NyTeknik Releases Videos and Photos of Rossi’s 1 MW Power Plant and a New E-Cat Test

Image from NyTeknik

The Swedish technology magazine NyTeknik has released  a video and photographs taken by Mats Lewan of the 1 MW power plant that Andrea Rossi is planning to put in operation in the United States in October. The plant consists of 52 E-Cats, all connected, inside a steel shipping container. Apparently this is a new model of E-Cat which Rossi developed after consulting earlier this year with Swedish physicists Hanno Essen and Sven Kullander, and Japanese professor Hidetsugu Ikegami of the University of Osaka. According to Lewan this unit is currently being shipped to the United States.

Lewan also has produced a video of the testing of one of the E-Cat units which after preliminary testing he calculated the production of thermal energy of between about 3.5 and 8 kilowatts.  Only 2.6 kW of electrical power was input into the E-Cat. Lewan reports that for 35 minutes the E-Cat continued to produce steam with the electrical input turned off.

There will be doubtless be more discussion and analysis of this information over the coming days, and hopefully Rossi himself will provide some input on the details.

  • Simone

    I guess that with this video and photos there is enough proof now.. i am very happy this is coming out to be a real thing.. i really hoped it would be.

    so that container holding 52 e-cats produce 1MW in steam which is about 500KW of elettrical energy when converted.. this means the e-cats are working around 9.6KW each which isn’t so bad after all..

    i would like to know how much in terms of money is needed to keep alive and working a container like that.. input energy + hydrogen + nickel + water. if i remember well i heard that every e-cat needs 15liters per hour to cool down and 3g of hydrogen per hour to work and 50g of nickel per 6months and about 2.6KW/h input.

    this means that every hour there is about 780liters of water going into the plant, 156grams of hydrogen + 0.6grams of nickel “burning” and about 136KW/h input power.. not sure if the math is correct but according to what i read hydrogen costs about 0.01€ per gram like nickel, water costs around 0.70€ per mc and light is about 0.14€ per KW/h so the total would be: 0.01*156 + 0.01*0.6 + 0.70*0.780 + 0.14*136 = 22€ per hour..

    this means that the 500KW/h produced cost about 22€/h which is about 0.04€/h for 1KW/h.. which isn’t bad compare to the actual price of light we have which is 0.14€/h.

    Just to have an estimate of the costs of this plant in one year.. it would be 22€*24hours*365 days = 193’000€ for producing 4380MW. Not bad 🙂

    • Water could be recycled and cooled like it currently is, or brought in non-potable but “fresh” from an existing source (lake, etc) and lightly filtered.

      It could (I presume) run on its own generated power once it’s up and running, so need to purchase input power. That brings the cost of power production down more still.

      Hydrogen could be generated by electrolysis on site.

  • Wes

    Type in http://www.e-cat.com and see where you are redirected. Interesting.

  • Mike Smeltzer

    What’s so very interesting about the E-Cat is the fact that once started the device has a 33 to 1 output, meaning that if you input 100 watts you get out 3300 watts of heat energy. And because you can “crack water” you can get all the free hydrogen you need to keep the E-Cat running indefinably.

    From what I’ve read about the E-Cat it takes 1 oz of hydrogen gas and fifty oz of finely powered nickel in a sealed chamber to start the reaction.

    One E-Cat has been heating a small factory now for about two years. Production is under way in Sweden and Italy. Units will cost under $3000 and output 12 kw of power. This is from the internet, so take it with a grain of salt until you can buy one at a local dealership.

  • daniel maris

    Very exciting! Great to get video and photos.

    This certainly helps restore credibility.

    Will the mainstream media sit up and take notice now?

  • Wes

    Amazing to think that some years from now, you may be able to buy this on eBay.

    • Dermot

      Even more amazing to think that in a few years from now.. YOU WONT! …could have had all this over 100 years ago, yet everyone thinks its sooo revolutionary.. what a load of cobblers and i’m personally sick of it

  • Dermot

    well wouldn’t it be lovely.. FACT is we have been here many many times, with devices/systems much greater than 33:1. yet to this day the VAST MAJORITY of ppl on this planet have no clue as they are all told this “type of thing is impossible”. Granted this looks promising but i ain’t heard one word on irish tv and me thinks i wont either.. The second and i mean the split second prof. Rossi in any way threatens the big oil status que then he will go the way of so many others – slow kill, lawsuits, false criminal charges, fast kill, car wreck etc