“When I Say a Thing, I Do It” : Rossi Commits to Launch 1 MW E-Cat Plant Despite Change in Plan

One of the more surprising pieces of information to come from the NyTeknik coverage of Andrea Rossi’s recent E-Cat demonstration in Bologna had nothing to do with the experiment at hand. Rather, it was the fact that the 1 MW plant was still sitting in Bologna rather than somewhere in the United States. Rossi has been talking frequently over the last few months about how he would be launching his 1 MW plant at the premises of a major US partner, but there seems to have been a hiccup in that plan.

In the NyTeknik article Rossi explained the problem: ““We had a preliminary agreement with a very important party in the U.S., but when we received the final draft, it included conditions that our lawyers said that we should not accept.” Because of this, shipment of the 1 MW plant was blocked, and so the unit remains in Italy.

Yesterday I posted a question to Rossi on his web site, seeking clarification from him as to whether despite this abrupt change in plans, the launch will still go ahead as scheduled, in the last week of October. He replied, “When I say a thing, I do it. I said by the end of October we will test the 1 MW plant and we will do it.”

Where this test will take place is still unclear — although it seems possible that it could take place in the Bologna location where it now located. There are only three weeks left in October, and it seems like it would be quite an undertaking to move the large container unit and get it set up somewhere else at this short notice.

The whole E-Cat affair has been strange, unpredictable, yet fascinating — and Andrea Rossi has had plenty of problems and obstacles to deal with. He seems fixed on his goal to go ahead with the 1 MW plant launch this month in spite of the difficulties that crop up, and one can’t help but admire his dogged determination. It’s going to continue to be an interesting month.

  • londo

    The contractual problems are not all that unexpected. Most probably the issue at hand is indemnification. My quesadillas is

    • londo

      (sorry for the post above. Not easy to type on a smartphone).
      My guess s is that the contract required Rossi to cover all possible damages related to the use of the device. This is not unusual.
      I’m much more bothered that Rossi botched the 6/10-test. It was a very poor demonstration. Either he is very poor engineer or scientist or both. In either case, there is a contradiction in his ability to present a revolutionary technology of which we know all but absolutely nothing and his apparent ability to perform a public demonstration which would convince the world of his claims. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Even I would be able to set up an experiment that would unequivocally prove that the device produced energy beyond the capability of chemical known processes.

  • Brama

    Why bother about why it was not shipped? Much more interesting is the question why he feels compelled to tell us that he did not ship. If I were the partner, I would not allow him to make these statements. Every serious partner would have a preagreement on how to handle contractual or precontractual information for such a potentially revolutionary technology.

    And then “I said by the end of October we will test the 1 MW plant ” … guys … it should have been tested already. Who would finish a 1 MV container without testing it? Who would install a single e-cat into the container without testing it? Who would ship it to the costumer without testing it?

    It is at best a demonstration for the costumer and a opportunity to make independent tests.

    btw … why didn’t he use one of those neat looking e-cats installed in the container and instead used a amateurish looking silver foil wrapped one in Bologna?

    With everything he says and everything he does in public he is not doing himself a favor.

  • Penguin

    Given the issues Rossi has had in finding a parner to buy a 1 MW plant and also for his E-cat to be given any attention by mainstream media, even after this latest test, it would appear he now needs to focus on production of electricity rather than heat.

    If an E-cat plant could deliver even 0.5 MW of electrical power in a self sustaining setup then Rossi would be overrun with partnership offers and media attention, and the sceptics would be sileneced.

  • daniel maris

    Well I am hoping Rossi goes for broke with this test.

    We need to see the 1MW working at full power. We don’t want to see any oddities that call into question the operation – and get more people involved in witnessing what’s going on.

    I think it is inherently the case that the bigger the unit, the less likely the fraud. No fraudster could easily create a 1GW fraud!

    Does anyone know how Rossi intends to generate electricity? Will it be a Stirling Engine set up?

