Defkalion Green Technologies Makes a Statement Regarding Termination of Business Relations With Andrea Rossi

Defkalion Green Technologies has sent the Swedish science magazine NyTeknik a statement regarding their current relationship with Andrea Rossi. It reads:

Statement from Defkalion Green Technologies, August 8, 2011.
The invention of Andrea Rossi received international doubt due to its ground-breaking
nature having the capacity to change the global energy sector. Tremendous efforts have
been made by Andrea Rossi to establish credibility for his invention as well as by Defkalion to
support him in this endeavor.

During the months since January 2011, both interested parties (Andrea Rossi through EFA
and Defkalion Green Technologies) have received very strong international pressure and to
many degrees business traps from banks, financial partners, etc. to cancel the project.
The business implications of this project on international energy interests are tremendous
and have created tensions establishing a business-as-unusual environment. Defkalion
maintains its capability to handle these pressures, and stands next to Andrea Rossi who is
apparently also facing similar challenges.

Defkalion believes in Andrea Rossi, his invention, and the ability to successfully bring to the
world this revolutionary invention where society will benefit from cheaper energy, and so
too the planet from cleaner energy.

Any project with such dire and earthmoving implications is bound to face difficulties – this
was expected and has been, to-date, faced bravely and carefully by Defkalion Green

We remain confident in the future, we remain confident in our long-standing partnership
with Andrea Rossi, and we remain committed to materialize the project – despite all the
existing and continuing pressures to discredit and eliminate the work done by Andrea Rossi
and Defkalion Green Technologies.

The statement is very conciliatory in nature and finds no fault Andrea Rossi for the difficulties they have faced. Rather, pressure from “International energy interests” are blamed for the difficulties that have apparently prevented Dekfalion from obtaining the finances required to carry out the project.

Rossi did say that the reason for the termination of the partnership were only financial, and it will be interesting to see if this attempt at reconciliation cause Rossi to reconsider his recent action.

  • David

    Well surprise, surprise (not!). Scammer playbook 101. Tomorrow never comes.

    • Brad Arnold

      If you take the time to watch this short video of Dr. Brian Josephson, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics, then you will see that the chances of this being a scam are remote at best:
      Specifically, Dr Josephson cites TEAMS OF EXPERTS examining the E-Cat, and THE SMALL CHAMBER makes it impossible to be a chemical reaction, so it must be either nuclear or unknown given the amount of energy produced over that length of time.

  • WaltC

    According to your playbook– who do you believe is the scammer and who the scamee?

  • ride

    well Cyprus got hit from a well designed chain bomb reaction ho took out 60% of their electricity output , killed some personnel ( military ) and destabilized enough the regime in place that they are about to change it , people are angry and everybody knows that CIA is behind it and of course Mossad , this happened 2 weeks ago

    Mossad does practically everything she wants in Greece and we had a taste of their influence with the latest Gaza flotilla case this summer , so their is practically no way that testing and approving from the Greek government can be done , i am Greek and i can tell you that this is simply science fiction in my country , especially under the current zionist regime ho is literally turning Greece in a third world province of the Euro abomination nightmare

    now Defkalion GT is a Cyprus based company ( Praxen ) , i guess that if the E-cat was about to come out , it was in the hands of America and no one else , DGT did not apply , they got hit and “financial” problems is a quite convenient term to explain all the mess , death and chaos …

    we must realize that we are dealing with the worst scam on earth when touching the energy sector and this 180° turn just demonstrates it once more

    now if someone still thinks that after what happened Rossi has a fair chance to fulfill the prophecy and make it to the market with his US buddy’s … , what can i say , i think he is in for a big surprise 🙁

    here is the link about the explosion in Cyprus 11/07/2011 for those ho missed it

    the gaza flotilla incident 1/07/2011

    to finish this , keep in mind that many other truly free energy devices are out there for decades now , never gone public and never will under the current status quo

    you can google , Stanley Meyer , Searl , Mehran Keshe , Minato , Steorn Orbo , even the bloom box ( witch is not really free energy ) and thousands more

    so when the E-Cat community says “pressures” from all directions , death threats and actions in that sense witch always kill innocent people at first is a very very strong reality

    Good luck mr Rossi , you sure gave the world a hope for a while , let’s pray that the current world regime is really crumbling and something better awaits us at the end of the tunnel , or that i am 100% wrong and you blew all this up for some fiat currency 🙂

  • David

    Lol… not my playbook! It’s as old as the hills. In the scam infested world of ‘new’ and ‘free’ energy, nothing real ever comes to market – and of course it’s never the fault of the inventor. Back in the real world, I’d say high efficiency ‘nanotech’ PV panels are going to be the big thing over the next few decades.

  • nemesis

    Just enter Defkalion webpage: and, what you see? The following introductory statement:

    “It has come to the attention of our company that unauthorized persons have initiated contact with third parties for financial and development matters.

    Defkalion Green Technologies publically announces that only its Board of Directors are commissioned to speak on behalf of the company. Any and all attempts to mislead third parties are seen as a legal infringement and shall be pursued by law accordingly.

    Defkalion Green Technologies takes very seriously its communication to third parties and maintains transparency in all its actions.

    The BoD hereby issues a public apology for any misleading information that has already made its way through the grape vine. For all afflicted individuals / entities, please communicate directly with our Head Office for clarification.

    Defkalion Green Technologies”

    E-CAT is an obvious scam.

    • WaltC

      E-CAT is an obvious scam.

      That’s not obvious to me at all. It’s clear that Defkalion has some strange issues– from the examples you gave and many other inconsistencies that crop up in their pages. But it’s not clear at all to me that Rossi, or his E-CAT, are scams. Some very reputable scientists vouch for him and his work. There seems be be lots of argument over how much steam his device produces, but it *does* produce steam in amounts and durations that are hard to explain in any way other than something like LENR.

      I try to imagine myself in Rossi’s shoes– if I had worked for years to develop a breakthrough means of energy production– assume for the moment that that is all true– would I do anything different? I’m not sure I would.

      Either way (scam or not), we’ll all know a lot more in October. 3 months isn’t that long to wait.