Rossi: E-Cat Can Already Provide Heating AND Cooling (Still Working on Electricity)

Andrea Rossi provided a very interesting detail on his site yesterday in response to a question about problems creating electricity from the E-Cat. Apparently Rossi is not able to create steam at a high enough temperature to create electricity efficiently yet, but he believes that they will resolve that problem soon. In this reply was the remark:

“We are ready to produce heat and cold, but still fighting to produce electric power.”

When asked for further details about making “cold”, he responded:

“Yes, the problems to make cold have been resolved, we found a very good Partner who is working on it.”

Presumably the cooling he has achieved is based upon the principles used in absorbtion refrigeration where a heat source is used to provide the energy needed for cooling, although Rossi did not confirm that explicitly, saying only “As soon as our partner will give us all the characteristics of the air conditioner, we will give information of them. For sure, by October we will have the technology ready for sale.” (

If the E-Cat can cool efficiently there could be tremendous savings in the costs of refrigeration and air conditioning which currently consume a large percentage of electricity generated for homes and businesses. And learning that it will be ready for sale as soon as October is very interesting — we could be looking at large energy savings (and much less strain on electrical grids in hot summers) in the near future.

  • georgehants

    If Rossi is legit he gets the Nobel Prizes for Chemistry and Physics, if he is not, then at least three or four Oscars for the best acted scam of all time.
    Nobody is that good an actor including his supporting cast.
    Roll on October.

  • daniel maris

    There is a third possibility:

    The machine is genuine, it does tap a previously untapped source of energy but it isn’t very reliable or efficient.

    It certainly sounds as more information is released that the process is not a straighforward one and it might be quite maintenance-intensive.

  • Waiting

    He’s not a very good actor. That’s why most people have recognized this as a scam. That’s too bad. It would have been wonderful if it had been real.

  • Bill Peiman

    “The answer is easy, how do you achieve reproducible results if the dumb scientists spend all their time screaming “beyond known science” and not do the research.”
    1: it is a presumption that scientists ” and not do the research.” are dumb.
    2: it is a presumption that scientists who do the research find reproducible results.
    3: A.Rossi. is NOT a scientist.
    4: Many scientists will keep a low profile until they have rock solid results. I am involved in some unconventioal experiments but you will not hear anything about the nature of the experiments or the results until such time (if that ever comes) that our results are peer reviewed/verified, tested and retested, unlike how Rossi, Rohner or most others are going.public