Italian Radio Interview With Guiseppe Levi and Loris Ferrari

Italian radio station Citta del Capo Radio conducted an interview with professors Loris
Ferrari and Giuseppe Levi of the University of Bologna who are part of the research team at the university who will be involved with research and development in E-Cat technology for Andrea Rossi. Rossi has said that the deal between him and the university has been finalized and studies will be carried out over the next two years.

Go here to find a partial transcript in English of the interview.

  • Roger Barker

    A number of damning articles about the glaring holes in the demonstrations and in particular the flawed measurements have left me with serious doubts about the E-Cat. Also the way Rossi has come out and lashed at these articles rather than defend himself in a more professional manner has done more damage to his credibility.

  • Lloyd

    On the contrary, I find Rossi to have fairly defended himself against inuendo. After repeatedly explaning that energy calcs were made based on mass and not volume.

    Also, Prof Levi’s energy calcs were also done by mass. To assert otherwise by a non-scientist is ridiculous. Especially when Krivit tried to ENSURE they understood his point. It’s laughable.

    If I had invented this machine, I would have flipped out a long time ago. I think Rossi demonstrated a massive degree of self control.

    Watch this vid clip of energy calcs before flipping out based on Krivit’s assertions:

  • Roger Barker

    It’s not the calculations that bother me. It’s the whole process and the way Rossi has done things.

    All Rossi had to do was let independent scientists do a black box test using their OWN devices. No one needs to know the secret sauce in the E-Cat, just simple tests done by competent but independent scientists. This is something that just has not happened.

  • Lloyd

    I don’t think that is true. Giuseppe Levi from Bologna U has done tests. Kullander and Essen have done tests. Matt Levan has done tests.

    The problem is that the secret sauce is discoverable via a spectrometer if the scientists are unscrupulous. Given what is at stake, I would not bother, I would skip straight to commercialisation.

    This is what Rossi wanted to do. He only revealed at this stage because of his friendship with Focardi.

    Also, MIT and other institutions have vested interests. Once the secret sauce is out, there is no stuffing it back in.

  • John Dlouhy

    I haven’t seen a number of negative articles about the E-Cat but I did read one, a long winded and verbose piece of rhetoric by Steven Krivit. His writing is specious and his so called “report is largely a condescending explanation to his readers of what he believes the scientific process should entail. In doing so he overlooks the most important point about Science. It is a search for facts. Maybe he has forgotten that a fact is a close agreement among a series of verifiable observations. Verifiable means that you can determine it for yourself. So there is Krivit in the room with an actual functioning E-Cat and as he hasn’t the expertise to evaluate what he is witnessing with his own eyes. So instead, he decides to make a big deal out of a piece of paper with some writing on it, which he tries to get from a scientist he has only just met. Accepting another persons data is an act of faith, not science. Not receiving this data seems to be his main point and ironically, accepting it as evidence would be the exact opposite of Science.

  • Omega Z

    ((LENR) &/or Cold Fusion Affect)
    I’ve Goggled myself to death. Here’s some results about Rossi’s past… My Conclusions. Having read his version & news reports, I don’t have Alarms going off. I see smear tactics used on someone considered a rogue element(He Is) by the powers that be.

    The (LENR) Affect. It’s been duplicated by at least a half dozen Universities in the States including MIT. By NASA, Darpa, & the Navy. Also in Russia, Japan, & Israel among others. Some using different elements then Rossi’s, Some the same or similar. Some expensive & rare. Palladium is not Cheap. Some Lab explosions in the process.

    My Conclusion: (LENR) affect is a FACT!
    Here’s a Nobel winning Physicist Brian Josephson Video of interest on Youtube: Also read where he & others have been updating Wikipedia only to have some things removed by the powers that be when possible if it’s supportive of (LENR)

    There’s also an article by Dennis Bushnell of NASA on one of these sites that talks about Rossi’s work & what it could mean just for flight. I bring him up because he indicates what I had determined Very Early ON.

