arrange a public demonstration that shows off the capabilities of the E-Cat. The demonstration should be simple and persuasive, something that would impress the least technical among us. It could be setup with the same experimental framework that Mr. Rossi has used in the past. Make the E-Cat self-sustaining, which has been done before in private testing, eliminate the electrical input connection after startup, remove the hydrogen supply, strip away everything down to the bare metal and let the device continue to boil water until everyone is satisfied that this device is for real. In time a more sophisticated experiment could be devised but the same self-sustaining capability would have to be demonstrated.

    Hopefully, this public demonstration could garner attention from the media and excite the public with a vision of a bright future with unlimited and cheap energy.

  • Wes

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. There are dozens of convincing claims of break-through energy devices, complete with illustrated websites and explanation theories. Inventors have held “public demonstrations,” and “independent reviews,” yet I cannot buy one of their amazing devices. How odd they cannot find their way into production, and into the hands of users to evaluate for themselves.

    The press will show interest when the level of proof matches the level of claim.

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