Rossi: USA Partner Committed to Putting E-Cat to “Service of Mankind”

Ever since Andrea Rossi has started talking about his ‘big’ USA partner, there have been some observers who have expressed concern that the E-Cat will become the possession of corporate interests whose motivation will be to use this technology to maximize profits — or who may even be motivated to bury the technology and make sure it doesn’t interfere with ‘business as usual’.

Rossi, without naming the secret partner, has taken pains to reassure people following his work that the entity has the inclination and structure in place to ensure that this will not be the case. He has said recently:

“We are working with all our Partners to put this technology at the service of Mankind in the widest possible way. Now we have Partners able to do this. I hope in an exponential development.”

“Our USA Partner is a team of enlightened People who wants to put this technology at the service of Mankind, due to their cultural roots”

In reference to the ‘exponential development’ of this technology it appears that Rossi has a plan in place to rapidly expand production of the E-Cat. Asked if there were plans to build the reactor cores himself, Rossi responded:

“We have organized a dense chain of outsourching [outsourcing], in view of the massive orders. We already have the organization for the yearly production of 1.000 MW and already have organized the production for eventually raise to 2.000/year. Development will come with the market demand.”

Apparently then, Rossi and his partner (sometimes he says partners) have in place a plan to rapidly produce E-Cat power plants, and it sounds like the partner has the capacity to handle this very substantial workload. Whether things will go smoothly in this regard remains to be seen — one area where there could be scrutiny is from government regulators, especially when the term ‘nuclear reaction’ is involved. Getting the necessary regulatory approval could be difficult, and Rossi has not really addressed that issue publicly.

He does, however, sound committed to making sure that his technology is used for the benefit of the human race:

“Be sure and bet: the E-Cat technology will be put at the service of Mankind, first because our USA Partners have the necessary structure, second because my life is on these stakes.”

  • Brad Arnold

    From Rossi’s own site, from Rossi himself that the reaction definitely produces Gamma, and from even the video that the Gammas are produced, but they do not “escape” because they are trapped by the metals, particularly the “lead”, and “thermalized”…

    He mentioned that in the movie above… see 6,40 to 7,30 above in the movie…

    Also notice, when he holds the dosimeter a few feet away from the device, it reads 0.13mS/hr. When it is adjacent to the machine, both before and after, it appears to fluctuate between 0.15 and 0.16, suggesting there may be a ridiculously tiny leakage.

    You just treat the nickel (i.e. grind it up real small, and other more esoteric treatments) and pack it under pressure with hydrogen and a catalyst then heat – the hydrogen is absorbed by the nickel in a fusion reaction that produces copper?

    I have a government paper guessing it is hydrogen getting it’s electron orbit shrunk, and some think it is the hydrogen atoms getting pushed together by the nickel lattice. It is like Yellow Fever being spread by mosquito – people just couldn’t wrap their heads around it until it was proven by experimentation.

    Ni H KCO3(heated above 70C at 22 bars)=Cu lots of heat. Who would’ve thunk it? Nickel turning to copper when heated under pressure in the presence of hydrogen and a catalyst. Sort of like wood heated up oxidizes and yields heat and ash. Thanks Prometheus.

    • Waiting

      Can you give the URL for this government paper? Or the title/author/date so we can find it ourselves?

  • Weber4YOU

    There is a better way:
    the Nickelpowder must be fixed within a Stirlingengine.
    The Stirlingengine inside surface shout be made by ceramik.
    If the Rossi reactor will work that invention will do it better in the lower power range under 20kW and Mr. Rossi has now patent on it.

  • daniel maris

    I think judgement is on hold until end of October since the Dekaflion debacle. The latest developments have not been encouraging. Why the secrecy with this American organisation? Why no pics of the 1MW unit being developed?

    It might all come good, in which case good but then one would have to ask Rossi “Why all the nonsense and fun and games? Didn’t you want people to believe in it?”

  • twmemphis

    Pictures are a good idea.
    Has anybody asked Rossi if he could provide some photos already? I recommend not to just ask “Can you provide photos?” but at the same time telling him that we are just interested in the general look of such a 1MW thing, nobody wants to steal any secrets from the photos

    • Frank (admin)

      Yes, he has been asked about pictures of his plant and he says he won’t provide any at this point.

  • lololo

    For the benefit of the human race, yeah right, that’s why he gave up with Defkalion instantly when he didn’t received the millions on due date, lol…

    • twmemphis

      I can understand that nobody wants to cooperate with Rossi as long as he refuses to provide any proofs and ask for a multi-million-dollar investment just to provide such proof.
      I wonder how Defkalion or other partners can have ever reached the point of having a contract with Rossi. He makes it almost impossible to trust him when he always refuses to show anything until he gets a big amount of cash in advance.
      There are lots of people in the world willing to do so-called “risk-investments”, but even they will want to see clear indications that there is a chance to get some profits out of it. “Just words alone” are definitely not enough.

      • What is he not showing? Even a leader of a skeptic society was allowed to poke and prod the device and firmly backs it as real?

        And… What do you mean nobody wants tyo cooperate with Rossi? People are lined up to invest. I believe Defkalion was dumped by pressure from the American company. It is also my understanding that Rossi/Defkalion had an agreement that NO money was to be changed hands until the plant was up and running.

        As far as photos. Take the device seen in youtube video and multiply by 300. Industrial secrets historically do not take long to crack, and I am sure some countries will be bootlegging these from the get go. If Andrea Rossi can thwart them a few weeks by refusing photos then power to him.

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