Rossi: “Big Companies” Backing E-Cat

Andrea Rossi made an interesting remark today in response to a comment from a reader who said, “I believe that the technology is real, but I doubt that will be available to the public. Large corporations do not have this interest becomes real . . . much will be done to prevent it.

Rossi’s response: “There are enlightened big Companies which are backing us. In October we will start up the 1 MW plant in the USA, you bet.”

This kind of remark certainly gets people thinking — who would be considered ‘enlightened’, how big is ‘big’? Are we talking about a household name, or just something a bit larger than a small business?

Rossi could have said nothing, but he seems to like to make hints without spilling the beans — like yesterday. when he said that if he disclosed where the October demo was going to take place, people would immediately know who the partner was.

He certainly keeps things interesting.

  • Burt

    Is there any city which is very centric for GE? Other big companies closely identified with specific cities?

  • Francesco CH

    Enlightened companies = illuminati

    (in Latin & Italian “illuminati” means “enlightened”)

    My bet? City: Redmond. Company: Microsoft

  • Silvio

    On his blog I made the following comment, and he moderated (deleted) it:

    “The 1 MW plant will go in Operation in the USA, I cannot say in which city, because you could understand immediately who is the Partner, and we are bound not to reveal it until the test day.”

    Maybe Mountain View, California?

  • Mike

    Maybe Mountain View, California? – so, which company? 🙂

    Still unclear. The target company should have some infrastructure for related technologies and services, like GE – for heating and cooling devices. And have HQ in small town, so you can easily identify it. But yes, I would not surprise if Google will put a bet for this project….

  • Burt

    Well, I just hope its not Irving, Texas

  • Gabriele

    for me, the “big enlightened company” is NASA…

    think about it: during his first interview, Bushnell said that they have a similar technology since 2007, about a month later Rossi and CEO’s from Defkalion and Ampenergo were invited at NASA to discuss something……… The only thing we know is a statement made by Rossi:

    “I have been really surprised and honoured to discover that they have got indipendently throughly information about this technology”

    That’s sounds to me as a confirmation that NASA scientists have already developed something similar to E-cat, maybe NASA needs Rossi to correct or improve their project… or to set it as a dead end

    We’ll see if this gonna be a hoax (obviously i’ll hope not!)

  • Brad Arnold

    Bill Gates has been an angel for years now. Google is a possibility too. Bet who ever it is got their fortune from Silicon Valley. By the way, Defkalion seems to have all they want from Rossi already, so what’s the big deal? Rossi never signed an exclusive contract with them anyway, so it looks like more than one player is in the game in the short term ready to pounce on the obvious market demand.

    By the way, if Hyperions don’t have Rossi E-Cat cores, and are being examined (and certified) as we speak by the Greek government, do they have “Hyperion cores?” Man, that Defkalion engineering team really took the ball and brought it down the field quick. Hope that is an indication that now Rossi has pointed out what is possible more players will enter the game.

    I have two government reports, one a Defense Analysis Report DIA-08-0911-003 Technology Forecast: Worldwide Research on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Increasing and Gaining Acceptance (which names many teams getting above unity results from LENR). The second (I promised my source secrecy) gives IN DETAIL the Ni-H experiments that we delivering over unity (but they mistakenly thought it was the hydrogen turning into hydrinos). It even names the “secret” catalyst. Using that blueprint I could easily start my own company (like the guy who gave it to me – and he is looking for investors).

    The genie is out of the bottle. Defkalion, Rossi, or somebody is going to beat those fossil fuel giants, because now the snake has too many heads to kill.

  • Burt

    But NASA or a computer business don’t have the aimes and infrastructure for this. I think it must be something like this:

  • Burt

    Sometimes I impress myself:-)

  • Rick Gresham

    I supsect UTC will likely get involved in time, that’s the sort of company I perceive them to be but the only thing they discuss in the open now is fuel cells. UTC has a lot of investment in renewables technologies that LENR could lay waste to.

