Forbes Magazine Article Features E-Cat

We have just been noticing that there has been a little more media attention being paid to Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer technology. Now an article in Forbes magazine has appeared which could increase visibility of the E-Cat quite significantly, especially in business circles since Forbes is widely read among a wide audience of people who are involved in business, finance and economics.

Mark Gibbs’ article, “Hello Cheap Energy, Hello Brave New World” is neither skeptical nor bullish, but recognizes that if the E-Cat is proven to be what it claims to be (he mentions the term “cold fusion” as well as LENR), then massive changes are on their way throughout the world. He writes,

“If this device works as claimed, the world will change and not just a little but hugely and at every level of how we’re organized, how we make stuff, how we travel, and how wealth is distributed. And those changes won’t just impact the US or the Western hemisphere; they well transform the entire world because incredibly cheap energy is the ultimate game changer.”

Forbes is the most prominent English language media source yet to feature the E-Cat in a positive light. This article could be very significant, not just because of its content, but because it may serve to bring a greater visibility to Andrea Rossi’s invention to a much wider audience, and focus people’s attention on the October 28th test of the 1 MW power plant in Bologna. The pressure builds!

Frank Acland

  • Alexvs

    I agree wholly with Forbes. The crucial point is the first word: “If”.

  • surver

    Oh no, now all the oil company owners who will lose billions of dollars if the e-cat delivers as promised, are made aware of its existance.

    You know, the same people who didn’t mind starting wars that killed thousands of people, in order to safeguard their profits.

    As long as the knowledge of the workings of the e-cat is in the hands of just a few people (Andrea Rossi and confidants) their lifes are at severe risk from now on.

    I do hope that Andrea has made sufficient arrangements that in case of his sudden and unexpected disappearance, his discoveries won’t vanish with him. Actually that is the best life insurance he can have right now.

    • Thomas Smith

      Will I yet again see steam locomotives and water columns by the side of the Railway track…Hope so.

    • Nick S

      “You know, the same people who didn’t mind starting wars that killed thousands of people, in order to safeguard their profits.” I agree with you surver, though that figure should perhaps be hundreds of thousands (probably going on a million by now) rather than just thousands.

      Perhaps a way we can help is to email our relevant governments demanding that they ensure the safety of everyone involved not just with the E-Cat but with other energy sources. These people do not like to operate out in the open. I’d suggest using an untraceable email address, or snail mail with a false address – governments kill many more people than terrorists do!

      The other thing we can do is hold our media to account. A search of shows no coverage of the E-Cat! I have emailed them asking them to cover this and other such devices to help ensure they are not swept under the carpet and to help protect the inventors.

      At the end of the day, the powers that be can find more subtle ways to surpress such technology. What’s the betting that there will be mass ridicule of the concept, accusations of fraud, pressure put on potential customers and investors, accusations of alcoholism, mental illness, paedophilia etc. levelled at those involved? Or a massive buyout which unfortunately results in the discovery of technical or commercial factors meaning the technology cannot be brought to fruition. There are ways of doing this which mean the perpetrators lose very little if any money. But at least it’s better than a war!

      I used to be extremely sceptical of such conspiracy theories. Ian R Crane, an ex oil executive, opened my eyes to some such goings-on. Andy Thomas’s book “The Truth Agenda” opened my eyes to a lot more!

      Sooner or later such technology will be found to work, and will revolutionise our lives. We can hasten that process by publicising the E-Cat and other such devices, and by holding our goverments and media to account.

    • I just created a petition which specifically refers to the Forbes E-Cat article. It is entitled “To US, UK and EU Governments, national and intenational media: Protect alternative energy researchers, and encourage their developments.”, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

      I’m trying to collect 100 signatures, and I could really use your help.

      To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

      It’ll just take a minute!

      Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

      Many thanks and best wishes, Nick

      • John

        I don’t think you should put too much faith in politicians. Most of them have signed up to the Club of Rome agenda that says resources will always be scarce and the Earth’s population must be reduced.
        The current form of the agenda is formalised in the UN’s Agenda 21, which promises to reduce populations and economies and return large areas of the developed world to wilderness. Cheap energy is the very LAST thing they want!

  • Giloca

    It’s so interesting that the day of the test of the E-Cat, October 28th, is the same day when the “end of the world” is supposed to happen, according to some people in some “conspiracy theory” websites. A guy called Calloway even says that October 28th is the “real” date for the end of the Mayan calendar. Many people are expecting something big will happen on October 28th. I wonder if those guys are right, and the powerfull oil companies will manipulate to start some kind of nuclear war, to prevent and stop the launch of the E-Cat.

    • Giloca

      Not Calloway, the name is Calleman. Carl Johan Calleman…

    • Nick S

      Calleman makes a good case for his date, but many others make a better case for the winter solstice 2012 (21st December 2012 or thereabouts) – see “Beyond 2012 – Catastrophe or Ecstasy” by Geoff Stray for an incredibly comprehensive review of all the theories around the Mayan calendar (and similar dates in Maori, Zulu, Inca, Aztec, Hopi, Dogon, Cherokee, Seneca, Vedic, Chinese. Tibetan, Tamil, Christian, Jewish, and Islamic calendars and prophecies) including ultra modern physics, astro-physics, geology, etc. But make sure it is GEOFF STRAY’s book – there are at least 2 other books with very similar titles which apparently are not as comprehensive or scholarly. Plenty to think about in Geoff’s book.

  • Rheulan

    Anyone has a stock investment strategy for now in case the e-cat really works?

    • Brad Arnold

      I tried to start a hedge fund, but investors are just to skeptical about the predictability of a Black Swan event. My advice is to offer a range of investment possibilities from investing in stock for energy intensive industries, to speculating on future energy prices.

    • Larry

      Yes! Buy US Steel. Buy B of A. Buy National Bank of Greece. The release of this technology is actually a bank bailout. These stocks are all way low at present. All they need is a catalyst to rocket. I’d also buy Frontline, Alcoa, Ford, National Bank of Ireland, Dexia and especially General Electric!

      • Rheulan

        Thanks for the tips, Brad and Larry.

        Larry, I cannot foresee how the ecat being successful will be a bank bailout. Could you explain it better, please? I am very interested in this topic.

        • Nick S

          Hi Rheulan. That’s not a Welsh name is it? I live in Wales.

          What about going long nickel and short copper? As the E-Cat consumes nickel and produces copper, mass adoption could affect the prices of those 2 metals. Doubtless speculation will affect the prices more than the actual usage/production merits!

  • Brad Arnold

    I thought the 28 Oct date was a bit disingenuous given the number of public demonstrations Rossi has given, and the number of respectable scientists that testify that Rossi, his e-cat, and LENR in general, is legitimate. Oh well, this is the best new yet for those trying to get the news out!!

  • Well, I for one look forward to hearing the good news that the new Power Plant is a success! Cheap energy is the game-changer we need to boost the world out of the global recession we’re currently in.

  • Alexvs

    A good friend of mine has found that the date oct 28th 2011 puts together three magic numbers: i.e. 10th month, 28 as a perfect number (28=14+7+4+2+1)
    and 2011=(2exp11)-37. Unfortunately he cannot fix if it is a good or bad augure for E-Cat demo.

  • Francesco CH

    New video (in Italian with English subtitles), Professor Christos Stremmenos talks about the Energy Catalyzer:

  • Max

    As an 81 year 0l hands on formal trained electrician. I ask this of Rossi’s skeptics.

    How do you reconcile that everything that exists is energy. Einstein himself stated; there is enough energy in a baseball to drive the entire world.