Professor Sven Kullander to Give Public Lecture on Hot and Cold Fusion in November

Orebro University in Sweden has released an announcement of a public lecture by University of Uppsala Professor Sven Kullander about the future of nuclear power.

The announcement (Google translation) reads as follows:

Date: 2011-11-23
Time: 18:30 to 20:00
Location: Lecture Hall T, Technology Building

Sven Kullander, Professor of High Energy Physics at Uppsala University, chairman of the Royal Academy of energy committee

In the wake of Fukushima-crash discussion again of the future nuclear power. The rush to replace the world’s eighty percent dependent on fossil fuels coal, oil and gas. Severe climate change would be difficult to avoid without massive expansion of both renewable energy and nuclear power.

Very great efforts are made to substantially improve today’s nuclear reactors. Within a few decades are expected to see a new type of reactors, breeder reactors, both safer and more efficient than current reactors. In an even longer perspective, the hope is that hot fusion on a large scale to provide mankind with almost infinite amount of energy.

But maybe all these planned large-scale facilities to competition of small reactors that could be every man and woman were property. The cold fusion has recently been developed in Bologna can be housed in an apparatus which is not much bigger than a coffee maker and generating energy only with a few teaspoons of nickel powder.

Welcome! Free admission!

Sven Kullander has been working with Andrea Rossi this year and has reported on his observationa and testing of an operating E-Cat. From the announcement above it’s clear that he will be talking about Rossi’s technology, and this lecture will take place following the scheduled launch of the first E-Cat power plant in October, so perhaps there will be considerably more interest in the subject at that point than there is currently.

The fact that he is willing to schedule a public lecture at this point on Rossi’s technology shows that he feels it is a significant topic and potentially superior to today’s nuclear technology.

  • Luca

    Brilliant pr move by kullander, if the launch fails just cancel.the lecture, if not then he knew all along it would work and immediately establishes himself as an authority. W hat happens if the.ecat launch date slips?

    • Waiting

      I don’t think the October date will slip. Here’s a more likely scenario.

      In October, Defkalion announces they’ve delivered the 1MW plant to their anonymous customer. It’s working perfectly, the customer is saving lots of money, and everyone is happy. Naturally, the customer wants to remain anonymous. Now that it’s done, the two universities will get e-cats in a few days.

      In November, they announce a second secret customer, in the US this time, and again say the customer is very happy. The consumer model for home power and heating will be sold very soon, after they get government approval for safety. The two universities will get e-cats as soon as a few flaws in the signed contracts are fixed.

      In December, they announce several more secret customers, all of whom are very satisfied. Business is booming. There still isn’t regulatory approval for selling e-cats to individuals, so they’ve decided to delay that for a short period, to focus on the growing business of selling to large companies.

      In January, they announce many more customers, including one that is willing to be made public. This non-secret customer is a company that was only formed recently, and doesn’t have much of a web site yet. No one knows much about who runs the company, or what the company produces, or how they’ll use the e-cats. But it gives a press conference explaining how happy they are with the product.

      In February, there isn’t much news, except to mention in passing that since the consumer model is being delayed, they’ve also had to delay giving e-cats to the two universities, for security reasons. They trust both universities completely, and the self destruct mechanism is working perfectly. But they still have to be careful, in order to protect their investors. That’s just common sense. Besides, there’s no need for more validation. The market has spoken. And LOTS of distributors have paid them for licenses to redistribute e-cats. Those paying licensees will start receiving their first e-cats in the very near future.

      In March and April there’s no word on further developments.

      By July 2012, Kullander is refusing all contact with the media. Rossi is issuing statements through the Internet, and says he’ll return from his short vacation in the Cayman Islands in just a few days.

  • Tom

    In my mind the translation should be more like:

    “The cold fusion that recently has been developed in Bologna can be housed in an apparatus which is not much larger than a coffee maker and generating energy with just a few teaspoons of nickel powder.”