    Luminant has been one of the worst polluters in the most polluted state in the Union. Brown coal is nasty stuff to make power with but they didn’t switch till forced into it. Utilities are incredibly staid and conservative, more than willing and able to buy a senator or future president to continue status quo. They have hundreds of millions tied up in coal mining, transportation and burning infrastrucutre, they’re not likely to lead the charge in developing anything that will trash those investments, more likely they’ll be the ones promulgating FUD to try to tie up LENR’s adoption with fear mongering. Once it’s proven beyond question, they might go that route if it’s cheaper than coal and cheaper than the emissions controls they’re being forced to adopt. Remember, green only matters when it doesn’t affect the bottom line and these are investor owned utilities. All the green posturing is exactly that and nothing more.

  • Burt

    Yes but “enlightened”…. Luminant…

    What is your best guess, Rick?

  • Rick Gresham

    From Wikipedia:

    Luminant is a Texas-based electric utility. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings Corporation. Luminant’s operations include electricity generation and wholesaling, mining, construction, and development. The company has capacity for the generation of 18,300 megawatts (MW) of electricity in 20 power plants spread across Texas, of which 2,300 MW come from nuclear power generated at the company’s Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, 5,800 MW from coal fired power plants, and the remainder from natural gas-fired plants. Luminant is also a major purchaser of wind power.[1]

    Luminant also owns and operates three of the five largest coal mines (by production) in Texas: the Beckville Strip, the Three Oaks Mine, and the Oak Hill Strip. The company extracted over fourteen million short tons of coal from those three mines in 2007.[2]

    Would you want to tell your investors you’re going to spend a bunch of money to help develop something that turn all that into stranded investments?

    Bill Gates, through his Cacade Investments group, has invested in ethanol, waste to energy, landfills, and probably a lot of other stuff. Paul Allen is invested in midstream petroleum, Buffet owns MidAmerican. Gates and Buffet are best friends. If Gates can be persuaded that LENR can help achieve the goals of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he’ll invest enough to prove it with the option of being the major player. He is and always will be a tools/systems guy. He’ll see it as the energy equivalent of Windows and all their software development tools. If he does, Buffet can/will drive MidAmerican to a zero emissions future despite his coal holdings. Paul Allen is an outcast but will likley join in the fun too somewhere along the channel. Keep in mind, I’ve been in PCs for 30+ years, my views are likely influenced by my history.

    Also, keep in mind that LENR has the potential to pretty much trash all the geopolitical structures put into place over the past few hundred years that have of late (past 60-70 years) been focused on controlling oil. The whole military industrial complex that grew out of all this (remember Eisenhower’s warning?) is a powerful and dangerous thing to threaten. It’ll never be proven but my theory is that 9/11 and Iraq were all about a) preventing Sadam from pricing his oil in Euros, b) controlling the price of oil.

    America’s whole focus is on keeping the dollar the planet’s reserve currency and they’re willing to trash a global economy to do it. If oil and coal become irrelevant and we all have equal access to energy, America’s hold on the reserve currency gambit is seriously weakened. We may be the largest economy dollarwise, but we’re only abut 6% of the poplulation. What happens when China or India, countries four times our population have all the energy, food, water, education, etc they need? What’s our hold on preemminence?

  • Brad Arnold

    “What happens when China or India, countries four times our population have all the energy, food, water, education, etc they need?”

    I’ve been having trouble cracking the India and Chinese membrane in spreading this LENR Ni-H technology far and wide. I figure that the US is so dysfunctional, you will see a major effort by the status quo to legislate against LENR technology, and at the same time launching a disinformation campaign against LENR technology modeled after successful anti-global warming and tobacco propaganda. The solution is obviously to get China and India as our competitors in on the LENR super cheap energy bandwagon.

    Any ideas? In other words, I want LENR Ni-H technology adopted EVERYWHERE first, and worry about boosting our competitors after that. I mean given the US ossification, the US preeminence seems to sole rest on us spending as much as all other countries combined on “defense.” Maybe if China and India saving 9/10th on their energy bill, and not sending abroad all that money spent on importing fossil fuel abroad will cause US leaders to think of this as a matter of national security to adopt LENR Ni-H quickly.