    (LENR) People Argue- Real or Fake. Your arguing the wrong Subject.
    The real Argument is whether he has found a way to keep it stable & self-sustaining. On a large vessel, it appears he hasn’t quit been able to. But on the 10KW units or smaller he has. Thus the chaining of multiple small units to get higher output. I believe this is where the University research comes in. Not to verify it’s reality, but to work the kinks out on scaling it up. This would make them cheaper to manufacture. Cheaper to the consumer…

    We all wish this would happen faster, but I’ve read enough to understand why Rossi is doing this the way he is. If he just handed off to a big Corporation, E-cats would be changed out for the fossil fuels, but the Fee’s/Cost would probably remain the same for the consumer. This would be clean air with permanent Cap & Trade scheme built in for the Governments & the Rich. Indefinitely…

    Take Notice: I’ve seen where several people who’ve worked on (LENR) for the Government & NASA itself have applied for Patents involving this process very recently. This may be a way for them to try to head him off at the pass. They could tie things up for decades.

    Understand that when Oil companies make a 7 or 8 cent profit per gallon of gas, The Federal & State Governments make between 50 & 70 cents in fuel taxes per gallon. They also make 3 to 4 cents per KW on Electricity. The total easily surpasses $300 to $400 Billion a year. The way Rossi is doing things it won’t matter as much. The E-Cat will already be Out of the BAG.

    Oil, Coal, & Natural gas will continue on. Just at a reduced demand. All are used for hundreds of products.
    As an example: We only use 40 out of every 100 barrels of Oil for Gasoline. Will still need those other 60 barrels. But the reduced demand will drastically reduce their costs in those other products as well.

    E-cats aren’t an immediate fix all. It’s only hot water. However Rossi claims to already be planning out the Electrical conversion. That estimated 600 Euro price for residential units will no longer apply. But even if the price ends up in the 3000 to 4000 Euro range, It will still be a fraction of what you pay now. Most will recover the cost in about 2 years & their good to go for 20 years.

    Also at present you have to be connected to an external power source for stability. Possibly you could daisy chain with some of your neighbors & cut loose the Power Company completely. Will have to wait & see. Also look for State taxes & Property taxes to increase to offset their loses in there Utility taxes. Mileage taxes will replace Fuel taxes both State & Fed. You could Argue the Government has no reason to hold E-cat back. They’ll raise or impose new taxes to offset their loses as stated above. They will. But they know We’ll Scream Like a Be-atch when they do & their not looking forward to that fight.

    It’s also going to take years, maybe a couple of decades to transform the World to (LENR) At 4 Million Units a day it would take about 5 years to transform the world most of the way. It will be gradual. People who lose their jobs in fossil fuels will goto work building E-cats. Also many products will become cheaper. We will buy more with the income we save. This requires more employees to make more products. Entire new Industries may develop because of cheap energy. Long term I’d expect a net jobs gain. It will remove limitations most of us accept today because of cost restraints.

    About the Rossi tests & there flaws. Not his fault. The Scientists were allowed to check everything except what was in the individual cells. The cells could be ruled out by their size & show valid verification. He had know way to know what they would check in order to pull off a scam. It’s not his fault they didn’t check everything 100%. In all the tests they actually did check everything 100%. Just not everything in any single test.
    In one test they checked everything to make it valid except— There were four pipes. They unwrapped 3 of them to make sure nothing was hidden. I’m guessing after checking 3 of them they assumed the 4th wasn’t hiding anything ether. But they didn’t check it. That left the possibility of a fake technically. I highly doubt it because of it’s size, but because it wasn’t checked before during or after the test before leaving the premises, the test was marked flawed.

    I’ve seen skeptics say had the used Cali-metric measurements they would be satisfied. Not. I’ve seen that rodeo before. They then say they didn’t do it right or it had been tampered with Regardless of who provides and operates the meter. Some will never be satisfied.

    I believe it’s for real. Whether he’s worked out the kinks in controlling it’s stability & self sustaining mode is what is left to be determined. Mostly I think he has. I believe it’s down to fine tuning. That could take a while. This is still a work in progress. Even Rossi has said Improvements have been made in every test unit.