The Burden of Andrea Rossi

As October approaches Andrea Rossi is as hard at work as ever. He has said more than once that to him, October is “tomorrow,” and he sounds like a man driven, trying to ensure that everything connected with the unveiling of his 1 MW E-Cat plant is perfectly in place.

He recently commented that in order to get everything accomplished in time he was going to have to increase his workday from sixteen to eighteen hours — meaning he would only have six hours of sleep per night. Numerous readers of his web site have urged Rossi to slow down, get enough rest, and even take a holiday; Rossi says that those things would be impossible right now because he has so much to do: “Is impossible to get rest, there is no time. October is tomorrow, I cannot make something less than perfect”

A particular burden he carries is that only he knows what is going on inside the reactor, and therefore there is much connected with his work that he cannot delegate. He has said that his goal is to have the plant ready by September 20th, after which, “From 20 Sept throug 10 oct I will use the plant closed doors, by myself, then it will be placed in the factort of the Customer, to be started officially within the end of october, after a further period of operation with closed doors.”

The situation sounds like something from a movie — an obsessed scientist who possesses a power that could change the world, and who is battling against time, and other forces to unleash it on the world. But in Rossi’s case it seems to be happening in the real world.

How long can he carry this burden alone? His goal appears to be to keep the secret to himself indefinitely, if possible. If this is the case, and if he truly does possess knowledge of a miraculous energy formula, his burden is only going increase. He will need an extremely robust physical and mental constitution to handle the pressure that will only increase over time. We wish him well.

  • RobW

    Funny how Mr. Rossi manages to find time to spend hours a day commenting on his blog when he supposedly is so busy he barely has time to sleep.

    • Roger Barker

      LOL! I was thinking the same thing.

  • Wes

    Men of history get no sleep: Henry Ford pesonally built thousands of Model T cars! Edison made over a thousand light bulbs an hour! Steve Jobs personally assembles every iPhone!!! Rossi is such a terrible slacker; he cannot assemble even one generator without whining. I say, “Mr. Rossi, the orders are starting to flow in. Crank up the speed on that assembly line. You have a hundred units to build tonight!”

  • susan

    The secret is that Santa’s elves are helping him plumbing ecats in north pole facility. He, as Santa does, just sits at his desk responding on his blog to all enthusiastic children asking for presents. The slide is just being loaded of ecats ready to ship to greece next october.

    • Lloyd

      snipe, snipe, snipe from behind a curtain of anonymity. pathetic.

  • timycelyn

    Rob W / Susan.

    If either of you two failed smartasses took a regular look at his blog, you would have known that he used to update it two or three times a day, in roughly the time it took to drink a cup of coffer, judging by the posting times. Nowadays it’s once, and not every day.


  • If Mr. Rossi has the so-called miraculous formula in his head, I imagine that he is wise enough as to keep a very secured, and locked box–with a combination that his wife and beloved would have access to– with what it is known as an “ENGINEERING BOOK”, or a notebook where he can write down all the parameters of his invention, just as a back-up for the unexpected (basic premise of the scientific method).

    I do not know any engineer that would risk a so-valuable knowledge into his mind alone. I would like to believe that Mr. Rossi has discovered/invented something revolutionary, but to me Mr. Rossi’s irresponsible atitude for burning himself until the collapse, suggests that he might be yet another sharp swindler seeking for a good excuse for escaping behind scenes. I would be surprised to learn just a few days before the deadline from him “I have a surmenage and the knowledge of my solution has gone for ever”…. WHAT A convenient way for exiting the door with nobody to blame !!! In deed, it would be another perfect scum…

    But as I said, I expect that Mr. Rossi may have the grail of free energy, nevertheless, this smells to me as the preparations of a masterful exit from a first class swindler.

    Only the time will demonstrate if my fears are right or if my unbelief based on so many ones that have profited from the need, hope and good will of others for so long have biased me towards the skepticism…

    • WaltC

      WRT the “so-called miraculous formula in his head”, Mr Rossi has said on his blog that the device secrets have been written down & should he pass away, they would be provided to his successors. All that sounds very reasonable to me.

      • I hope that what WRT affirms may be the reality and the knowledge is secured. In that case, I wish Mr. Rossi good luck and success, but even though I want to believe that it’s true… there is something that bothers me… (hunch, intuition, I don’t know, and I usually don’t fail with my feelings).

        If true & successful, that will mean the end of dependency => end of exclusivity => end of current economic model. Then, why to worry so much about protecting its IP, eventually large deals (money), etc. if all that will evaporate as soon as the game effectively change?

        We’ll see in October…

  • daniel maris

    Well as Rossi has said on more than one occasion all this sniping is irrelevant. He has until end October to demonstrate this isn’t a scam. After that scepticism levels will rise substantially. But as far as I can see he isn’t your regular scam merchant. A scammer would surely be out there selling the scam rather than setting up deadlines.

  • Brad Arnold

    We can all help Rossi by getting the word out to scientists around the world to verify the LENR Ni-H exothermic reaction. Ni+H+KaCO3(heated above 70C at 22 bars of pressure)=Cu+lots of heat.

    The main hurtle toward acceptance has been the independent repeatability of this unintuitive formula for “free energy.” Rossi & Defkalion have a tremendous commercial advantage with a world patent pending and factories being built. What is needed is commercial partners who will license this technology and incorporate it into cars, ships, heaters, air conditioners, portable generators, etc.

