Rossi Determined, Defiant as 1 MW Plant Test Approaches: “Now LENR Goes to the Market”

Normally, when Andrea Rossi is asked specific questions on his blog he will respond with short, direct answers. But not always. In response to a question asking how long the 1 MW plant to be tested on October 28th, Andrea Rossi replied with a strong statement:

We will run also in self sustained mode, the periods will depend on many factors. In any case, the power output will be 6 times the power input. About the snakes: the time of the snakes is over. The start up of the 1 MW plant is the end of the mental masturbations of enviuos, wannabe theorists, lecturers of calorimetry and engineering. Now LENR goes to the market. The test will not be made by me, but by the Customers’ consultants. Time of chatters is over. Maybe the test will not be good, maybe: it will be the first time I will start up a plant of that dimension, but in this case the problem will be the Customer, not the bunch of imbeciles that instead of understanding that we actually made LENR a reality lose their time digging holes on the surface the water in the middle of the ocean to find the wine. And in the case this test will go not well, we will learn and remake another, and another, and another, but, be sure, we will arrive to the target. At any cost.

A few interesting points come from this comment:

1. Rossi will not be conducting the test — his customer’s consultants will.
2. This event is apparently a time for Rossi’s customer to check out the plant and see if it works as promised. For a long time he has said that he won’t accept payment unless the plant works. His guarantee has always been that the plant will provide six times more power out than in. My guess is that if Rossi delivers on that ratio, he gets paid.
3. Rossi has been paying attention to the chatter on the web. He seems fully aware of all the skeptical analysis that has been coming from some quarters and clearly views it with disdain.
4. He has not yet run this power plant. October 28th will be be the first time it will be started up and he seems prepared for things to go wrong — maybe it won’t work right on the first go. Whether his customer will accept an initial failure is not clear. Maybe they have an agreement that Rossi has a set period of time in which to get it running as promised.

It seems clear that in Rossi’s mind he is coming to a point where he will will vindicate himself, and demonstrate that the time for practical LENR to be available to the world.

  • daniel maris

    Good to know he’s not backing out of the test on the 28th October. Surely this is going to attract some mainstream media attention?

  • Sergio

    Bravo Andrea!

  • PersonFromPorlock

    “4. He has not yet run this power plant.”

    That seems odd.

  • Francesco CH


  • Good, good ! Mr Rossi don’t believe that skepticals are envious ! It’s you who generate skepticals and critiscisms when you refuse some measurement( e.g.beta radiation recordings) . You want to keep your secret to generate further incomes and benefits: it’s your right to want to earn money with your invention, but don’t ask us to be enthusiast. In the current situation you did not prove anything about Lenr reaction: you only showed us a black box !

    • Zed

      True, he did not prove LENR but the results showed net power out and that is a phenomenon that needs to be respected and investigated. The show us a black box because he cannot patent the invention.

  • I would sincerely hope Rossi tests the power plant first in private before a public test. This statement worries me tremendously, because it is standard procedure for any company to test the hell out of a new product before the public unveiling. What if there is a leak in the pipes? Just for safety sake, test it, then unveil it!

    • Francesco CH

      I live in Italy, so a lot of friends of mine are willing to go to Bologna that day, but I am a bit worried that a new kind of nuclear bomb can explode on 28 October 2011 along the Via Aemilia…

      • Zed

        Ignorance = fear

    • Piotr P

      >>> I would sincerely hope Rossi tests
      >>> the power plant first in private
      >>> before a public test.

      This is so much the “baby boomers” or “generation X” way of doing things. The current (“generation Y”, Facebook generation) way of doing things is – to be online, to document all activities, even failures…

      And – if it does not work in a private test – there is no reason to show it in public, so he would not be as famous as he will certainly be. Even if it fails – all newsagencies worldwide will notice it. Which may be the true reason of the whole story.

  • russell stevenson

    if the drive-by media does show up, it will be for thier hopes that it will fail. we all know the leftist media are in the big oils back pocket.
    if the test is successfull they will not report it.

    • Sojourner Soo

      What utter nonsense. Since when is the Republican Tea Party “leftist”? It is the wingers who are in the pockets of big oil, not the leftists of leftist media.

  • Kammhuber

    May the power be with Him. Mr. Rossi A. I firmly believe in you.


  • Francesco CH

    Video, made by Focus, about the test of 6 October 2011 WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES:

  • londo

    Suppose the e-cat does a “LENR” and experiences “heat after death”-event such as was reported by Mizuno.
    The more Rossi opens his mouth the more I become convinced that this is just some elaborate scam. It does not make sense anymore. And I used to be a believer.

