Rossi on E-Cat Launch: It Will be “Idiot-Proof”

Andrea Rossi continues to comment on the upcoming October launch of the E-Cat which will take place somewhere in the USA, and a few more detail about the launch are emerging.

One thing that Rossi has emphasized is that the demonstration is being done on his (unknown) customer’s terms and so he’s not in a position to do everything that his readers are requesting. There have been suggestions that a few average members of the public be allowed to observe the test, but apparently only selected scientists and journalists will be present at the unveiling of the 1 MW plant. When he was asked whether the event would be televised, Rossi responded that it was his understanding that video of it would be put on Youtube.

Rossi has again addressed the issue of steam measurement, assuring that the demonstration will make very clear the quality of steam output is in accordance with his claims about the energy provided by the E-Cat:

“A report will be published regarding the test of our first industrial plant. Of course the instrumantation is fit for the purpose. The measure of the quality of the steam will be made by an “idiot proof system”, not because it is necessary ( what made in all our former tests was technically correct) but to avoid chatters from idiots. There are few, in the great People waiting for this event, but still there are, and I will answer, as usually, with facts to the chatters of snakes and clowns.”

In another thread, Rossi said regarding his critics,

“Snakes and Clowns: I never answer with chatters to chatters: I answer with facts; they will be annichilated by my plants”

Apparently Rossi wants to provide a demonstration, and issue a report that will once and for all silence those critics who don’t think he has demonstrated energy output sufficiently. It also seems that he will take the advice of one of his recent readers who suggested he attach a water trap to the output end of the E-Cat. The reader said:

“A small and well insulated vase should be connected to the steam output.A float valve in the vase will open when water level builds up in it and let the water freely drip out to a bigger, graduated vase. The valve will close when the water ends, not to let the steam escape from the water drip. In the upper part of the water trap there will be the output hose connection, to let the water-free steam out.”

Rossi’s response: “OK, we will do also this.”

It does still seem that preparations are being made, and Rossi says he is working 16 hour days at the moment to get ready. There’s plenty of skepticism about all he claims to have, but also a lot of hope from people who are looking forward to finally seeing the technology he has been talking about for so long.

  • Wes

    Even if this ends badly from a LENR perspective, there should be some type of entertainment award we could bestow on Rossi. I feel there is a movie in this somewhere. The material is just too rich to pass up. Nerds haven’t had this much fun since the first personal computers appeared.

    Who should play Rossi? Focardi? Levi? Krivit? Suggestions?

  • Waiting

    it’s not entertaining. It’s just sad. He’ll allow proper measurements of the output of the big reactor, but not of the small reactors. Why? Because no one can pick up the big reactor and look for extra power inputs underneath.

    So you could do perfect measurements of the output of the big reactor, and you’d still have no idea whether it was outputting more energy than it was being fed. There’s simply no way to detect fraud in the big reactor.

    But it would be easy to detect fraud in the small reactor. Just stick the output hose in a bucket of cold water, and watch the water level and temperature rise. And plug it into a computer’s UPS battery, so you know how much energy is going in. And do the test in someone else’s lab, so you know there isn’t an induction system under the floor, or IR laser in the ceiling vent.

    It would be simple, cheap, and easy for Rossi to show this is real, if it were. Instead, he’s going to unveil a giant shipping container that tells us nothing.

    When this finally falls apart, critics of LENR will say it shows that all LENR claims are false, even those with good scientific evidence, like SPAWAR. That’s sad.

    I’m curious. What will the people on this forum do when this turns out to be fake? Will they admit a mistake, and be more wary next time? Or will they just say that it wasn’t their fault, since there was no way we could have known this was a con job?

    Seriously. If this turns out to be fraud, what will all of you say?

    • timycelyn

      Most of us here are skeptical – but not pseudoskeptics, as u appear to be, having made your mind up on insufficient evidence, it seems, with your “When it turns out to be fake” rather than “if it turns…”.

      Equally, if it turns out to be genuine, what will all you pseudoskeptics say & do?

      Run for cover?
      Blame Rossi for misleading you into having closed minds?
      Claim you were just trying to be ‘open minded?’

      My betting -in that event – would be the whole miserable rag-tag would just disappear into the mists…

      Regarding the demo and 1mW power cables coming up thro the floor – do me a favour! It’s at the customer’s premises, and unless the customer is a Rossi parter- in-scam (eg some new entity or name we have never heard of before) then I really boggle at Rossi digging the floor of the customer’s premises up one dark night laying a surruptitious 1mW power cable, while his mate keeps security occupied. ROFLMAO!!

