Rossi: 1 MW E-Cat Plant Has Been Sold to Customer

There have been numerous questions on Rossi’s site regarding the status of his work and how things are going to proceed over the next few months. this plant and the testing that will be done, and from recent comments on his blog, this is apparently the current situation:

  • 1 MW thermal power plant that is to be unveiled in October has been completed and sold to the undisclosed US-based customer and this plant will be delivered to the customer in October.
  • In October, “top” scientists will run tests on this full 1MW plant, as well as an individual small 4 kW unit(s), and “top” scientific journalists will be reporting on the testing.
  • The plant will provide power for the customer’s own use.
  • Rossi’s commercial strategy will commence in November and interested parties will need to work with Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation and/or Rossi’s commercial partner in the USA, Ampenergo.
  • After the October launch, Rossi will be continuing research and development work on the E-Cat with the University of Bologna

From Rossi’s perspective, Defkalion GT in Greece is out of the picture when it comes to commercializing the E-Cat (he has denied emphatically that there had been a reconciliation between the two parties), and apparently Rossi has filed a lawsuit against DGT.

According to Rossi the whole project is on time and on track; he recently stated, “all we promised will be done.”

  • This is very exciting! The world economy needs some refreshing news right now. Certainly energy is one of the great economic roadblocks. Maybe, just maybe, the e-cat can solve the economic crisis as well as the energy crisis in the euro-american world.

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  • I believe in E-cat, and can visualize either steam or electric powered cars replacing the 600 million gas guzzlers on the road today. Forget Car batteries; If you have a few E-cats on board you can roll around in a environmental friendly Monster Sports Utility Vehicle. I can even see bigger cars becoming the norm. Why not have a bathroom on board if there is no environmental damage, and fuel costs are cheap?
    I understand Rossi’s love for money, but this invention can save millions of lives through desalination, and environment repair it is a wonder he just does not publish his work and hope the world takes care of him in tribute.
    However there is enough cold fusion buzz around this, that even if his “secret” nickel catalyst is not known now; we can be sure a few dozen basement and garage scientists (along with universities) are already working towards a superior catalyst. Too many minds have been “tweaked” for this technology to get buried.

  • Wes

    This might be good news… unless the customer takes ownership of the plant then decides (or has agreed) to not make his findings public.

  • daniel maris

    Why the secrecy? What possible reason could there be for secrecy over the sale of a heating plant to a customer?

    Why no pics of the plant? or its present state of construction? Where would be the harm in a few pics.

    I have an uneasy feeling about this. And if we are back to “top scientists” testing, we aren’t much further than we are already. We need to know people have been able to pull the machine apart to take a close look at what is going on, not that someone had stood there with measuring equipment, calibrated or otherwise.

    Either Rossi is the biggest tease in the world of science or this isn’t going to end well. If he’s a tease he’s being completely irresponsible and I ain’t impressed.

  • Bob Norman

    I fully understand Rossi’s need for secrecy. You would be amazed at how little information it takes for a good scientist to uncover facts. Why risk letting others find out information while there are still patent issues outstanding. Not only that, Rossi has a responsibility to protect his investors, to risk anything opens things up for a lawsuit.
    Rossi is doing the prudent thing.

  • Sladden

    You would be amazed at how easy it is to arrange an independetly verified black-box calorimetric test that would answer the question if (but not how) E-cat works or not and without risking that any of the inner workings of the reactor be uncovered.
    Rossi is indeed ”prudent” enough to have avoided this. And no doubt is the “protection of the investors” at his heart. This will not change in October, November or at any later point in time.

    • Waiting

      True. In October, he’ll “demo” a big shipping container he claims was sold to an anonymous “customer”, and is too big to pick up and look under for cheating. But he will never allow a simple test that shows whether his “invention” is real. Never.

      Can anyone think of a reason why a salesman wouldn’t want anyone to find out whether the thing he’s selling actually works?

      • LCD

        “Can anyone think of a reason why a salesman wouldn’t want anyone to find out whether the thing he’s selling actually works?”

        How do you reconcile this statement with your first statement.

        The whole point of the 1MW power plant is the “Demo” that is “idiot proof”


        • Waiting

          What? My first sentence was agreement with Sladden. My second sentence ended with a dozen words that are the point.

