Greek News Site XanthiPress Interviews Alexandros Xanthoulis of Defkalion Green Technologies

A reporter from XanthiPress, a Greek news site based in Xanthi, conducted an interview with Alexandros Xanthoulis, President of Defkalion Green Technologies who was in town to conduct business for the Company. Xanthi is the town where Defkalion GT will be building three factories which will build its E-Cat based Hyperion products.

According to an imperfect English translation of the article (provided by Google Translate) there have been some misgivings on the part of some people who live in Xanthi regarding the building of the factories. Apparently some rumours are circulating that Defkalion GT is building a nuclear bomb, or that there may be toxic radiation emitted from the factories. Xanthoulis has been spending time talking with people in the are trying to convince them that the E-Cat is a safe technology, and that Defkalion will be providing employment for up to 300 people in the factory they are building.

If there are any readers who can translate Greek better than Google it would be wonderful to get a clearer picture of what was said in the interview!

  • david green

    Well, encouraging again one would say, that something really is happening.

    I remain a little surprised that Rossi still seems to be engaged on R&D while others are talking about putting out a finished product…hmmmm….

    But I am hoping this isn’t BS.

    One thing – Defkalion have surely chosen the right time to proceed with this plant,while Greece is economic turmoil, in desperate need of jobs for its people.

    300 jobs may just be the beginning.

    • georgehants

      Hot fusion researchers have been at it for 65 years and have still not achieved parity. How can a subject advance without R&D.
      One starts with a transistor and eventual build a quantum computer.

  • Α better translation (i hope) is the following….

    At the first 2 weeks of August a core team of 12 scientists from the Xanthi area will start working, there will be a separate company lab (for R&D i presume) the building for this lab has been found.

    At the end of September there will be a public demonstration of the final product (the hyperion) , the power output of the device would be 35KW/h.

    Concerning the safety of the factory Xanthoylis said that they don’t building a nuclear plant (there were concerns from the locals) however they give the matter of safety the required attention mainly as a precaution.

    concerning the skepticism and the negative comments from people (they say that the e-cat is too good to be true) xanthoulis said that people should look into the matter more closely before they form an opinion, he also said that the device produces no radiation , and that the way it works is a mystery to everybody , and that the device is protected by a patent and that patent will open in 9 years.

    Job applications are accepted right now through the DGT web site, when the company settles in the Xanthi area they will merge the 3 factories into one bigger one , the factory will occupy an area of 20.000 square meters.
    The R&D department would be in a different location, 30 people will work there, at the factory the estimate that they’ll need 250-350 people.

  • Some more additional info from the video interview..

    The 1MW plant is nearly ready, but they will do many tests in order to make sure that everything works perfect.

    They will not build 3 factories as they previously said, there will be a big one with 3 separate units, also xanthoulis said that they will outsource some components of the devices to other factories like the hyperion casing.

    They will receive the licence to sell their products in greece in september, however xanthoulis said that in another country the licence is already acquired (he didn’t said witch one)

    They have made deals with car companies in the R&D sector in order to research the application of the e-cat in cars, also the same applies for ships.
    He also said that they made a deal with a very big company , but they will not announce that yet.

    They have deals with 47 countries in order to supply them with the reactor core , the rest of the device would be build locally in each country.

    • Frank (admin)

      Thank you so much for these translations, Panos. I have included your translation in a new post!


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  • Wes

    This is certainly interesting news. Deals with 47 countries. The e-cat appears to be out of the proverbial bag, and is gaining… steam 🙂

    The moment of Truth approaches.

  • Brad Arnold

    Am I the only one who noticed? Xanthoulis said the device produces no radiation. This directly contradicts Rossi. I think Xanthoulis meant that there was no residual radiation produced by the device.