New site: is Now Live.

There’s a new web site — — that is certainly connected with the E-Cat, but it’s not clear whether it’s officially connected with Andrea Rossi. There has been a countdown going on for a couple of weeks, and the site went live on October 1st. Not too much content yet, but they are in sync with Rossi’s Bologna test timetable. All that’s available on the site so far is the video below.

  • Luca Salvarani

    Rossi has just said that the steam swoosh of the video is from a 10 kW module… It’s real! and seems me very impressive. This shoud dispel any genuine doubt about steam.

    • You clearly stated your position to Dr. Rossi, mentioning He clearly said the steam was from his 10kw module. However, the steam in the video is far greater than you would see from the 1mw plant. The video: This is the product of the 10kw plant. Certainly it is thunderous, but not like the video. Surely Dr. Rossi had this in mind when he responded to you. (He’s probably been working too hard.) A couple of notes on the video:
      1 – They ran the jet for over a minute.
      2 – While they were running the jet, the e-cat was loosing power. Its temp dropped from about 122 to about 100.
      3 – What was coming out was VERY WET steam, not the normal output of the e-cat.

      There still is a thunderous applause of steam coming out of that thing.

    • Pete

      No – It’s was Rossi’s joke… That video has been in Youtube over 3 years…

  • H-G Branzell

    Sorry guys, this steam is since long cold, it is three years old:

    • Kevin Stabel

      Thanks for pointing this out! Got me going for a while…
      Too bad 🙁

  • Francesco CH

    6 October 2011

    I cannot wait these five days ! ! !

  • david

    I think rossi is just a stupid liar.
    he says the steam swoosh is from a 10 kW module but
    this video was posted on youtube 3years ago.

    • Francesco CH

      Rossi refferred to the previous video of Mats Lewan, not to this video which was posted WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE from Rossi about it

      • Luca Salvarani

        Probably he didn’t undestand my question!

        • Jonathan McCabe

          In the p.s. Rossi is flagging that “2- The steam swoosh you saw is from a 10 kW module” is a joke, just in case you don’t get that it is a joke.

          Andrea Rossi
          October 1st, 2011 at 4:42 AM
          Dear Luca Salvarani:
          1- probably will be possible to extend the self sustained mode
          2- The steam swoosh you saw is from a 10 kW module
          Warm Regards,
          p.s. For gum chewers: please go to a dictionary and search:” Irony”.

          • Pete

            I asked this from Rossi and here is the reply:

            Dear Petri:
            My friend, that was just an ironical answer… Please do not take it seriously, I was joking.
            Warm Regards,

            And my Question was:

            “2- The steam swoosh you saw is from a 10 kW module
            Warm Regards, A.R.”

            Why the steam swoosh can be found from youtube and that is 3 year old? Do I miss something?



  • He has steam heat. He ” just needs your love”, says the video.
    Serious or not, it IS world class opera.
    The countdown, and roar of a rocket lift off .

    So, at worst, we are part of an opera.
    (I raised money for Fleischman /Pons)
    I can live with that.

  • Baabaablacksheep

    The steam is from the startup test of a coal burning plant, the musical is The Pajama Game, circa 1957. Any knucklehead with a pc and a $50 video editing software package could have made that “commercial”.

    I’m hoping that Rossi’s production values are higher than this.

    • This is a classy piece of marketing. Whoever did it is either a slick marketer or a natural. However, Rossi may have commissioned this, he didn’t create it. Its a different category of expertise than Rossi has.

  • Kevin Stabel

    Whatever it is, the machine hosting this resides in albuquerque, NM.
    If Rossi is sincere in his endeavors, then i doubt he would commission this.
    Either this is a prank, and someone envisions making a lot of money off of a domain name, OR it might just be a partner trying to do viral marketting.

    The domain name has been registered anonymously through godaddy.

    I think the machine is just colocated in this DC in NM. Maybe i’ll try to find out who the real ISP is later.

  • timycelyn

    OK folks, memory test time. Before this video was posted, there was a counter on the site counting down towards some date around the end of September/early Oct.. Here are my questions:

    1. Was the counter counting down to 6th October?
    2. Was it posted before Rossi’s first mention of 6th Oct testing?

    My dodgy memory wants to say maybe to the first, and yes to the second. The point is, of course, thst if both questions get a yes, then this site is associated with Rossi or someone in his innner circle…..

    • Renzo

      1) The countdown has always been to midnight of september 31
      2) The video has been posted early on october 1, long after the testing ot 6 october was announced.

      In my opinion this is someone making a joke and has no association with Rossi

      • timycelyn

        Ah….thanks. I just couldn’t remember when it was counting down to.

        I agree with your conclusion, this is probably someone just messing around….

    • Curt

      The countdown when I checked the website was counting down to exactly midnight on September 30th, which I think would be the same for everyone who visited (it would have been based on your computers clock as communicated to their website by your web browser), well either that or the website is based in Australia 🙂

  • Joke, my eye! Someone is planning to do something significant with They are smart. They will be successful. However, what will be is beyond me. My guess is that it is owned by Rossi’s “secret partner” in the States.