September 24th: Moving Planet — A Day To Move Beyond Fossil Fuels (Will Environmentalists Embrace the E-Cat?)

Today, September 24th 2011, has been designated by a number of environmental groups as Moving Planet — “a worldwide day to move beyond fossil fuels.” The idea was conceived by organizers from a group called, a global campaign and network that mobilizes against climate change. Here’s the idea behind the day

Moving Planet is a day to put our demands for climate action into motion—marching, biking, skating—calling for the world to go beyond fossil fuels. At over 2000 events in 175+ countries, we’re letting leaders know that a movement is rising to move our planet forward to a clean energy future.

With so many people around the world trying to mobilize in favor of clean energy, it will be interesting to see how they might respond to the idea of the E-Cat, which apparently meets the goals of going beyond fossil fuels, and of being a clean energy (carbon free and without radioactive fuel or waste).

Could we see grassroots movements such as those supporting Moving Planet spreading awareness of E-Cat technology and putting pressure on governments and businesses to adopt it as soon as possible?

Or would the fact that there are nuclear reactions involved in this technology, even though they are shielded to safe levels, be a poison pill in this technology — and cause those who are concerned about health risks and environmental contamination to lobby against the E-Cat?

The environmental lobby is very powerful in the political arena, and its backing or opposition could have important consequences if the E-Cat is considered as a viable source of power. It will be interesting to see how the enviromental activist community responds.

  • Burt

    Another, maybe more important issue for the green, environmental movement, is that this source of energy is not renewable, since it consumes nickel that will not be returned easily to the nature. However, with the huge differences in resource consumption when compared to coal and oil, I think that the e-cat ought to be embraced by us all…

  • Martin6078

    I´m very sceptical about the climate change groupes and the greens as well to support the E-Cat.I´m thinking the opposite is real! They hate all what is together with hi tech and especial nuclear power. Beside,the human made climate change is a big fraud!
    The Rollout of the E-Cat in Greece in June this year was observed by some German politicians: German Greens, the social democrats SPD and other politiciants,but all ignore the facts and nothing is red in newspapers and to see in TV.

  • The question is not if we will or not use the e-cat. The problem is that nobody is certain that it works. Only promises ! Rossi will do that… . How do you want that scientifics and engineers believes to e-cat if there is not valuable principle explanation, public demonstration unit and all that sort of things. Rossi lose his time and our time making a big unit, but nobody can do measurements on that unit, or see the test. My only hope is the test in Upssala University. The problem is that he oughts to BEGIN by that kind of serious improvement.

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson to test an E-Cat module on October 6th:

  • Brad Arnold

    I have been extensively sending environmental groups the information about the e-cat, and I have been met with stone silence. I think the reason is that LENR is too good to be true. Once the e-cat is believed in consensus reality, predictably environmental organization will embrace LENR technology.

    Let me state that the e-cat and LENR technology is the perfect way to accomplish environmental goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Too bad those environmental organization aren’t catching on quicker.

    • Nick Warren

      Why aren’t 4.5 billion of us dead? I am impatient!

  • Thurifer

    Cheap, clean energy would be an Environmentalist nightmare because their true objective is not a clean civilization but no civilization. They will only be satisfied when humans are lower than the beasts of the field, and not one moment sooner.

  • Ben

    Wow, Thurifer, I haven’t read something that dumb in ages.

  • Rick Gresham

    I think Thruifer goes too far in his pessimism, but I’ve been told more than once by individuals involved with renewable energy startups that many (perhaps not all) environmental groups champion some cause that elicts an emotional response followed by donations of cash, then use the cash to fight against some cause that elicits less emotional response, hence fewer donations. Also, there are individuals who make their living protesting and would find accepting the truths about some technological developments rather inconvenient. Even when presented with virtually incontrovertible scientific evidence, many of these groups prefer to accept emotional rabble-rousing rather than face up to the possibility that they are wrong. Unfortunately, they can cause problems for the would be innovators of the world, regardless of how baseless their ignorant claims might be. They’re just part of the landscape, sorta like dog poop in the park, you just gotta work around them.

  • Nick Warren

    I see brad wotsit predicted in 2007 that 4.5 billion of us would be dead by now. Was he wrong?

  • Nick Warren

    What kind of carts do you all drive? ANd how do you heat you homes?

  • Nick Warren