Rossi Emphasizing Low Cost E-Cat Technology

Just two days before the announced E-Cat test in Bologna, Italy, Andrea Rossi has remarked on how he sees E-Cat technology as being a low cost source of energy. A reader on his site asked: “For 1 MW delivered continuously for 6 months (the upcoming test), how much does the “fuel” costs? More ore less than 250,000.00 USD?”

Rossi’s reply was, “Few hundreds of euros activate for 6 months the 1 MW plant.”

Soon after this comment, Rossi was asked, “will you oversee that it will reach every household at there request to purchase your product (depending on cost of course)and that some giant corporation doesnt get rights to your product and just make it unaffordable for the ordinary working class citizen[?]”

Rossi stated in reply, “I can guarantee you that the E-Cats will have a price that will allow to everybody to pay them. I am working for this, and this is what will give a sense to my work.”

From these remarks, and from others he has made throughout the year it seems that Rossi is intent on ensuring that the E-Cat is going to be as affordable as possible, while maintaining profitability. With these remarks in mind it will be fascinating to find out what company(ies) he has partnered with, and whether his humanitarian philosophy is shared by them. It would be very surprising, assuming his technology works as he says, if there are not many efforts to buy him out in some way or another, and it will be interesting to see how he might respond to such overtures. Rossi has proved thus far that he is quite an independent person, and it would not be out of character if he was able to steer his own course and try to remain in control of his invention and how it is used.

While there has been plenty of suspense and drama to this point on the E-Cat saga, what we have seen so far is likely just a prelude to all kinds of interesting action that will surely follow a successful launch of the energy catalyzer.

  • A giant corporation with the e-cat technology will do its best to sell its products to all and any client available. The only difference will be the time frame, with more profitable clients served first and less profitable clients served last.

    Waiting is taking the risks of someone else to come out with something similar and taking their profits from them.

    • martinus

      a giant corporation will sell it at the price where they maximize their profit. This will not be anywhere close to their real cost, but much higher.

      I hope (if the e-cat really works) that we will get a competition of multiple large companies that all want to sell products similar to the e-cat.

  • alainS

    Assuming it works, an industry that could easily produce ECat in large quantities would be the auto industry. Not only for transportation but also for individual power usage in houses and buildings.

  • The best way to keep the price where it belongs is to allow for competition. As long as no single company, or small group, is in control of the e-cat it will find its right price. That’s the law of supply and demand. It’s a law like gravity, let it do its work.

    • D R Lunsford

      Capitalism has come very close to destroying the world many times over. To hell with your “law”.


  • Luca Salvarani

    Why 250,000 USD? Where does250,000 USD come from? Is it a comparison with other different fuels? If so, which? Coal? Thank you for the answer!

  • m a r i o

    @Luca Salvarani
    250,000 USD is the minimum price to produce the same amount of thermal energy of the e-cat 1Mw plant, but using coal.

    • Luca Salvarani

      Thanks! So at least (I’m considering 1,000) 250 times cheaper… Other costs apart..

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