Rossi: Live Webcam Will Show Power Meters at E-Cat Demo

An interesting sliver of information has come from Andrea Rossi’s website regarding the demonstration of Rossi’s 1 MW Plant. A reader wrote, “May I suggest you to install some webcam and real time power meters of your plant to be shown on this site?” Rossi answered, “Yes, we will.”

Normally it is not particularly interesting to watch a power plant. It’s like looking at a battery; there’s not much to see — it’s the effect that is important. But if power meters in Rossi’s plant can demonstrate that there is considerably more power being produced than consumed it should attract a lot of attention. Watching something do what is considered impossible would be a fascinating spectacle.

No doubt there will be some who will not be convinced by power meters. It is possible to rig a meter to give a false reading, and it’s likely that those who are convinced that Rossi is a fraud will claim that the power meters have been tampered with. However, for those who are more open-minded about Rossi’s claims power meters clearly demonstrating a significant power gain could be very convincing, and motivate them to investigate further.

It’s interesting to see how things are shaping up in advance of the October demo.

  • daniel maris

    Really power meters while a bit of “theatre” are irrelevant. Much more relevant would be say licensing by a health and safety agency, because they are going to want to know how it works. Or, alternatively, as he originally claimed, sale on the open market. I have a feeling this demonstration is going to be a bit of a let down, in as much as it will simply be an unsupervised demo.

  • Peter Heckert

    Input power: Easy to measure. Its electrical power.
    Output Power: Difficult to measure. There are no calibrated power meters for thermal energy available. Therefore there is nothing to tamper with 😉
    Input power can be measured by a Wattmeter and output can be calculated from waterflow and temperature difference or from dry steam amount.
    So we get nothing new thats not already was there.
    You cannot buy such an instrument, thats much more complicated.

    It is required, that Engineers, experienced with thermal (steam) systems measure this.
    In my opinion even a scientist is not automatically able to do this.
    Most of them cannot repair a TV – I can 😉
    This is a job that needs more experience than scientific knowledge.

  • Cesar BP

    Rossi probably will have the option to use eletrical energy only for startup, after that no input power. I think he will do that.

    Using a 1 Megawatt plant they can get a little bit of energy to generate eletricity and do not need to use external electric power.

    A plant generating energy and no external input electricity.

    This kind of demonstration will definitely prove his technology.

  • I disagree with some of the bloggers here that the results of a 1 mw demonstration will be, “a bit of a let down.” However, I will be much more impressed by the reaction of the people who get to touch and measure than I will a camera pointed at a meter. When I hear about top scientist and engineers saying that they have touched the thing, that they have poked and prodded and measured, I will inform my brother (an oil geologist who has a lot to lose) about this technology. That is the point when I will be totally bought in.

  • Brad Arnold

    Isn’t the whole point of the 1 megawatt Rossi E-Cat that while the ratio of power in/power out would be the same as for a smaller unit, the net gain would be so much larger “critics” would be unable to claim it wasn’t getting over unity?

    By the way, I was alarmed to read this news item. Is the Saudi King threatening the US if Obama doesn’t pull the plug on the E-Cat?

    • Andy Rennison

      Why would the Saudi King be going for that reason. He may just as well been delivering a new pair of slippers for all we know. This worry is based on unsubstantiated speculation

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