Rossi Provides Answers Following Announcement of Split With Defkalion

Many questions are swirling since Andrea Rossi published the press release this morning announcing the termination of ties between Andrea Rossi and Defkalion Green Technologies. Numerous people have posted questions on Rossi’s site today, and Rossi has been responding to the questions. Here is an attempt to summarize the questions, and provide Rossi’s answers.

What is the reason behind the termination of business relations?

“Now I prefer not to enter in particulars, but, again, the issue is just financial, not personal, nor technological, nor scientific.”

What is your response to this termination of contract?

“I prefer that the reasons will be cleared by a judge by a verdict. Facts, not chatters, as usual with me. Our attorneys have filed a suit.”

Will the launch of the 1 MW E-Cat plant still take place on schedule — if so, where?

“I maintain it: the 1 MW plant will be started upin October, in the USA”

What details can you disclose about this launch?

“I confirm that our 1 MW plant will be put in operation in the USA, after an agreement we made last week with one of the most important entities of the USA; the tests will be made by the highest level scientists you can think of. I cannot give the names, until after the test. To the test will attend the highest level scientific journalists I know . . . I was in the States until 2 days ago, I will return there very soon; we will communicate the start location the day before the start itself . . . The context in which it will be tested will be so high, that no further skepticism will have reasonable room ( I am talking of the honest skepticism)”

How are your relations with Dr. Christos Stremmenos (former Univ. of Bologna professor and Vice-President of Defkalion GT?

“Prof. Stremmenos has tested our E-Cats many times in Bologna and has made a very good work  . . .  the report of the last test made by the Greek Scientist Christos Stremmenos has been published, the work has been very good, and my personal relationship with Prof. Stremmenos is good. We hope in future to make again a good work in Greece.

What about the tests that Defkalion said were being done by Greek government agencies?

“I do not know what has been done in Greece from Deflalion with the documents made by Prof. Stremmenos; also other officers of defkalion made tests in Bologna, for this purpose. The work has been good, as well as has been good the work that Defkalion made to get authorizations, I suppose, even if it has never been my business”

So there are some answers, but still questions surrounding this issue. We don’t know the nature of the financial agreement between Rossi and Defkalion — what was promised and what, from Rossi’s point of view was not delivered? It’s not clear why Rossi has filed a suit against Defkalion;  also, we have heard nothing from Defkalion about the matter yet, so there may well be further revelations that will shed greater light on this story.

  • ride

    to good to be true i guess …

  • See one technology like this borning in the USA is too bad for me as they represent an old and obsolete capitalism which will not help humanity to survive against poverty and social inequality.

  • However Barack Obama and democrats has done a lot of effort to help american society against the power of money, the people are against changes in petrol business. Democrats represents now some hope to change predatory capitalism to a new system capable to guide the world. E-Cat and Cold Fusion can help Obama to deal with the american economy and help 3rd world countries to grow together.

  • See “Why has the US Patent Office been obstructing Cold Fusion”

    “The US Congress (caring ONLY about itself) remains as oblivious about this as it is about much else OR directly on the take from competing interests in oil and hot fusion. Either way, meanwhile the rest of the world moves ahead on cold fusion for clean, efficient energy in the future, and inventors slog on having wasted 23 years on a thoroughly corrupt process”.

  • George Sutton

    Mr. Rossi et al.,

    I am a huge supporter of your work and the work of others in the LENR field. However, this type of rumor and innuendo is nothing but fodder for those who oppose you and your invention. If there are specific people or entities that are threatening you, whether physically or financially then you need to be specific! When I first read of your invention last March, I was extremely excited not with this rubbish name calling and accusation of unnamed individuals or entities you have great dampened not only my enthusiasm but your credibility.

    I am not a scientist, but am continually struck by the childish and irrational behavior of many so-called scientists who are more concerned about themselves being proven right than the actual advancement of scientific investigation.

    Shame on those on the anti-LENR side who have closed their mind to scientific discovery in order to protect their standing in the pseudo-scientific community. And shame on those in the LENR camp for their insane bickering over whose theory better explains the phenomenon and poo-poo opposing theories!!! I am a businessman and if you were in business I would castigate you all and fire you!


    You are freaking moron! Capitalism is not a failed system, unlike the socialism that is gripping much of the EU and has its tentacles in the US now as well. Socialism is what is crushing the economies of the West, not capitalism. Are all Europeans so ignorant and uninformed as you. (Listening to your news outlets, I see why, they are all the most biased bunch of lefties I have ever heard in my life.)

  • What I recall from Mr. Rossi’ s claims (sequence of events):

    1. Device demonstrated & proved at an Italian University.
    2. Device scheduled to be manufactured in Greece. Agreement signed.
    3. Ups, e-cats are not manufactured in Greece. In deed, they are being manufactured in… yes, USA, the “land of opportunistic people, Hollywood, and Dysneyland”…
    4. Sorry falks, but what I did say in Defkalion press conference, wasn’ t 100% true.

    Following this sequence, I would expect that the device will be “secretely tested, with only 3 witnesses, and eight more witnesses” but you will never had the chance to examine the technology, because and UFO or even NASA will take it directly to the moon… LOL.

    I see the pattern of scam here. I am sorry, because I had hope… But I guess that the old saying is true: ” for their fruits you will know them” …

  • Hernan M. Muller

    I wonder if the “Clear your criminal record” displayed at the upper left window of the page, has something to do with Mr. Rossi’ s partners…