As October Approaches Rumors Swirl That Rossi Will Soon Start Testing at NASA

Andrea Rossi continues to state that the launch of his 1 MW E-Cat plant is on track for the last week of October, and as that date approaches fast (next month), there seems to be a focus of attention on the E-Cat story. Just recently rumors have started swirling that NASA will be testing the E-Cat before the public launch, although no official source from either Rossi’s or NASA’s camps have publicly confirmed this.

The rumor seems to have been started by Roy Virgilio, a source close to Francesco Piantelli (another Nickel/Hydrogen cold fusion researcher) who stated on the Italian forum Energeticambiente,

“It seems that NASA gave an ultimatum to Rossi for the verification of his apparatus on September 22. Furthermore, several other bodies are starting to take more and more distance from this experiment. The bad thing is that important agreements with Piantelli come from these circles and there is a concrete risk that both [Rossi and Piantelli] will be put in the same basket and that the stillborn agreement that would help bringing fundamental results really quickly [to Piantelli] will be interrupted. In other words, this period is very delicate. Put your energies, in any possible way you can, into making sure this matter won’t stop [for trivial reasons]. Roy.” [Google translation from original Italian]

Rossi has confirmed in the past that he has met with officials from NASA, but has declined to provide any details about the nature of those discusssions. All he said about the matter was, “I met extremely high level scientists. I have been really surprised and honoured to discover that they have got indipendently throughly information about this technology. All I can say, so far, is that we will work together.” If this is the case it would not be surprising if NASA wanted to do testing on the E-Cat — but Rossi has not made any further statement on his site concerning the matter. For more discussion about these rumors  you can follow threads at Vortex-l, or on Facebook.

  • Francesco CH

    The original post (that Energeticambiente subsequently deleted) stated that the NASA tests on the E-Cat will start tomorrow, ie the 3rd of September 2011

  • Wes

    Having designed a section the Space Shuttle when I worked for a division of Rockwell, I would be curious about NASA’s intent. Frankly I think a steam-powered rocket would make one hell of a racket. It does, however, explain why NASA has been so thrilled about discovering water on Mars.

  • Jonathan McCabe

    I think Rossi’s device could be really good as a power source for the deep space probes, to power ion drives. A steam rocket would have too low specific impulse to get to space I think (from the earth anyway, chemical rockets can just make it). Maybe as a pre-heater for a chemical rocket, I think there are some fission reactor chemical rocket hybrid designs where the hydrogen is heated by going through a reactor core before normal combustion with oxygen.

  • Martin 6078

    I´m thinking, the E-Cat ist in this form unsuitable for propulsion of a spaceship. But as an independed energy sorce it is perfect.
    Maybe the prinzip of Rossi´s device could developed to a very hot plasma beam generator,it would be able to replace conventional rocket technologie…

  • Brad Arnold

    It is hard to believe that LENR Ni-H could be used anytime soon in a new rocket engine design. On the other hand, NASA isn’t only concerned with space exploration.

    Furthermore, it is hard to believe that the highest levels of the US government are agnostic toward LENR Ni-H. Just to begin, President Obama needs a stronger domestic economy in late 2012 to assure reelection. Also, there are some pretty smart and powerful people taking a close look at LENR Ni-H, not particularly to make a gigantic profit, but to save mankind from the 6th Great Extinction.

    Once LENR Ni-H materializes on the market, you can expect the forces of the status quo to mobilize against it. We are all concerned it isn’t killed in the crib by the plutocrats that are heavily invested in fossil fuel. NASA, DOE, DOD, and certainly the DIA, plus the White House, must be aware of the current situation. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

    For example, when you see Dr Hansen of NASA getting arrested at a protest against Oil Sands, you know a lot of very powerful people in the know will lay their careers (and even lives) on the line to deflect the current trajectory we are on. I realize people are having a difficult time visualizing a bright future for humanity, but LENR Ni-H appears to offer a solution.

  • susan

    Anyone who’s not completely blind can see in these video,a typical behaviour of a compulsive liar. When caught he always appeals to some secrets of his invention.

    • You’re so smaaart!

    • Wes


      What’s your “take” on Focardi? This all started with Focardi and Piantelli. If Rossi is a bad actor, what is their role in this?

  • John McManus

    If I could get an E-cat for areasonable price,not 4K to 5k euro i reckon I could have a steam powered generator running in 2 weeks.
    Bring it on,cut the talk & make these available. If they work & people could c them working thousands would be sold, u could not meet the demand. Word of mouth alone would sell thousands.
    I could even sell these from shopping malls.
    Cheers John McManus