    Also, does anyone know the value of the copper produced per KwH – a ball park figure perhaps? If it is 2 cents, that’s still a v. valuable contribution to reducing overall costs…

    • Olivier

      I don’t think we need to see new demonstrations of even bigger machines – we need a 100h test of e-cat in (lets say) a MIT Lab and after that the Chairman of MIT saying: “This is a breakthrough for science and mankind”.

      • georgehants

        They have kept it hidden for 23 years, and people still trust main-line science.
        They have already been proven to be incompetent and dishonest, lets leave it to Rossi and see it happen.

        • Abraham A

          They have been scamming people for money since the dawn of time, and people still trust con men.

          They have already been proven to be competent at promising paradise while taking your money. Let’s leave it to Rossi and see it happen again.

          Though to be honest, I hate to see the man crush your dreams. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in paradise?

      • John De Herrera

        Keep in mind it was MIT that announced there was NO HEAT OUTPUT in their replication attempt of the PF cold fusion? Actually, they straightened out the Output Line (fraud) to indicate on heat output.

    • “get more people involved in witnessing what’s going on.” In a way we have lost a bunch of witnesses. Have you noticed that none of the scientists at the October 6 test have said anything. Its because they have been told not to in no uncertain terms.

      “Does anyone know how Rossi intends to generate electricity? Will it be a Stirling Engine set up?” The 1mw plant will not generate electricity, it will provide 1mw worth of heat.

      “Does anyone know the value of the copper produced per KwH” Lets see if we can calculate it. The 5kw Rossi core uses about 50 grams of nickel, I think. It produces 10% copper after 3 months of operation. So he’s producing 5 grams of copper for 5 * 24 * 90 = 10,800 (round to 11 megawatt hours.) Copper, at $3.50 per pound is worth about $001 per gram. So I really think that the produced copper will be an economic driving force with the e-cat.

  • why is such an astounding device (if it works) tested with such cheap chinese uncalibrated instruments AND you said it

    The water was just left going down the drain?

    this is supposed to be a commercial ready to be sold device
    is rossi going to clone himself so he can personally run every
    device he sells??
    all i got to say is “sumpin aint right”
    look at photos of his 1 mw device in the shipping container
    where is the computer controls? look at the sloppy insulation job
    would you buy that?

    AND what why for 2.4 (approx) hours of electrical heating the t in t out readings stayed the same? no flow? i do not know
    the large metal piece at the OUTLET of the ecat has been misidentified as the heat exchanger it is not it is separate
    the heat exchanger is downstream and identified by rossi in the lewan video
    throw in the new never before seen “thing that generates a frequency”
    and i gotta say it MISDIRECTION an old but very good MAGIC TRIC

    • fred

      For what I understood, there were 2 heat exchangers, one INSIDE the e-cat, passing the heat from the reactor chambers to the internal water, and one outside the e-cat, only for the demo purpose, passing heat from the steam to the external water flow.

  • Francesco CH

    After analysing reports, comments, and all the other stuff concerning the test of 6 October 2011 I have probably understood why Rossi developed a 1MW plant.

    In the test of 6 October we can clearly see that the reaction needs some energy input to start.

    But if you put many E-Cats in series then you can allow to put the input energy ONLY to the first E-Cat of the chain.

    Then the first E-Cat of the chair furnishes the due input energy to the second E-Cat of the chain and so on.

    Hence the advantage of the 1MW plant compared with a single E-Cat system is that with the plant you can immit input energy only in the beginning and then the system becomes 100% self sustainable AND the total gain of energy is quite more because you feed input energy only once and just for a single E-Cat, and then each E-Cat of the chain feeds the ohers.

    And probably the 1MW plant is both in series AND in parallel, so potentially the entire circuit can go forward indefinitively..

    • Abraham A

      I don’t think that works with the current setup. He needs electricity to kick-start the e-cats, so then he’d need to transform heat into electricity as well.

      If it would be just heat to kick-start and control it, he’d have hooked up 2 e-cats for the test, warm one up, and remove _all_ plugs and then leave it running for 16+ hours. That would have been convincing for all.

