Italian Science Magazine Focus Announces Upcoming Presence at E-Cat Test, Creates Forum for Reader Questions

Focus, the Italian science magazine has been invited to be present at the October 6th test of an E-Cat module that will be carried out by Andrea Rossi. The magazine posted the following announcement today:

Thursday, October 6 at Bologna began testing a new E-Cat: will be present to document the event with photos, videos and interviews. The test will be conducted by Rossi on one of the local EFA (the family business) in the presence of “nuclear physics” – according to Rossi’s own statements. Wanting to go into the field of hypotheses we can say that will probably present Mauro Villa, University of Bologna (but the test is not attributable to the university) and in all probability there will be no physical Brian Josephson, whose presence seemed to some a few days ago. The test will begin at midday, and the program should continue until late at night. According to Rossi said, will be very similar to the last test performed with the Swedish NyTeknik except for the fact that the thermal measurements will be taken on a secondary circuit where the water will not be vaporized, to allow you to “read” better efficiency of the system. In addition to will be present to document the event for Matts Lewan NyTeknik and Daniel Passerini . Send questions to ask the same day, during interviews with Rossi and the present, you can use the forum for test of October 6 or e-mail [email protected] .

(This is a Google translation from the Original Italian)

  • Luca Salvarani

    Focus is a well widespread magazine with a good reputation here in Italy!

    • John Dlouhy

      Thanks for the info about Focus. I asked my sister (who’s Swedish) if she knew about Nyteknik, but she’s never heard of it. That left me wondering about how small its circulation is. Would Focus be sufficiently popular to be found on a typical news stand, or would you have to go to a specialty store to find it? For example, would the average person know about it?

      • Renzo

        It is a very common magazine, among the first in a news stand. It has a press run of around 750.000 copies each month. Howewer it is different from NyTeknyk since Focus has a more popular approach with few technical details while NyTenyk is more serious and detailed. What’s important is that with so large a number of readers the E-Cat could become mainstream

        • John Dlouhy

          Thanks Renzo, that’s encouraging. The details of the experiment, which are often argued at length in the blogoshpere, are irrelevant if we are not the ones doing it. For anyone not actually testing the E-Cat themselves, that is, all of us, there are 2 links in the chain of confidence. The first link consists of having noted scientists whose expertise we can trust perform the experiments, and the second is a reliable reporting of their observations. “Focus” sounds like a good step in that direction.

          • Renzo

            I can also say that among the writers of Focus there are many prominent members of Cicap (the italian skeptical society, similar to american Csicop, swedish Vok, etc…). Usually I don’t like them much but in the case of Rossi the Cicap has assumed a cautious position, they didn’t dismiss him in advance but have only asked for more indipendent testing because the data are inconclusive (this position has been hotly contested by some members).

  • Sophareth Camsonne

    University of Bologne was create in 1180. It is the first
    in europe and the world to deliver diplomes. It’s worth
    and historical that the second Ecat test could be confirmed

  • Sophareth Camsonne

    … victoriosly here. In Science, any discovery begins by alway by results hypothesed or non hypothesed as for ex
    those of Md of Degre C produced by the Z-pinch expériments at Sandia US National Lab. I support strongly the surhuman

  • Sophareth Camsonne

    … of Engeener-Iventor A Rossi. / Dr Sophareth Camsonne, ScD, Virtual Reporter and World Citizen
    in Facebook.

  • Sophareth Camsonne

    I’d like to say the surhuman efforts of A Rossi in my
    previous comments. I’m even not anxious for next positive results of this test.

  • georgehants

    This story could be the script of a suspense movie with intrigue right up to the last moment.
    Let us hope the plot has a happy ending, with both skeptics and optimists coming together behind a real effect.
    Contrary to some thinking the results over the next few days positive or negative can not be changed by prior beliefs, (possibly), negative or positive only the different attitudes of people is demonstrated by their approach to the subject, nothing said will change the result
    The Truth will always out in the end except if forceably kept hidden and delayed.
    I am sure all the skeptics will be hoping for a positive result as much as the optimists.
    For the good of the World let us hope Rossi is Legit, and if not just feel very sorry for him as he would not be bad but clearly just have some kind of illness.

  • Johannes Hagel

    I strongly hope and I am optimistic for a positive test result in tomorrows E-Cat run. I think it is most important to observe the systematics of the energy measurments in the secondary hot water circuit.This because what is measured there minus the easy to measure electrical input will in any case present a lower limit to the energy outcome of the E-Cat. As far as I can judge it from here, it must be a very simple measurment and the result will be beyond any doubt if in addition “hidden energy sources” can be excluded by a careful investigation of the apparatus. Lets hope that everything is in this way, it would be so important for the world!

  • Dave C.

    It sounds like this will only be a 12-hr test, again, not the 24-hr test announced earlier. The previous Ny Teknik test was cut short at the end with only a half-hour or so in self-sustaining mode. I hope they will have the time to let it run longer in this mode on Thursday. A longer test will also help dispel rumors that there’s some energy stored in the device itself (chemical reaction? battery???), rather than the LENR reactions that would make this a world-changing invention. I’m firmly in the optimists camp at this point, but would still like to see more extensive testing.

    • Luca Salvarani

      According to well informed 22 passi d’amore …. the duration should be 24-hours!

  • Wes

    If Rossi re-wrote the classic science fiction movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” I believe he would have the alien visitor land at an Italian coffee shop, instead of on the White House lawn. The alien would say, “Take me to your leader” to the manager of the coffee shop, rather than to the President of the U.S.

    Maybe it’s just me, but the e-cats “announcement of the century” seems to be turning out to as exciting as the opening of a carwash. “Understated” would be an understatement for this grandeur-challenged announcement. Rossi should have invited Al Gore of “An Inconvenient Truth” fame. Gore (after he claimed to have invented the e-cat) would have been a perfect draw for the world-class press.

  • Brad Arnold

    I wouldn’t bet that any minds will be changed by this most recent test of the E-Cat. Instead, as Rossi said at his first news conference Jan 2011, the only definitive proof will be successful commercialization.

    On the other hand, this seems like a good dry run for the end of October public demonstration in the US. It is best to change minds slowly and not abruptly, so perhaps the mass media can get accustom to the idea of a revolutionary energy technology emerging that is clean and very cheap energy.

  • Tony

    Steve Jobs was great, but if the Ecat is proven to work, Rossi will be much Greater!!! Buona Fortuna Rossi.