Test on E-Cat Will Be Conducted on Oct 6th in Bologna, Italy with Invited Academics

Daniele Passarini has posted a copy of a letter sent by Dr. Franco Sicogna to the European Patent Office inviting representatives to attend a demonstration of one of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat modules. The letter reads in part:

“With reference to the subject-matter of the application in re, we wish to inform you that an experiment run by the inventor, Mr. Andrea Rossi on a module of a 1MW plant will take place on October 6th, 2011 in Bologna (IT) in a laboratory made available by the University of Bologna.

“This experiment will be attended by professors from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, as well as professors in Physics from the USA, China, Japan, France, Great Britain, Greece, Russia and Italy. An official report will be published and made available on the Internet at a later date.”

There is certainly an air of confidence about this whole event — it would be very foolhardy to invite experts in physics to an event like this, as well as patent inspectors, if there was a chance that it would not work.

There’s no mention here of an experiment in Uppsala, Sweden which Rossi has been talking about. Perhaps there is private testing going on there, or maybe there’s been a change of plans, but regardless, it looks like with such an invitation sent out this Bologna event is set in stone; there’s no going back now!

  • “There is certainly an air of confidence about this whole event” That there is! I placed a link to this story on nickelpower.org’s news feed.

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  • Luca Salvarani

    I traslate some comments from 22 passi d’amore e d’intorni written by Daniele Passerini who is well and early informed..

    He writes that there will be certainly other tests entirely managed only by indipendent scientists…. expecially by Bolonia and Uppsala University (so no change of plans). This is a more commercially than scientific-oriented experiment; its main purpose is indeed to respond to main critics and dispel technical doubts such as duration or vapor, boosting people’s confidence and gaining media attention. There also will be a lot of photos and videos… he has promised.
    Rossi is modernizing the way to communicate new scientific discovers transforming them into something like a show…. it’s an interesting marketing technique and it’ entertaining! Luca Salvarani from Mantua.

  • Francesco CH

    Watch it:


    Official website?

    • Luca Salvarani

      What the cool it is!!!

  • Martin6078

    It´s a blame for Germany! No German representants will be there,why not?!
    Francesco, the steam fontaine is very impressed and will convincing all sceptics.

    • Luca Salvarani

      To Martin

      It would be very strange! Expecially considering Germany geographical proximity, its scientific reputation and expecially e-cat market importance! Maybe they aren’t only reported on this piece of news but there will be. I hope so!
      But there’s a thing I can undoubtedly tell you: no blame! Germany is very respected and admired by italians, maybe never more than now now!
      Warm rewards Luca Salvarani from Mantua.

  • Penguin

    It will be interesting to see what the mainstream meadia will do if the majority view of the independant scientists is a positive one. Perhaps we also find out why there has been silence on this for so long ?

    It will be even more interesting to see how such news would impact on government policy regarding carbon taxes or carbon trading legislation. The reasons behind such legislation would be made obselete with the eCat, and the traded price of carbon would literally fall to zero and stay there..

    And lastly, how will socialist-green political parties view all this ?
    My guess is not good, despite it having the biggest impact on emmisions by several orders of magnitude. If your country is currently ruled by such parties there may be delays in seeing Ecat in a home near you as an eCat world would make it impossible for socialist governments to use energy prices and climate change as a political control lever.

    Of course an eCat world would end the climate change action debate and we could finally pull down all those annoying and useless wind turbines. Perhaps some would even regard this as the best eCat benefit to society !

    6 Days seems such a long wait ……….

    • Luca Salvarani

      Dear Penguin

      In Italy when we strongly agree on somebody we say “Holy words” or “You are readind in my mind”… So it’s what you post is for me! The worst enemy of e e-cat isn’t technical problems, but political problems with related big interests…. Our socialist governments (in Italy even our ridicolous right in name only is socilist) don’t care absolutely nothing about energy and environmental problems! at a such level that they’re even inventing problems that we currently haven’t, even shamelessly manipulting scientific datasets, corrupting media and so called experts like the idiots couple Krugman and Stiglitz who certainly you know (climate change is only the tip of the iceberg)… They are only interested in stealing taxpayer money and savings to their own (and their caucus) advantage! They only want to decide everyhing, to limit personal freedoms, telling you what when how eat, drink, dress and next why not even breath… of couse for your (their) good! They want to treat you as a slave or as an unsound mind at best, and that you pay them for doing this… and a lot of people even love them… I’m really wordless!
      The first and very urgent success of e-cat will be tear down the fraud and craziness of currently supposed renewables… (photovoltaic in primis like Solyndra teaches) and restore democracy taking away from politicians a terrible and unfortunely accepted weapon against people freedom!

  • jcragris

    You are absolutely right, the policy statement is to tax polluting energies. Energy from E-cat will impose a new paradigm. Unfortunately, I have confidence in our political (from Right, Left or Green) to quickly find a new fee for this source of clean energy.
    Humanity will have to fight to impose on government the right to use it.
    I think the Internet and social networking will move quickly to impose this new source of energy. New equation of cold fusion: 1 gram NICKEL= 517 kg of oil.
    The fight will be difficult!!!!!!

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  • Burt

    I’m a bit puzzled that it is the 1 MW plant that will be tested in Bologna. Will it really be shipped in time to the US for setup and test within this month? Or are there 2 of these plants? I don’t think so…

    • Luca Salvarani

      I think that not the entire 1 MW plant will be tested but only 1 single of its multiple componentes.

  • John De Herrera

    Will Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat triumph on October 6, producing more energy than it consumes? Or will ‘the Hot Fusion and card carrying Skeptics destroy poor little Rossi – like they did to Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989? Place your bets on the table now, before the mid October deadline. This will surely be “The Battle of the Century”. Let us all hope and pray for little Rossi and his e-Cat; if he wins, we all win!

    • John Boston

      “Or will ‘the Hot Fusion and card carrying Skeptics destroy poor little Rossi – like they did to Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989?”

      Riiiiiight. I’m sure youre completely familiar with the scientific process which essentially equates to “test, test, test against and then test some more”?

      Considering that not of the numerous scientific bodies that attempted to reproduce the Fleischmann-Pons experiment were able to achieve any measure of success clearly shows that no one had a greter hand in “destroying” Fleischmann and Pons than themselves.

      As for Rossi…..why the silence?

  • dayton naugle

    My belief is that this machine is pretty much ready to ship, if the Fates allow.
    The readers of this and other E-Cat web sites expect the world press to quote what Samuel Morris famously spoke “What hath God wroth?”.
    I have had a revelation of the future times on this planet, through the final movie of,
    what I call an abomination, Star Wars.
    I asked myself “How could you have any robot function night and day toiling without
    a stop?”.
    I have my answer.
    See you in the funny papers.

  • andreiko

    Indien de e-cat techniek zich kan gaan manifesteren, zal de schokgolf in de economie enorm zijn , er zal een implosie ontstaan in de prijsvorming van de tot op heden gebruikte energie leverende structuren.

    Tevens zal er een evolutionairproces gaan plaatsvinden in alle sectoren van de energie leverende industrie met zowel positieve als negatieve aspecten.

    Het paradijs op aarde lijkt mogelijk laten we het niet verkwanselen.