NyTeknik Publishes Three Analyses of Oct 6th Test, New Pictures

A recent NyTeknik article contains theee new detailed analyses of Andrea Rossi’s October 6th E-Cat demonstration by Americans Horace Heffner, David Roberson and Bob Higgins. While each of them saw flaws in the way the test was set up and conducted they all seemed to see strong evidence of an unusual source of energy. Here are some excerpts of their conclusions.

Heffner: “This test incorporated many improvements over prior tests. However, as in the numerous prior demonstrations of the E-cats, we are left tantalized by a strong indication of possible excess energy, and disappointed that, with a little extra effort, high quality proof might have finally been at hand.

Roberson: “The long period of relatively constant heat production following deactivation of the E-cat main internal core heater suggests significant excess energy. Accurate determination of that energy cannot be established due to imperfections of the test setup.”

Higgins: ” Skeptics will insist the test was too short and lacked sufficient rigor to provide incontrovertible evidence of a nuclear reaction – they are correct. However, despite the test’s flaws (and considering the integrity of those involved), the data suggests that substantial excess energy (as heat) was produced . . , Critical error analysis of the experiment will continue; but the expectation is that errors will be unable to account for the large excess heat output.

Included in the article is also a slide show of high resolution close up photographs of the E-Cat tested and many of its internal components.

  • Paul

    It seems clear that Mr. Rossi will accomplish a number of things. He’ll either save the world or put another big nail in cold fusion. As a side effect, given the Gonzo Science way he’s demonstrated his e-cat, his (hoped for) success would open the world to a raft of questionable science. Anti-gravity, perpetual motion machines, cancer cures, and all of them ready right now!

    To be sure he’s faced a huge uphill battle trying to get serious attention from the scientific mainstream but to be as generally cavalier with peer opinion as he has been is unfortunate. His demonstrations could have accomplished so much more with a little more effort.

  • Lloyd

    IMHO, there’s no point trying to convince skeptics. I believe any reasonable person would have realised that we have witnessed something amazing.

    Go Rossi go! Ignore the fools that only know how to criticise from the comfort of their armchairs. After all, it is Andrea Rossi who invented this technology.

    How he chooses to reveal it to the world is ENTIRELY up to him. There is no moral, ethical or logical reason why he needs to demonstrate this science to the satisfaction of all.

    In fact, we should be THANKFUL, that Rossi invented this machine. Instead, we get pseudo analysis from people with zero real knowledge who most likely have hidden agendas.

    The criticism of Rossi has been immense. What have we got to fear? Nothing unless you work for big oil, hot nuclear or renewables.

    So, the rest of us need to understand the motives of these naysayers.

  • arian

    Dear Paul Gordon:
    The 28th test will be made along the protocol foreseen in the contract: if positive, we will deliver the plant to the Customer. If negative, we will have up to two months to make corrections.
    After the delivery the plant will go in operation with no limits of time.
    I never said that a test would have a duration of 2 months. Probably there has been a misunderstanding.
    Warm Regards,

  • Sanjeev

    Frank may want to post an article on this very important announcement.

    Dr. George Miley Replicates Patterson, Names Rossi



    I hope there will be more of “me too’s” soon.

  • arian

    Alfonso Troisi
    can you say how many 1mw plants are you prepare to build in 1 year?

    Andrea Rossi
    October 23rd, 2011 at 2:49 AM

    Dear Alfonso Troisi:
    With outsourching systems we can afford any kind of request, since the sole part that we have to produce mandatorily in our factory is the reactor core. We already have an ousourching network ready to work.
    Warm Regards,

  • Alexvs

    If the announced 28th oct demo takes place AND all the hinderances and suspicions about demo duration are removed, I will vote for Mr. Rossi honestity, be it a success, be it a failure. Formerly everithing is OK. Latterly it would not demonstrate that E-Cat is a fake but simply that the whole project should be overworked.

  • georgehants

    Across the whole of the internet it is becoming clear that people are recognising the negative and damaging effect of irrational skeptasism.
    Rossi has done the World a great service by bringing into the light this side of damaged thinking that has existed as long as science itself has existed.
    Whereas in the past it was usually led by some noteworthy expert who had a reputation to protect and an inflated ego to feed, there has always been an army of lesser followers ready to jump at the chance of belittling another scientists efforts.
    Today they are still following negative leaders, who have their own agenda based on self-concerns of position, authority, power and finance.
    Why they follow is a mystery that science needs to more fully address, although work is being done in this area, the basis of their thinking, that they themselves appear to have no rational explanation for, must be found and discounted if humanity is to move forward at the pace it is capable of without the deadweight inertia of negativity.
    One can at any time show the irrationality of this distorted thinking—-
    Ask a irrational about a establishment bias such as UFO’s and he will howl with laughter and immediately scream, myth,etc. but for some irrational reason at the base of the defect, he is unable to be skeptical of the establishment and his same-effected peers, and think clearly that what the general attitude is, is irrelevant and that only clear-minded assessment of the unbiased evidence is of concern or importance.
    Rossi’s saga has shown-up this group in their true colours, it is up to every person to react and remove this distortion, for the good of science and progress.

