Andrea Rossi Interviewed by Steven B. Krivit

Steven Krivit has released another set of videos featuring an interview with Andrea Rossi which he conducted in June of this year. The interview covers a lot of ground, including Rossi’s history, his work on developing the E-Cat and his plans for the future. This should be interesting viewing for those who are interested in the E-Cat story, not only for the information discussed, but also to see how Rossi handles himself and interacts with the interviewer.

  • daniel maris

    Well he doesn’t show any signs of a liar on video. So he’s either telling the truth or completely deluded!

    It will be a wonderful relief if October comes and his claims are proved.

  • Wes

    We tend to judge a person by their appearance. There is something malevolent about Rossi’s appearance, and Krivit is right there (with stop motion no less) to freeze-frame Rossi’s worst moments on the global Internet.

    When Rossi delivers his first born e-cat we will see him in a new light.

  • Frank Randall

    Based upon appearance alone, Mr. Rossi came accross as an honest, likable, and sincere person. Of course, time will tell whether he can pull this off. Although the interview was interesting and revealing, I wish it had gone further. For example, I would like to know where exactly his company is, how many employees does he have, how many units have they produced, would he permit a video visit of his factory,etc. Furthermore, has the University of Bologna made any progress in testing his e-cats, and will he permit reputable, independent, third-parties test his device any time soon? I am still amazed that the mainstream media have not interviewed or covered this momentous event, as they did Fleishman & Pons in 1989. And why are not more Western researchers and scientists weighing in on this? It is, for the most part, a deafening silence out there.