          It’s not possible to tell whether the big reactor is real, because you can’t even know what all the inputs are. It would be easy to tell whether the small reactor is real with some simple tests. But he hasn’t allowed such a test.

  • Arthur Robey

    I MW is hard to fake.
    I have seen it explode.
    It is oh so real.

    Petrol has a high calorific value, but the exhaust pipe is a dead give away. You wont need a stethoscope to hear the thing roar. No siree. If this thing runs for any length of time without a visit by a petrol bowser, it is real.

    God can create energy but no man can.

  • OBagel

    Rossi thus far has been unable to obtain a patent on his “secret recipe”, and it is reasonable to assume that the patent authorities are not impressed with his claims of uniqueness, originality or novelty. In other words, any high school honors student could build an E-Cat unit in his mother’s basement with parts available through the internet. Rossi is mostly afraid of revealing the innards of his machine before getting his hands on massive financial compensation for simply borrowing the work of previous researchers, and boosting the efficiency through nanoparticle science. Remember Brown’s gas from the 1950’s (also called HHO) – now in common use as a hydrogen torch which cuts through 3/4 inch steel plate faster than acetylene? Why do you think that a jet of hydrogen flame which can hardly start a charcoal grill can generate immense cutting heat when aimed at metal? Because when metals are bombarded with hydrogen, cold fusion occurs.

    Of course, we can not rule out the fact that Rossi is truly our annointed savior, trying to raise money to get a 1MW demo unit built in order to remove all possible doubt and resistance to cold fusion, thus insuring that mankind can save itself from certain destruction. Many a great scientist have been murdered for inventing something that oil companies or the Medical Mafia or even the Catholic Church find “inconvenient”. Pons and Fleischman were ahead of their time simply because they did not have the benefit of nanoparticle sized metal powder to make the ratio of excess heat so boldly intriguing.

  • We have published a very positive article in The American Reporter ( called “Game Changer!” (go Control+F and enter that phrase to find it on the AR site) and are naturally eager to get fresh news about it. Unfortunately, none of the posts on this site – only the comments on them – are dated, so we cannot know when or for how long they have been posted.

    Today is August 30, 2011. Is there any news? What is the date for the demo? Where will it be? I have seen the terrible video done by Steven Kirvit, who is an obvious fraud, and that really tells us nothing new. Is there no reputable journalist willing to interview Rossi and bring back to his publication a clear and unbiased piece of reportage that will alert Americans to something that appears to be much more important than the next hurricane, and which may even be a cure for it to the degree it reduces pollution, climate change and global warming? I am certainly willing to do so, and I can be reached at [email protected]. My work has been published in The Reader’s Digest, Los Angeles Times, Esquire, LA Weekly, Village Voice and many other excellent publications. Please help me alert the American public to the breakthrough Dr. Rossi has achieved.

    • Frank (admin)

      Hi Joe — you could ask Rossi for an interview. The easiest way to contact him is through his Journal of Nuclear Physics site. BTW, each article on this site has a date stamp to the right of the headline. Hope you can get the interview!


  • Marcelo Pacheco

    From what I understand the 1 MW isn’t just a demo a few hours or a few days long. It’s a real world installation that will be running to produce steam for a customer. The customer isn’t buying the unit, they will be paying for 1 MW of heat in the form of steam (I’m assuming for industrial usage). The customer won’t pay a thing unless the unit delivers. That’s the demo, a real world installation of Rossi’s product.
    With the customer paying a monthly bill based on actual output, the real demo won’t be the first few hours of operation, but instead weeks and months with the thing delivering steam to the customer.
    You can’t fake 1MW of output without deep pockets, the demands on the electric grid/heating oil/natural gas would be significant. If Rossi could fake that, then he shouldn’t be an inventor, but instead a world class illusionist.
    With that said, I’m still not sold on Rossi’s device being that efficient, but I’m a believer that cold fusion is here, and that it will revolutionize energy generation, the only question is if Rossi will be the first player to deliver that commercially or who else.
    If I owned stock in oil/coal interests, I would be selling that pretty darn soon. In the next few years Shell, BP, Texaco, Chevron, … Will loose at least 50% of their market value, because oil prices will drop once cold fusion reach the markets in volume.