The Wandering URL: Now Points to Google

Someone must be playing games here. We’ve had the URL point to Exxon Mobil and Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers in the past few months, and now today we find it pointing to Google Green, Google’s web site dealing with environmentally friendly practices in its business operations.

Does this mean anything at all? Probably not — perhaps just someone with now a prime piece of Internet real estate having fun playing with the minds of E-Cat watchers. And it shows that the domain is capable of attracting a lot of attention — and perhaps a lot of money if Rossi’s technology takes off.

  • Francesco CH

    It is not pointing that far. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers are major stakeholders of Google: they have about 20% of its shares.

    Why has Google bought Motorola and consequently the factories of Motorola? Just to get some patents?

    Sometimes the universe seems to be moving in mysterious ways…

  • arian

    Andrea Rossi
    October 18th, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    Dear Sean Parker:
    Yes, after the 28th no more public tests, we will be too engaged to manufacture and test for our Customers. We will continue R&D work with Bologna University and Uppsala University, but the work will not be public.
    Actually, also the test of the 28th will not be public, being a test made by the Customer, with his experts, along a contractual protocol. Anyway it will be the last work with a public report made upon the resulting numbers.
    Warm Regards,

  • Wes

    Personally I find it hard to believe there will be no more public tests of a discovery of this purported magnitude. The Wright Brothers did not hide their flying machines on Vanderbuilt’s estate. That would be unthinkable!

    • Joe V

      Why is it so hard to believe that someone involved in a commercial interest has to publicly disclose their findings to the public? How many private sector advancements in the past 50 years have have been held in the public forum. My Lord, Mr. Rossi posts repeatedly, daily on his own blog. Ever see Bill Gates, the former Steve Jobs (R.I.P), or any other great innovator of the late 20th century give public demonstrations, other than corporate sponsored media events. He has stated that success of the product itself, will speak alone. He is a capitalIst at heart! He is going to let the free market decide upon the outcome of the e-cat. I myself, would love to have daily updates and recorded demonstrations. I have been following this story since it broke and look forward every day to opening my iPad and googling the most recent news feed on the e-cat. But let this man do what he does best, making and selling e-cats. The 28th is only a short time away and I’m sure that the new owners of the e-cat are going to be more than happy to display their new investment. Mr. Rossi will than be consumed with production, r&d and marketing. Be patient, good things come to thoese who wait

    • Jesse

      In a year to 18 months I suspect you will be able to buy a e-cat hot water heater and conduct your own tests.

  • Joe V

    So the URL leads you straight to the google/green link. Surprise, surprise, surprise (in my best Gomer Pile voice)! I wonder if the silence is beginning to become deafening! They say the best things said are left unsaid, and I believe that the most capital intensive, consumer driven corporation in the world, has just shouted from the roof top.

  • K Reilly

    Of course, having a name like e-catworld gives this very website a prime advantage to sell e-cat and e-cat related accessories once people stop buying propane water heaters.

  • Gediminas

    If test will be successful all energy companies will be next to Rossi’s doors. Google and Motorola is interesting and strong partner for Rossi. In internet You can find Motorola engineer notes and sheets for 6 october test. They are positive 😉

  • Aaron

    This mystery can be resolved quite easily.

    The domain currently resolves to the IP address That IP address belongs to google. In other words, that domain resolves to a google server. So when an http request is sent to that particular server with in the host header field, that server is configured to redirect the request to

    Now, unless that server is configured to redirect all requests for arbitrary domain names to, then Google Inc. are the ones who explicitly configured their own server to redirect the domain to The idea that google would configure all requests to that server to redirect to sounds unlikely to me, but again, this is very easy to check.

    Send a request to that particular server using a different domain name. I did. What do I get? The same error message I get if I do a request to the server without any domain in the header: “This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.”

    Conclusion? Google has explicitly configured one of its own web servers to redirect requests for the domain to

    If anyone is playing with you, it is Google Inc., because google obviously owns this domain.

    • Aaron

      Scratch that. I made a mistake. I did not confirm that Google Inc. owns this IP address.

    • Aaron

      In fact, my eyes were playing tricks on me and I read Google Inc. instead of Godaddy Inc. So I come to the very opposite conclusion now. That Google Inc. definitely does not own this domain. They would not register their domains via Godaddy I’m sure.

      • mael

        Here everyone can check that is registered via godaddy.

        For me it’s another sign that this is all a big fraud and the “inventor” just wants to trick some *real* investors. They think “Wooooahhh Google is the mysterious anonymous client!” and commit their money. And get ripped off.

  • Tim

    I accept that the test on the 28th being the last to be publicly reported as hopefully a good sign. If all goes well, and I believe it will, then we have something that completely alters the power structures, both literal and figurative,of this planet. We will no longer need to burn resources (oil, coal, natural gas, propane, ect) or split atoms (fission) which creates toxic waste, or dam up rivers (hydro electricity) to generate energy. These “figuratively” powerful controllers of energy will no longer be in control so therefore the secrecy around further experiments is quite understandable. These “figures” will no doubt go to great lengths to preserve their control.
    If Rossi follows through with making these devices that can be installed in every home, then power (energy) is quite literally transferred from the hands of a few to the masses. Otherwise, there will only be new “figures” in power. Cold fusion WILL become a reality. Let us hope that it does not become a new “figurative” power structure that is just like the ones now in place. If you are serious about building units that the masses can purchase Mr. Rossi, then sign me up as a distributor!!