Announcing the E-Cat World Forum

We’ve just added a forum to this site which is designed to be a place for people to engage in free-ranging discussions on topics related to the E-Cat. Once you are a registered user you can post comments and engage in dialogue with other users. There are various categories set up in there at the moment — if you have suggestions for different sections please let me know.

This is a bit of an experiment to begin with. I have seen many forums that have been set up on the web which have had little to no traffic, and if this one proves to be like that it might not last too long — you really need a critical mass of users for a web community to be successful, so we’ll see keep an eye on things. Also, I’m well aware of controversies surrounding E-Cat technology and don’t expect everyone to agree on everything, but we want people to respectful and use common courtesy in their discussion — so we’ll be moderating.

So let’s see how this goes. Hope to chat with some of you over on the forum!


  • Kevin Lampton

    Sounds great, keep up the great work!!!

    • admin

      Thanks, Kevin!

  • Tony

    Don’t worry, you’ll soon be overflowing with maryyugo.

    • Warthog

      And others. But I will be seriously irritated if Rossi “closes” the Bologna and Upsala tests. His actions will leave a lot of us who defended him in various forums out on a limb and looking like idiots.

      Perhaps we are.

  • Sam Blankenship

    I want to build my own credibility to the point that I can convince others of E-Cat viability.

  • Paul

    We are all waiting for the next DEMO in Italy that could change the world within a short period of time if Mr Rossi has cold fusion.

  • I’ve been watching this e-cat for several months and it seems to be real. Can’t wait for the world’s reaction. Keep up the good work on your site.

    • admin

      Thanks, Pat. It will be interesting to see who pays attention to this technology. It may take time for the importance of it to sink in.

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  • Larry Michael

    So far, Rossi has only demonstrated that he can build a funky looking water heater. IMHO.

    I’m still hopeful, but doubtful.

    I will welcome a plate of crow if my doubts are proven wrong.

  • pongocagnus

    Dobbiamo continuare a sostenere Rossi e Focardi se sara una bufala si autodistrugge da sola. Tutti i commenti negativi arrivano da settici e persone che hanno qualche cosa in comune con il sistema attuale
    P.S. si potrebbe mettere un numero sul blog per indicare quanti siamo piu siamo meglio è

  • Richard Binns

    I have asked questions on Rossi’s site several times without answer – I guess he must get thousands. One question I have is why is COP relevant when system is in self sustain mode. Surely external power is only for the first couple hours out of 6 months before re charge? Also there seems to be no mention of getting approval from regulatory authorities – surely if this is a totally new way of producing energy and particularly if there is a mention of nuclear reaction, it would have to be approved before installing?

  • Mark

    Sosteniamo l’E-CAT contro gli oscurantisti e le lobby che hanno interesse a insabbiare qualunque novità in campo energetico.

  • Bruno

    I’m beginning to believe that we won’t learn anything from the 28 October test, that we’ll just be strung along some more. First it was supposed to be held in the US at the customer’s address. This was an address that was held confidential because disclosing it would have identified the customer, but we would all learn the address and name the night before. Now the test is being held privately (a closed test?) in Bologna, supposedly by representatives of the customer. Will we learn the name of the customer? Will a third party (the customer for example) actually run the test? Who will issue the post test report? Between now and 28 October, will there be an independent test at Upsalla University as previously indicated? Something longer than the 6 or 8 hour test held on 6 October in Bologna? Certainly people can drink lots of coffee and run a continuous test for 24 hours or longer. Isn’t this important enough to miss bedtime? I had a lot of enthusiasm for this one month ago, but now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s for real.

  • Does anyone have any idea how much it would cost per household if it is sold that way?

  • Does anyone know how much it would cost per household appliance if sold that way?

    • gillana giancarlo

      0.01 euro X Kwh consumed electric energy
      0.003 euro Kwh termal energy
      2,000 euro x 1Kw power installed

  • George

    I agree with the comments above with regard to the Bologna tests being open. I am a huge supporter of CF and LENR however, the behavior Mr. Rossi and others make it very difficult to defend.
    I understand Mr. Rossi is in a difficult situation, I understand business and how things change frequently with contracts etc. I just wish there was better communication. However, understanding business as I do I know that sometimes inventors are more focused on their projects then worried about communicating with the press/public. It is just very frustrating when you are trying to defend Mr. Rossi and others if you don’t have all the facts.
    Hopefully, we will soon all know whether Mr. Rossi is a fraud or not. If he isn’t he shall be heralded as the new Edison of the 21st century. If he is a fraud then he shall never again be able to raise his head in public.