  • Thomas

    As a scientist who has been critizised for many years working on this project, it is understandable that Mr. Rossi is finished with the traditional science habits. Rather than following the standard approaches (publications of details to the dear collegues), he targets for the big bang effect of going to commercialisation. With regard to getting this technology off the ground, this is the fastest approach. To recover from the humiliation suffered while working in this area, it is the best approach.

  • Gray Champion

    December 17th 1903 was the day the Wright Brothers flew at Kittyhawk. But the world required more than FOUR MORE YEARS to understand the proof of their aeronautical prowess. It was at August 8th 1908 at LeMans, France that the skeptics recieved their comeuppance. During those days the gatekeepers of the status quo Louis Bleriot and Ernest Archdeacon finally conceeded. Archdeacon wrote: “For a long time, the Wright brothers have been accused …of bluff… They are today hallowed in France, and I feel an intense pleasure…to make amends.” My question is this – “Today, is there more or less of skepticism?”.

    “Warm Regards”

    Gray Champion

    See Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wright_brothers

  • Kiran Mistry

    With the benefit of the hindsight afforded to us by the recorded History of science, we have repeatedly been shown that many brilliant minds and endeavours for whatever irrational reasons were quite often ignored and humiliated by various scientific “aristocracies” . . . as a basic example I refer to the ignorance subjected onto John Harrison and his Sea Clocks in the 1700’s and their transformation of marine navigation abilities.

    Nonetheless, the world at present is at a point in its history where politically, economically and socially there are many ills and inequalities far beyond the comprehension of most. More importantly what the future holds for the people of this planet can be anyones guess, however what is certain is that the current world order and its oilbased economy is failing to shine as a beacon of progress.

    If the world is heading toward some kind of period of “dark age” then i pray that Mr Rossi’s invention is successful and that he receives every credit, recognition and success deserved. More importantly, if there are dissapointments in this endeavour (at this juncture of his experiment) he should not abandon and dismissed for it is people like him who as far as I know are “outside” of the system who are potentially best suited to make a genuine and honest impact on the world should they be succesful.

    I have only just come across this website and havent had a chance to write my post properly, only just what I have put above, however I would like to close by simply saying that I have faith in Mr Rossi and people like him.

    Good Luck.

  • MnMark

    One must be careful not too get too excited about the possibilities of something that standard physics says is impossible until irrefutable proof is provided, and that apparently has not occurred yet.

    But assume for a moment that you were the one who has discovered what you are now certain is a cold fusion reaction like this. YOU know it’s for real, and that it will change the world forever. Assume also that you would really like to get RICH from this, as well as doing good for the world.

    If I put myself in that position, I don’t think I would care very much about demonstrating convincingly to skeptics that it is for real. What would matter the most would be to get a product quickly on the market before someone else discovers the same thing and beats you to it. Often in the history of science, more than one person has discovered a breakthrough at approximately the same time. If I were in Rossi’s position, all my efforts would be directed towards getting the thing commercialized quickly. Yes, I would be excited to share my discovery but I’m not sure I would care that much if I convinced the hardcore skeptics, and I certainly would not want to do anything to give away the secrets of the process.

    I think Rossi is behaving like someone who wants to commercialize his discovery as soon as possible. It is a reasonable way to behave. Yes, the scientists and skeptics would like a carefully-design experiment that proves conclusively that it’s for real. But if you knew it was for real, would you really care if the skeptics had to wait some months to see the commercial product in operation? That will be the proof. Carefully-designed demonstrations for skeptics before the product is ready for sale are just a distraction. They may even inadvertantly expose some of the secrets of the process.

    In fact if I was Rossi I think I may not have said ANYTHING about the process until the product was ready to go on the shelves – much like the Segway. (I hope this turns out to be more earthshaking than the Segway was!)

  • The ‘news’ reported by journalists never get it right as our brains are not geared toward ‘relevant’ they are geared toward ‘new’. This is an article that has truly changed my outlook on any ‘news’ being reported while truly important developments are widely unknown (until they are well established and in plain sight for everyone to see in hindsight):