      • Waiting

        Actually, I’ve thought about what I’d do if this turns out to be true. I’d take the time to post here that I was dead wrong in my later posts (though correct in my earlier posts). I’d also be VERY happy, since this would be a huge boon to all of humanity.

        If I appear to be a pseudo skeptic to you, it isn’t clear there’s anything I could say to change your mind. Though it’s perhaps notable that I called SPAWAR good science, which isn’t what most LENR pseudo skeptics would say. I was pretty optimistic about Rossi in February, but have become increasingly less so as the evidence has mounted in the months since then.

        I’m afraid things look even worse now than they did at the time of my last post in this thread:

        I have noticed people posting here who assume this is real. I’m still curious what they will do if that turns out to be incorrect.

        • timycelyn

          If it all goes south somehow, I guess u will get a range of behaviours from those who have been on the intellectual continuum from total belief through to cautiously optimistic skepticism. Just like the pseudo skeptics will behave in the opposite situation. Public confession through to vanishing. Loss of any interest in the LENR area through to undimmed, ardent support of the next concept to go high profile.

          Though I do something else nowadays, I come from the ‘creative technologist’ tradition, and have been involved in a number of R&D projects in the past where development of a working prototype, and then plans for a product, ran far ahead of theory, and even sometimes the careful measurment and characteristation that all the bitching on other blogs tends to revolve around. I see some parallels with my past experiences in Mr Rossi’s current behaviour.

          Agreed, one explanation for his refusal to have further independent validation and measurement, saying ‘Wait for end Oct, all will be revealed then’ (although looks like some sort of pictorial taster may be around before the end of Sept) is that there is something fundamentally wrong wth the whole proposal – I think the word ‘scam’ is too narrow.

          But from my perspective, that is only one of a number of equally likely explanations. I’m not planning on rehashing the arguments again here in detail (snowed out with customers already, every additional disclosure has associated patent risks, generate too much pressure too early, personal risk, etc) but those, plus his clearly very Latin temprement and tough previous experiences with the govt cheating around Petroldragon; add up to a perfectly reasonable behaviour – for him – without having to in any way invoke the ‘scam’ explanation.

          Add to it his machine gun delivery style in a few words in poor English, and you understand how quite a few of the ‘Rossi says’
          things started.

          Also, there are forces we cannot see that will be causing him to pursue things he may not naturally want to put at the top of his list. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t get yr link to work, but my whole reaction to the anti-piracy thing was ‘he’s pis**ing in the wind.’ I’ve been there in the past, and had to pursue something similar on the technology I was developing, but it was clear it could never be a real answer, just no more than a delaying irritation for a pirate, and maybe good enough to defeat amateur pirates.
          But we had to diligently pursue it and talk it up, cos that’s what the powers that be felt the customers would want to be assured about…..

          Philosophically, one shorthand for the intellectual conflict between Rossi and the ‘Chatterers’ – as he would call them – is the continual contrast and conflict in approach between synthesis and analysis. Essentally many of his critics are very skeptical because he refuses to facilitate Analysis, but that is because he is in extremely energetic Synthesis. ( in addition, he doesn’t give a toss for them!).

          So, more than one explanation.

          Personally, I looked long and hard at every dot and comma in the Kullander/Skeptics report, and associated information. I let my researcher’s radar loose on it, and several pieces of the information, such as the temperature/time graph, (which has a host of fascinating fine detail if you really study it in detail) convinced me the effect that was on display that day was real, and not some artificial piece of technical theatre. Since then, I’ve watched the ebb and flow of this story, and have not been too surprised by the ‘Fog of War’ we now all seem to be peering through – such as the wonderful intellectual castles in the air built on a 15 second poor quality video of steam coming out of a pipe, for goodness sake!

          I am standing by my initial evaluation, calmly waiting for October, and watching the current & ongoing soap opera in the blogoshere with fascination – the personalities on display are a rich kalidescope.

          If it all turns out to be a mare’s nest – well, guess it’s time to hang up my lab coat, my radar’s not reliable any more…..

    • jousterusa

      Cold fusion has been demonstrated all around the globe, so it cannot be deemed a “fake.”