  • Francesco CH

    Jessica Fulton
    October 16th, 2011 at 2:13 PM
    Dear Mr Rossi,

    I understand that you have not tested the 1 MW power plant yet and are waiting to do so for the customer, however, I was wondering if you have tested all of the individual units that make up the power plant?

    Andrea Rossi
    October 16th, 2011 at 2:14 PM
    Dear Jessica Fulton:
    Yes, and not only the single modules, but we tested all the safety systems, to be sure in any case of the intrinsic safety of the plant. Safety first, obviously.
    Warm Regards,

  • bachcole

    Since the physics of the e-cat is probably new, no one should put their foot in their mouths and say nay, because they could very well end up looking stupid. However, from the human point of view, I don’t understand why Rossi doesn’t just build a power plant and hook the electrical output to the grid and start making money. There are any number of utilities that are required by the law of their area to accept power from people who can generate power and to pay them. Money talks. Rossi has been doing a lot of talking. I prefer the talk of money and results.

  • Alexvs

    Someone knows the Perendev case? Promises, measuring conditions, delays, excuses, … just the same as E Cat story. Sorry, I expected something more serious because theoretically Ni stable isotopes 62 and 64 could transmute into Cu stable isotopes 63 and 65 under p absobtion.

  • Piotr P

    There is a significant threat from incumbent operators (energy producers, oil business etc). They would immediately loose all their business. Since the invention changes the status quo for them – they will try to stop it at asll cost.

    There was a similar story – from a slightly different field. 13 years ago – an inventor from Poland (Łągiewka, google Lagiewka) developed a bumper device, able to absorb extreme amounts of energy. It was proven in tests (car bumper in crash test, elevator accident) and it worked flawlessly. You would think that the car industry will use the invention immediately? Wrong. They preferred to advertise the airbags instead, while selling spare parts and new cars (to fix and replace the crashed cars). Safety was never their priority, it was their profits they cared for.

    Now – 13 years later – the inventor has been given a “Brussels Innova 2010” award. But the car industry is still not interested in loosing their spare parts business… Wait until the chinese manufacturers will start using it – it will be too late then 🙂

  • Tim A

    He cannot patent the invention??
    Even I have a couple of patents.
    Put me in the skeptical column.

  • txlsdue

    I for one wish Mr. Rossi and his technology all the best. I congratulate him on his achievements and hope his October 28th test is a success not only in performance but in advancing his knowledge of this technology and the engineering required to bring to the world. May he be duly rewarded for his creativity, perseverance and hard work and may we all benefit from it in the years to come.

    Best Regards,

  • Paul F. Dietrichson

    Maybe time is running out for us oil-producing Norwegians?
    I can only hope. Good luck to you on October 28th, Mr. Rossi!!

  • Rossi has always seen the 1mw plant as the big one, the real introduction of his technology to the world. Lets hope he’s right.

  • More cold fusion and friction furnaces? Could be fusion can be subtly produced, but what embedded energy is put into purifying Ni?

  • Pipmon

    It is unfortunate, and typical, that the media may give “15 minutes of fame” to this particular event in the long and troubled saga of Cold Fusion aka. LENR.

    If, as is very likely, this turns out to be only an attempt by someone to gather fame or notoriety (or somehow money?) from a spectacular claim of “saving the world” with a Cold Fusion/LENR device, then the damage it’s debunking would inflict on the thousands who have and are toiling to unravel the real riddle of LENR will be devastating. Pons and Fleischman would truly go under to never be heard of again!
    Please take the time to read up further on the topic, and yes exercise critical judgement in doing so, but recognize that there’s something there that just can’t be pinned down easily and defies conventional explanations.

  • John Douglas

    The Saudis are about to go from camels to camels in 3 generations.

  • Frank

    I built one last spring from parts bought locally and internet. It has been heating the heck out of my garage ever since in self sustaining mode.
    Only producing about 18 hp, but it is just a single cell at four to one gain from the initial heat supplied. Since then it has been trucking on its own as long as the water flow is kept within the temp range I set.

  • Grauber

    The more worse our world-economy-system ist going to get, the more I hope that Rossi´s e-cat and the blacklight-process of Dr Mills, are on the way to save peoples lives.

    People are dyeing of hunger and wars, made by the food stock-market and economic mafia-organisations.

    This teclologies are nothing less, than the last hope of mankind, thats running out of energy.

    I wish you all the best, Mr. Rossi

    God bless you.