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We noticed a new site appear recently:, and it has been unclear who was the owner of the domain. From a new video posted on this web site today the domain clearly comes from someone very close to Andrea Rossi. This professionally created video provides highlights from the October 6 E-Cat demo in Bologna and includes interviews with Andrea Rossi, Roland Petterson of Uppsala University, and Mats Lewan of NyTeknik magazine. There are close up camera shots of the test E-Cat as well as the 1 MW plant that will be demonstrated on October 28th. The video is a very impressive piece of work and speaks well of the organization that put it together. The caption under the video states, “More videos and interviews to be released soon. Consider this a teaser. ”

  • the snake

    Energy density is what counts. How long can the piece run without refueling. 4h is great but no proof of a new energy source, and we don;t know how much energy was used in producing the catalyst. For reasons of symmetry, for every exothermic reaction there is a corresponding endothermic one.

    • brubaker

      The ecat can run for several months on self sustain mode without any refueling except water. Longest self-sustain test I know and believe in: 48 h

      • Mr. Nucleus

        Of that “several months” we unfortunately have no proof. Only thing we have proof is this 3,5 hours. Further testing and proper documentation is required to confirm that e-cat is not a scam.

        • Studious Citizen

          How could it be a scam? I’m not aware of anything that produces that much energy and heat on its own that doesn’t have a motor or battery, and a motor makes noise and requires intake and exhaust, and a batter wouldn’t last that long or produce that much heat.

  • arian

    This Account Has Been Suspended

    • Göran Behrens

      Why has the account been suspended?

    • John

      I have a bad feeling about this…

    • Renzo

      This has already happened many times. Too many visitors.

      • John

        Really? With the same message – Account Suspended?

        • John

          It’s back online!

        • Studious Citizen

          Yes. That’s what happens when you buy super-cheap hosting that limits the traffic to your site, silly.

  • Francesco CH

    Focus interview Andrea Rossi (in Italian):


    ROSSI: a Bologna faremo il test della centrale da 1 MW alla presenza del cliente.

    TRANSLATION: we will perform the test in Bologna and the US partner will be present.

  • londo

    Assuming the e-cat works, wonder how the authorities will handle a device which nobody can prove does a nuclear reaction yet produces way too much energy for any known chemical reaction. Maybe it is enough to know that only hydrogen and nickel are involved and that’s it.

    • Lou

      Since man roamed this world in animal skins science has consisted of this; man observed a physical phenomena; man repeated his observation; man learned to use his observation if it was useful to him. Later, often much, later man figured out how it all worked. In the case of electricity we STILL do not know how it works.

      If doctor Rossi’s devices output 600 megawatts for a 100 megawatt input I would say our world has changed.

  • Hassan

    In times of democracy and Corporate America, any process and true heroism is prevented.

    In a monarchy, Rossi would be awarded by the king and given all resources and recognition he deserves.

    EU sucks.

    • Studious Citizen

      And the King would have sole control of the technology and would use it to maintain power over everyone.

      Are you advocating totalitarian government?

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