Rossi Meets With “Extremely High Level” NASA Scientists, Will “Work Together” on E-Cat Technology

An article in Ecatreport recently revealed that there was a meeting between representatives of NASA, Ampenergo and Defkalion GT on July 14th. Andrea Rossi was asked if he could provide information about this meeting on his site and today provided the following response:

I am not authorized to give this information.
I can only say that there is really to learn.
I met extremely high level scientists. I have been really surprised and honoured to discover that they have got indipendently throughly information about this technology. All I can say, so far, is that we will work together.

It’s not surprising that he is keeping the nature of the meeting confidential, but even in revealing nothing about the meeting, there is significance in this response:

A: The meeting took place
B: It was with top scientists at NASA
C: The NASA scientists had already been exploring this technology thoroughly prior to the meeting. A previous article on this site reported that NASA’s Dennis Bushnell had been looking at nickel-hydrogen nuclear reaction research by Francesco Piantelli and Sergio Focardi, and that he was aware of Rossi’s work.
D: Rossi (and presumably Ampenergo and Defkalion) will be “working together” with NASA in some way.

This meeting and the collaboration that will follow provides an indication of the respect that this technology is beginning to be held in by respected scientist. We already have the Universties of Bologna and Uppsala involved, and now NASA. I believe it’s another sign that something very significant is taking place.

  • Wes

    Since Rossi is allowed to speak about the fact there was a meeting, I look forward to the press release on the NASA site…

    • georgehants

      You are talking about institutional science, they are not there to inform people, just to maintain and protect their positions.
      They do not have a web page like Rossi, to keep us up to date.
      They hide and twist everything.

      That is exactly what people deserve all the while they are taken in by “experts” who turn them in to automatons who do not even demand a reply to the French official report, confirming UFO’s and requesting an honest and open investigation.

      NASA has so far refused to reply.

      Mention UFO’s and most readers will close their minds and move on, but then still actually believe they are capable of an objective view on something else.
      Until people open their minds to everything and assess the evidence themselves and take nobody’s word for anything, especially institutional science and journals, they will remain ineffectual members of society.

  • maryyugo

    The statement is just more “Rossi says” and nothing else. Nobody from NASA has confirmed it. Someone tell me again why we should assume this meeting actually took place with the evidence with have?

    • georgehants


      If it turns out that the meeting did occur and as you say NASA have said nothing, then NASA could be accused of not keeping it’s tax paying owners informed.
      It has only crept out in reports from individuals, that they are researching Cold Fusion, no announcement from them that a world changing science could be on the horizon.

      The whole of academic science will shortly start coming out with convincing (to the easily convinced) reasons why they have been correct to destroy careers and deny Cold Fusion.

      Rossi is open, if he is lying it will soon become evident, NASA hides it’s lies so that it can always deny it happened.

  • “You are talking about institutional science, they are not there to inform people, just to maintain and protect their positions.
    They do not have a web page like Rossi, to keep us up to date.”

    I’m pretty sure NASA does have a web page.

    • georgehants

      Try asking them a question about Cold Fusion on their web page and see if you get an answer, like from Rossi,
      Perhaps they cannot afford the staff to answer the tax payers who finance them.

  • Robert Norman

    I have been trying to contact Ampenergo repeatedly for a business discussion on what I want to produce using there technology, but no response back. I guess they are busy playing with the big boys at NASA.

  • Garrett

    how is this for a press release Wes it is not NASA but everyone take a look

    Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Acknowledges Andrea Rossi E-cat
    Posted: June 2, 2011 by Gerard in Andrea Rossi, cold fusion, E-cat, E-cat partner, energy catalyzer, Giuseppe Levi, Greece, LENR, renewable energy, Sergio Focardi, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer
    Tags: Andrea Rossi, Bologna, Chief Scientist of NASA Langley, clean energy, cold fusion, Dennis Bushnell, E-cat, energy catalyzer, fusione a freddo, Giuseppe Levi, J. William Moore, LENR, Lewan, Mats, NASA Langley, nickel-hydrogen, nuclear physics, Nyteknik, renewable energy, Sergio Focardi, Steven B. Krivit, Swedish Skeptic’s Society, The Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer

  • Wes

    We would all like to see Rossi’s e-cat provide the clean-energy solution to the demand for affordable energy. I read Bushnell’s words to be those of a dedicated environmentalist who has seen first-hand the horrors of the vanishing polar ice caps. Bushnell dearly wants for the e-cat, or some other clean-energy solution, to save our planet.

    Has Bushnell had an opportunity to measure all of the e-cat parameters to his safisfaction? Did he check the flow of water through an e-cat, mesaure the energy inputs, inspect the steam and moisture expelled at the exit stack of an e-cat?

    I thank the Chief Scientist for his support of the environment, and for raising the public’s awareness of this critcal issue.

  • Another interesting development,along with the support of Bologna Uni staff, a Nobel Prize winner, a Swedish scientific society and others.

    Certainly Rossi’s credibility has been rising.

    I have been following this story with utmost interest since Jan of this year.

    If it’s true it will be the most phenomenal scientific and technical advance by an “outsider” since I don’t know when. They will have to award Rossi a Nobel Prize!

  • david green

    I’ve just read the Bushnell interview and I must say it is very, very reassuring.

    It seems like this is a real phenomenon with scientific credibility.

    If Rossi has come up with a practical generator then this is really a world changing game.

    It may even call into question whether we need to move into wind, wave and solar etc. If the price comes in lower than gas even, I can’t really see the logic in green energy.

    All countries could enjoy energy independence.

    We can shut down all those filthy coal plants, all those dangerous nuclear plants.

    We may need to keep some hydro for a while. But eventually even some river valleys may be returned to their former natural state.

    Greece’s economy will be booming within 5 years! LOL

    It’s such a fantastic story.

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