    God bless Rossi – he is modern day demigod Prometheus!!

  • georgehants

    Brad Arnold says:

    “The main hurtle toward acceptance has been the independent repeatability of this unintuitive formula for “free energy.”

    How would one repeat the experiments if all the so called scientists who’s job it is to do so, are busy saying it cannot be done because it is “beyond known science”.

    • twmemphis

      Georgehants: The answer is easy. The other scientist can not repeat the experiments, because they have no logical explanation how it can work and Rossi is also not explaining it nor he is showing that it really works. He is just claiming that it works, the proof is missing until today.

      You can almost compare it with a funny example:

      I tell you that I am “able to multiply two numbers”.
      You do not believe me, so you want me to show it. I make a public presentation and I take the numbers 8 and 9. Everybody can see these numbers.
      Now I say “OK, I have multiplied”.
      The audience will say “OK, show us your result”
      I say in non-understandable words “teven-tee-booh” (this is like what Rossi demonstrated when he showed the steam)
      The audience is impressed!
      But some maths-professors say “No, no, this is not a clear result. If you want to really prove that you can multiply, then write the result as a clear number onto a sheet of paper and do not just say something which not completely unclear”

      My (Rossi) reply: No more demonstrations! In October I will show you how I can multiply even three numbers and with more digits per number.

      • georgehants

        I thought we where talking about cold fusion not Rossi only.
        The answer is easy, how do you achieve reproducible results if the dumb scientists spend all their time screaming “beyond known science” and not do the research.

        • twmemphis

          It is Rossi who claims he can produce more 6 times (or more) the energy that he inputs. He also claims that it works and is reproducable.
          What you call the “dumb scientists” are for sure very intelligent scientists who see that important information is missing to confirm that the energy output is as high as Rossi claims.

          But Rossi is just ignoring them, although it would be possible within a few minutes to prove it.
          A scientist who publishes a claim without proving it is what I call a “dumb scientist”. Delaying this proof for many months is also dumb, because he is losing the respect from other scientists, he is also getting no respect from science-publications. All he gets is a forum or a blog like this where some ordinary people praise him as being the “big inventor of cold fusion”. A real scientist would not do it this way… he would like to see other scientists confirm his invention (without showing his secret, but showing the result) and he would ASK them for anything that could be measured better to make 100% sure his results are correct. This is what I am missing from Rossi. He claims to have talked to Universities, to NASA and others, he even claims he would be heating a factory since a year, but interesting enough: there are no names given of those external people, no external person confirms it, no external person comments it positively.
          If a real scientists hears the doubts from some people like Krivit, he would do everything he can to win back the respect and the attention.

          Rossi says te E-Cat is running since quite a while, he had many many many chances to prove his results, but he never did. In the few presentations he always just showed a hose with a little bit of steam coming out, again and again. Is it really so difficult or impossible to publicly connect a good measurement instrument on the output-side for a few minutes? Come on, we are not asking anything too complicated or taking too much time!

          • georgehants

            I thought we where talking about cold fusion not Rossi only.
            The answer is easy, how do you achieve reproducible results if the dumb scientists spend all their time screaming “beyond known science” and not do the research.

  • Rick Gresham

    I still have not been able to find out what Ka (as in Ni+H+KaCO3) is. Does anyone know what this element is? It’s not shown on the periodic tables I’ve looked at.

    • timycelyn

      “Ni+H+KaCO3(heated above 70C at 22 bars of pressure)=Cu+lots of heat.”

      Nope, there is no such element and “Ka”. “Brad Arnold” has posted this equation up and down the e-cat newsgroups, even after being repeatedly challenged about it, so I’m getting pretty clear that this is an attempt to spread disinformation.

      It could be:

      A prank
      A ploy by one of the less scrupulous pseudosceptics

      Or, I suppose, something a little darker if anyone can work out what that might be.

      So, DON’T repeat it as some new found e-cat wisdom, it certainly is not. Kill it by ignoring it.


    • Wes

      Rossi’s preparation consists of a specially treated nickel-aluminum alloy of the type used to make Raney Nickel catalyst for hydrogenation. He treats the nickel-aluminum alloy with boiling sodium citrate to activate the catalyst. The resulting nano-form of Raney Nickel contains nano-cavities in which the net Coulomb forces are weakened by the circular geometry found in a small percent of the billions of surface cavities, allowing for proton capture. Hydrolytic LENR experiments, such as the one reported by the Navy’s SPAWAR group (2006) work for the same reason; hydrolysis occasionally creates nano-cavities in the catalyst, in which the net Coulomb forces allow proton capture to occur. The happenstance creation of an effective cavity in the hydrolysis approach is why hydrolytic cells fail to generate significant power gains.

  • twmemphis

    Anybody who prefers a professional discussion about the E-Cat should visit:[email protected]/

    There is a guy called Jed Rothwell who talked to Rossi and Fekalion before and even was invited for a presentation. He just cancelled it because Rossi did not want him to use his measurement instruments. Interesting…why that?

    Especially read Jed Rothwells postings in the thread called “[Vo]:Fw: New Energy Times #37 and Rossi Report #3” (you might have to scroll down by about two pages…that blog is very very active)

  • George Sutton

    Why build a 1Meg product? Build a 5K product and sell it for home and small business use. It seems to me to make no sense to kill yourself to build something which is completely unnecessary. It would be like the Wright Brothers trying to build an airplane that can compete with a Ocean going vessel in carrying cargo. Completely senseless.