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  • Peter Heckert

    It will never ever turn out to be fake. If it fails, then it was sabotage by Krivit or by Mafia or by Oil industry Or by CIA or truth was supressed by criminal mainstream scientists.

  • Jesse

    No contest. John Malkovich should play Dr. Rossi in the movie.

    • Wes

      Good choice. We have the protagonist cast. How about Krivit, who should play Krivit?

      • jousterusa

        Steve Buscemi.

  • O’Bagel

    Rossi thus far has been unable to obtain a patent on his “secret recipe”, and it is reasonable to assume that the patent authorities are not impressed with his claims of uniqueness, originality or novelty. In other words, any high school honors student could build an E-Cat unit in his mother’s basement with parts available through the internet. Rossi is mostly afraid of revealing the innards of his machine before getting his hands on massive financial compensation for simply borrowing the work of previous researchers, and boosting the efficiency through the logarithmic increase in surface area of the nanoparticle nickel. Remember Brown’s Gas from the 1950′s (also called HHO) – now in common use as a hydrogen torch which cuts through 3/4 inch steel plate faster than acetylene? Why do you think that a jet of hydrogen flame which can hardly start a charcoal grill is able to generate immense cutting heat when aimed at metal? Because when metals are bombarded with hydrogen, cold fusion occurs, and the metal simply sublimates at such intense, concentrated temperatures.

    Of course, we can not rule out the fact that Rossi is truly our annointed savior, trying to raise money to get a 1MW demo unit built in order to remove all possible doubt and resistance to cold fusion, thus insuring that mankind can save itself from certain destruction. Many a great scientist have been murdered for inventing something that oil companies or the Medical Mafia or even the Catholic Church find “inconvenient”. Pons and Fleischman were ahead of their time simply because they did not have the benefit of nanoparticle sized metal powder to make the ratio of excess energy so boldly intriguing. Pons and Fleischman, in their day, at least approached or even exceeded unity, which was perceived as capable of shutting down billions of dollars in funding for thousands of extremely high-salaried researchers involved in hot fusion. For the right price, even MIT can be seduced into prostituting their principles. So, we will have to wait. If it turns out that E-Cat is a fraud, it certainly would be a very childish and poorly executed one, although how he could get endorsement let alone investment from some very shrewd folks to help perpetrate this scam is unfathomable. Even more mind -boggling is what could possibly motivate Rossi and Focardi, two aging, horribly sagging academics, for whom reputation and respect among their peers is worth far more than a few luxury cars, girls and villas, to commit a fraud that risks retribution, legal and otherwise?

  • Brad Arnold

    Want a repeatable LENR over unity experiment?

    Or download the powerpoint presentation on the Brillouin website like this article suggests:

    Ni+H+KCO3 (heated under pressure) = Cu+lots of heat

    On the other hand, one of my friends insist that he won’t believe it until his neighbor has a working one, or the mass media starts telling him that it is true.

    Beware of false gifts and broken promises.
    There is much pain, but still hope.
    The solution is to believe the truth.
    The conduit is closing…

    • jousterusa

      “Foremost seek clarity; first, search for the truth.”

  • Ernie

    Why does this 1MW unit consists of several single units? Any commercial design would have at most a few single e-cats, if at all. My guess is, as already proved for similar NI-H reactors of the kind Rossi utilizes, there is some short lived energy emitting process, but it is a conventional thermo-electric battery like effect. Rossi recently stated the e-cat can now runs self sustained for about 20 min., to me that’s indication that Rossi does not have anything that’s better than all the work other researchers have done before. Apparently, with all the single e-cats, he believes he can resolve the problem by a cycling process between e-cats,what of course won’t work and is as silly as any type of perpetuum-mobile engineering attempt.

  • c1ue

    Gigantic scam.

    Rossi doesn’t have to do anything to reveal his ‘patented process’, all he has to do is provide a sealed working model for outsiders to use. If he really had anything of note, he could silence his critics in 10 minutes.

    Since he never, ever allows anyone to do any type of measurement which isn’t under his specific direction, it is literally impossible to verify his claim.

    This is the hallmark of the charlatan (obfuscation), not one of a scientist (reproducibility) or entrepreneur (backing up your claim).

  • jousterusa

    I just got a nice note from Dr. Randall Mills, who said he will “very soon” be announcing some “major advances” with his CIHT and Hydrino reactors.