Rossi’s E-Cat: Has Anything Really Changed Since the Defkalion Split?

Since Andrea Rossi announced that he was no longer in partnership with Defkalion GT, from comments posted here and elsewhere, there seems to have been a distinct souring of opinion towards Rossi from some observers — and more pessimism regarding the prospects for the E-Cat.

As I look at the situation, however, I can’t really see what has changed as far as the E-Cat technology is concerned. Here are a few observations:

1. There has been no change in the launch date — just the location.

2. There has been no change in story from anyone who has been involved in testing of the E-Cat. Neither Focardi, Levi, Essen, Kullander, or even Stremmenos (a Defkalion Vice President) have come forward to cast any doubt on Rossi’s veracity, or the potential of the E-Cat.

3. Even Defkalion GT, the jilted party, who is being sued by Rossi, has continued to praise him and stand by the E-Cat technology — they haven’t really disputed Rossi’s version of events (in public, at least).

4. Rossi continues to communicate to the world through his blog and answer questions as normal and his expectations and projections are consistent with what he has said previously. He hasn’t shut up shop and gone silent.

5. It’s nothing new that Rossi has been pursuing an American E-Cat commercial strategy. He has been discussing this for months.

Granted, it is theoretically feasible that Rossi and all those associated with him in this E-Cat endeavor have been deceiving the public all along, and are involved in a brazen conspiracy (we can’t know for sure until at least October), but my point is that nothing, except a business relationship has changed.

We don’t have many details regarding the reason for Rossi’s split with Defkalion, and perhaps we will never know much more, but the ending of a business relationship, while not always pretty, is not uncommon, and from all that has publicly been stated, the path to the E-Cat launch remains on schedule.

  • LucaS

    1-On the contrary! I was very skeptic regarding the first plant in Greece knowing the very hard and quite unsuperable difficulties of doing business in that country, just as in Italy (I’m italian), expecially for an innovative and advanced technology start-up. The USA is certainly the best market to start! Now the all story is more, and not less, plausible.
    2-Let me explain you another thing. Some people don’t trust Rossi primarily due to his past legal problems with Petroldragon. I really understand their caution and their doubts, and I agree about the importance of personal background. But you must consider that the justice in Italy is, and always was, completely different from that in USA or United Kingdom or Canada. It simply doesn’t work at all (euphemism)! For example we don’t have a system like chapter 11 when a company is in trumble and untill few years ago whoever was bankrupt was found guilty, no matter the economic context!
    Our legal system simply doesn’t fit for a modern competitive and capitalistic economy (indeed italy has the 80th position in the Ease of doing business index, behind countries like Mongolia, Tunisia, Ghana, Colombia, Mexico…. ). I’m not saying that all that Rossi has been saying is certainly true without any dout! I only state that his past legal problems should not be considered in order to assess his credibility. The October demostration will solve the doubts!
    Be sure albeit E-Cat is mainly an italian invention and it works as said, Italy will be the last place (maybe exept for Afghanistan or Ruanda..) where real energy production will take place.. Sorry for my not perfect english!

    • Andrea Rossi’s involvement in the “petroldragon” mess seems to be:
      a) Along the similar scientific path he is on now. Strong chemistry involved. He developed a way to make Industrial Waste into Oil.
      b) The mistake made in gathering Industrial wastes without the process functioning quickly was an error in judgement and not a “scam”

      It will seem ironic that the person who contributed most to this planets health in the years ahead, was once considered an environmental criminal.

      For E-cat technology will replace 600 million gas guzzling cars in the next 10 years, and smog will be a thing from our past. Forget Car batteries, a few E-cats should power your car enough to travel a few hundred thousand miles without stopping.

  • Vril 2000

    Here are some thoughts:

    Focardi and Levi are genuine physicists with a background in LENR research. Focardi had done Ni-H experiments for quite some while, he believes some fusion type unknown reactions were produced but never actually proved any exothermic process. There are quite a number of scientists like him who claim kinds of breakthrough experiments, however none of those could be verified under scrutiny.

    Rossi claims to have followed up on Focardi and invented an exothermic process, which details he does not disclose but keeps them as a trade secret. Apparently, even Focardi and Levi do not know this trade secret but support Rossi because they believe it “could and should” work based on their previous work and wishful thinking.

    Essen and Kullander did not inspect the reactor itself or brought their own instrumentation for gauging energy input. Their report is somehow scant and it is easily possible they were fooled. The report depends on trusting Rossi’s statements and is based on some caloric measurements and conclusions for some undisclosed “black box”.

    Rossi recently claimed that Defkalion didn’t get the trade secret. Defkalion apparently claimed they build some prototypes but never published any fotos or other documentation. Even if there is valid patent, it is legal to build patent protected devices for research purposes, only commercialization is regulated by patent protection.

  • Vril 2000

    Either Defkalion or Rossi is lying.

    Defkalion claimed they successfully build highly exothermic prototypes, however Rossi says he didn’t pass them his trade secret. Rossi also said NOTHING was developed in Greece.

    • robw

      Exactly….this is what has changed. We now know that one of them is lying.

  • david green

    If you look at the Space X site you will see they have adopted a very open way of communicating with the public. Rossi could have done that. Shown us pics of himself and others working on the 1MW generator. But he has chosen not to. That’s fine, that’s his affair, but it is bound to raise concerns. Is no one else working on the generator with him? Aren’t there assistants, operatives and so on. Where are they? Why do we never see or hear of them?

    • twmemphis

      I think Rossi is a “one-man-show”. All he does is sitting in his 20m² apartment with a laptop positing entries for his Journal-Of-Nuclear-Physics website.
      I have no other explanation why no co-workers are named or ever comment anything, why those suspicious partners are just “company-names” (if at all) without people-names. Even words like “NASA” or “University” or “top scientist” are used, but never any names. And none of those ever comments anything… just Rossi writes into his blog.
      All this is very strange

      • One man show?

        Well on his youtube experiments he does seem to be demonstrating everything by himself. I am not clear on the point this makes though?

        Are not most inventors and scientists credited with amazing discoveries “one man shows”?

        Tesla,Edison,Bell,Archimedes,Aristotle,Einstein, Da Vinci,Newton,Planck, etc….

        Unlike Atomic power as you are familiar which required governments to make, cold fusion is a small and “simple” (meaning not requiring teams of scientists) process.

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