      • Francesco CH

        The E-Cat needs thermal energy to start: the input of eletricity is used to heat a resistor.

  • It looks like Rossi is going to go it alone. This is sad. I wonder where the problem lies. Is Rossi much better at inventing than he is at negotiating? Did the American company get greedy? Did the “scientists” convince the American company to be cautious — scared? Whatever it is, this will slow the pace of the e-cat’s acceptance (which may be a good thing). I just hope that it doesn’t stall it.

    • tony

      I read somewhere that the US have a law that restricts the activation of nuclear reactors without authorisation. The US partner want Rossi to carry all the liability if any thing went wrong. This is why the partnership stalled. Tony

    • I have read this too. However I haven’t heard it from an authoritative source. My understanding is that Rossi risks going to jail for importing a “nuclear device”. So American. If his customer is asking him to risk his personal security, they are vividly demonstrating that they are mean and vicious — not the kind of people I would partner with.

  • the snake was wrong dot com 🙂

    • Interesting product line. I was hoping for a technical rebuttal to the snake. That said Krivit’s last report shows him to be painfully bogus.

      I would think, however, that a more positive and direct product line would sell better. I can just see a line that compares the e-cat with the household pet.

  • This invention will be tested over and over again. Each time a new week point will attract the focus. Usually you get the Nobel prize takes 10-20 years after the first successful experiment. Given plenty of time for others the replicate it.

    Therefore the best fast track validation is the market… just do it.

    • H. Hansson

      should be “weak point”

  • Francesco CH
  • Hampus
  • I´ve been working with many businessmen for a long time in Brazil and I can say there is a lot of them can be contacted to have a partnership and the same probably we can say regarding another countries. Rossi´s approach is corageous but I don´t know if is the better way to develop the market and at the same time start a positive change in the world (I supose he is thinking about it cause it worth much more than any money) . Good engineers usually are not success businessmen in general and the best way usually is to have a strong partnership. I hope he find what he search in USA but if not, why dont have a break ?

  • Wes

    Rossi offered to make the very public demo of Oct 6th. No one forced him to do it. The goal of the demo was to prove his e-cat technology works, yet a significant percent of the comments across the blogsphere show many remain unconvinced. In this regard, I would rate the Oct 6th demo a public relations failure.

    Rossi would be well advised to secure professional guidance in the design of his next demonstration, or risk an even greated faliure, possibly one from which his image may never recover.

  • Francesco CH

    List of the persons who were present during the demonstration of October 6th, 2011


    * Andrea Rossi
    * Sergio Focardi
    * Enrico Billi
    * Christos Stremmenos
    * Paolo Soglia
    * Damiana Aguiari
    * Enrico Campari
    * Ennio Bonetti
    * Stefan Helgesson
    * Paul Swanson
    * Niclas Sandstrom
    * Hahn Magnus
    * Stefano Riva
    * Nicola Parenti
    * Tomas Johansson
    * Giuseppe Levi
    * Roland Pettersson
    * Loris Ferrari
    * Pierre Clauzon
    * Koen Vandenwalle
    * Alessandro Passi
    * Daniele Passerini
    * Roberto Sgherri
    * Domenico Fioravanti
    * Mats Lewan
    * David Bianchini
    * Sebastiano Zannoli
    * Edward Jobson
    * Maurizio Melis
    * Andrea Granatiero
    * Massimo Brega
    * Raymond Zreick
    * Irene Zreick

    Among them there are some university professors (I counted four professors from University of Bologna, one of them is Loris Ferrari), journalists and a delegation from Confindustria. Il Sole 24 Ore was represented by scientific journalist Maurizio Melis. Il Sole 24 Ore is an Italian national daily business newspaper owned by Confindustria, the Italian employers’ federation.

  • Francesco CH

    Rossi interviewed by Radio Città del Capo:

    (in Italian, but there are also parts of the video in English, see 5:15 Professor Roland Pettersson speaking and see 11:18 Andrea Rossi speaking)