  • Rick Gresham

    Read the report at
    It’s old and superficial but it names several groups working on LENR – Japanese, Chinese, Israeli, India, they’re all going for the LENR gold. If it works as advertised, every company, every country will be pushed to adopt it as rapidly as possible to remain competitive in global markets. The oil companies won’t be able to stop this one and they can’t kill off everybody working on it.

  • Roger Barker

    I can’t believe people are still buying this. The whole Defkalion collapse is typical of a scam going up in smoke. Come October, November and December we will see NOTHING!

    • Daniel Maris

      What Roger Barker says is sadly true – that is rather typical of a scam. And now we are being told there’s this big player involved…but no details. And no photos of the 1 MW unit being built.

      It’s not good. So I am certainly suspending judgement until end October. And if there is nothing by then, well it will (as far as I am concerned) be declared a scam.

      • Roger Barker

        I am so very saddened by all this. I had so much hope. I still (and always will) believe in Cold Fusion. There is something there. My concerns now are that Rossi and co may have done some irreversible damage to this field.

  • Rick Gresham

    Well, Roger, that’s one of the things that makes America great, we can believe or not believe just about anything we chose. We can debate opinions. present evidence, argue logic, but beyond that no one has any right to prevent us from believing what we chose. Unless you have incontrovertable evidence Rossi’s claims are falcious, your opinion is no more or less valid than my own. One of us will be proven wrong in the not too distant future. I’ve been wrong before and will be again, no doubt. I really hope, for my children’s children’s sake that I’m not wrong this time.

    In any event, whether Rossi is telling 100% truth or not, the fact is many teams around the world are working on LENR and getting results. Rossi has focused a lot of attention on the subject. I’m fairly confident that Rossi, Piantelli or one of the Japanese or Chinese or Indian or Euripean or even American teams will make the breakthroughs we need to displace fossil fuels once and for all and all the death and destruction associated with their exploitation will become nothing but another dark chapter in humanity’s history books.

    • Roger Barker

      I sincerely hope I am the one who is wrong. But this is just too blatant. I will glady wear a “hat of shame” for the rest of my life if it means Rossi’s device is a reality and heralds the beginning of a wonderous new age.

      • Wes

        The Navy’s SPAWAR group presented hard evidence (2006) of LENR activity in their Ni/Pd/D experiment. The existence of LENR is not a fraud, unless one belives the Navy “faked it” in the face of daunting scrutiny.

        Unfortunately, Rossi’s ethics-challenged pusuit of his obsession has tainted the real possibilities of mastering the release of unlimited amount of energy by utilizing sub-nano cavity geometries in hydride surfaces in which the Coulomb Barrier is neutralized, such as the pitted surfaces on the electrodes in the SPAWAR experiment. We will get there, eventually, despite Rossi’s theatrics.

  • Thomas

    It’s going to take place in Battle Creek, Michigan. It’s Kellogg’s. 🙂


    The Aesop Institute website contains substantial information concerning the peril and some suggestions that could prevent meltdowns and minimize other impacts.

    Ironically, that could revitalize the economy and generate jobs.

  • Franz

    Roger Barker: Could you just leave, if you think this isn’t real?
    “I can’t believe…”
    “I am so very saddened…”
    “I sincerely hope…”
    This page is not about you, it’s about the e-cat 😉
    I’m also sceptical, but I will just wait and see, and not try to convince everyone how sceptical I am.

  • decraig

    It’s dead jim.

    How many of you have seen the analysis by Steven Krivit of the Mats Lewan video?
    In it, we see Rossi ****ing with the input power levels to fool Lewan. We also hear Lewan says “should be steam”. He is perplexed that there is no steam exiting the device. Then the steam kicks-in while Lewan is focusing on the steam outlet. No one is watching what Rossi is up to. The man is a fraud.