Rossi’s E-Cat Commercialization Plans Becoming Clearer

Andrea Rossi seems to have his sights set beyond the October 28th Test, and over the last few days has been making some comments about his plans to commercialize his E-Cat. He has always said that commercialization would begin in November, and we are getting a few more details about what to expect in that regard

According to Rossi’s latest remarks, the first products to go to market are going to be the 1 MW plants (or variants thereof) which will be suitable for industrial applications; initially it seems they will be used mainly for providing heat to factories.

Rossi has mentioned that he has been working on developing a small model of the E-Cat suitable for household heating, but says now that there are still “issues to be resolved” with this unit and that “it will be a matter of one year”.

When asked how many of the first 1 MW E-Cat he expected to sell during 2012, Rossi responded, “several tenths at least”. I originally interpreted this to mean that he could be making scaled-down versions of the 1 MW plant — ‘fractions’ of it, e.g. a 100 kW plant with only a few E-Cat in it. But thanks to a couple of astute readers I think I was wrong. Rossi most likely meant to say “several tens” of plants (understandable English error). If this is the case we could conceive that could be selling “at least” 40-100 of these E-Cat plants next year, which for a startup operation is quite impressive.

All this indicates that Rossi must have a robust production facility at his disposal ready to roll into action. He has talked in the past about outsourcing the manufacturing of E-Cat components, and if he is sell these units right away with some of these large units he must have sorted out production issues — and presumably obtained the necessary regulatory permissions to proceed.

  • Dear Admin,
    I understood Rossi’s reply somewhat differently:

    Gedimnas: If it is not secret do You have plans to sell more than one 1 mw plant in 2011 ?
    Rossi: Yes
    Gedimnas: How many 1 mw plants You going to sell in 2012 ?
    Rossi: Several tenths at least

    I think “tenths” is a typo, it means “tens”. So he plans to sell several 1 MW units during 2011 and at least several tens more during 2012.


    • Ag

      I agree… He must mean “tens”.

      • admin

        Thanks for pointing this out — I think you are both right and I’ve adjusted the post accordingly.

  • jumbo

    So you guys really believe he’s planning on selling any of these “plants” made out of duct tape and bicycle tubes?! This is insane. The guy is only building hype around something that doesn’t work, to cash in from gullible loonies.

    • klaus

      It really looks like a scam. It will be a big surprise if it’s NOT a scam.

      • jumbo

        If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck… you know! 😉

        • what if

          Your analogy works both ways. It looks like LENR, acts like LENR… you know ! 🙂

          • jumbo


    • Rockyspoon

      I haven’t seen any of his units made out of duct tape and bicycles tubes. You really should inform yourself regarding this subject before being so disparaging and making a complete fool of yourself. Besides, Rossi isn’t asking you for money, is he? That answers your question regarding “cash from gullible loonies”.

  • I think there is little doubt the E-Cat is real, but does it produce as much energy as Rossi thinks and we eager energy consumers hope? Will it be safe and cost effective? Those questions cannot be answered by demonstrations, only by many commercial units in operation.

    And what about Defkalion? I think they are real as well, and they have their own variant on this technology. When will that shoe drop?

    Excitement, suspense,…this will all make a great motion picture some day. What actor should play Rossi?

    • bachcole

      Mel Gibson is already crazy, so he should make a great Rossi.

  • cappe_74

    As an italian I can confirm he probably meant to say “several tens” that is typically “varie decine” italian expression to say a good quantity but not “hundreds”.



    • admin

      Thanks Carlo — it sounds similar to how in English we would say ‘dozens’.

      • Wes

        More specifically:
        “dozens and dozens”
        but with “several” , no plural:
        “several dozen”

  • daniel maris

    It is this sort of statement that tends to shift the balance back to scam. Nothing about health and safety? Nothing about how the production process will be handled?

    This is a nuclear device, for heaven’s sake – surely there has to be a fairly lengthy commissioning process involving health and safety analysis by the authorities.

    But on the other hand, why have government agencies been entirely silent on this?

    • Rockyspoon

      Daniel, I can tell you’re new to this subject, aren’t you? While you might consider this a “nuclear device”, it works using cold fusion, which gives off low-level gamma rays, and that’s about it. The materials going into it aren’t radioactive (just regular nickel, hydrogen gas, and a special (non-radioactive) catalyst) and the products are primarily (non-radioactive) copper and iron. No way this could ever be used to make plutonium–just heat and a lot of head scratching (from the hot fusion people). If anything, I’d say the worry would be that some unappreciative OPEC people might light to register a complaint, even if it meant terrorist activity, but there won’t be a “fairly lengthy commissiong process involving health and safety analysis by the authorities (they’re caught between a rock and a hard spot–if they call in the authorities, they’ve essentially admitted cold fusion works, whereas the Patent Office of the United States says no such thing is possible). Will be interesting to see how things turn out, but with the US’s head stuck in the sand regarding LENR, you can imagine all of Europe enjoying this technology long before it gains traction here.

  • John


    If you look at the original question and Rossi’s answers, in relation to “several tenths/tens”, it is not quite clear whether he’s talking about 2011 or 2012. My guess is 2012:

    “You mentioned that from November comercialization of the E-Cats will be started. If it is not secret do You have plans to sell more than one 1 mw plant in 2011?”

    1- yes

    “How many 1 mw plants You going to sell in 2012 ?”

    2- several tenths at least

    “If 1 mw plant is to big for our needs, is it possible to buy 1 mw plant and split it into 3 or 4 smaller lets say 250 – 300 kw heating plants by ourselves ?”

    3- no

    • admin

      I think you are right, John. More than one in 2011 (could be two); at least several [tens] in 2012 (he could mean 30-300 or more). I wonder if this is a wild, or an educated guess 🙂


  • Bruno Padovani

    Here’s a question. One month ago, the 28 October test was supposed to take place at the American customer’s site, implying that we would learn the name of the customer. Now that the US tesr is cancelled and the customer (or its representatives) will evaluate the 1 MW ecat in a private test in Bologna, WILL WE LEARN THE NAME OF THE UNIMPEACHABLE CUSTOMER? Will 28 October come and go, leaving us with only the seller word that the test was very successful? At some point we need corroboration from the customer forking out the money.

  • Tim

    It is clear to me that Rossi is an inventor and a businessman. I believe that he is being secretive about his device to make sure evil people don’t steal it from him. I have been following this story for about a year, reading comments from independent sources and from Rossi himself. He is not worried about people who doubt that his device is authentic and I don’t see any way that he could benefit from trying to perpetrate a scam on the world. I plan to sit back and watch what happens in the next couple of months. Just be patient a little longer people.

  • arian
  • Given that it will take at least 250 of these
    1 MW plats to power a city of 200,000 I hope
    he is able to ramp up his production targets

    It would be a not too difficult matter to add
    a generator, at a somewhat higher pressure for
    superheated steam but fukishima just uses hot water.

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  • Tim

    The idea is that the E-Cat is going to revolutionize how we produce and use energy. Instead of thinking “Big” you need to think small. This device is going to make large power plants, electric transmission lines and all the related infrastructure obsolete. A home E-Cat the size of a suitcase will produce all the power your home requires. There will be no need to be connected to any power grid. This is an energy revolution and will REPLACE all existing technology. The transition in China and third world countries will be embraced and made quite easily. Here in the U.S. … not so much. It’s going to be hell but eventually we all will be so much better off enjoying cheap energy.

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