Rossi: Preliminary Testing of E-Cat Plant Underway, “Working Well So Far”

Just a quick post to report that Andrea Rossi posted today that preliminary testing of the 1 MW E-Cat Plant is underway, and that so far he seems happy with progress.

This morning Rossi wrote:

“Good Sunday also to you, while I write this comment we are testing the 1 MW plant, which is working well so far. I am very sorry of the very restricted attendance, due to the particular kind of our Customer, but during the test on this blog we will transmit the main data of the test every hour, while at midnight we will publish the full report and a video. The direct transmission is not possible because the officers of the Customer want not to be videotaped.”

So now we learn of the some of the conditions of the mystery Customer: no live webcam (which Rossi had previously said would be running) and apparently no filming of the consultants from the Customer. It’s good, though, to hear that there will be ongoing reports during the duration of the test, as there will likely be lots of people looking for updates from the event.

Sterling D. Allen, of PESWiki has stated that he will be in attendance at the Bologna event, and it may be that he will be able to transmit information while the test is ongoing. It’s likely that there will also be others from the media there, so even though we won’t be getting live streaming video, hopefully there will still be good live coverage.

The anticipation builds.

  • arian
  • Brad Arnold

    I see that Bill Gates is appearing on at least one Sunday morning talk show next weekend. Maybe this is significant. All I know is that Rossi must trust the “customer” to share his ideology of marketing the e-cat, because he is virtually handing it off.

    If a person could be in the position of the “customer” they could time the debut to coincide with taking advantage of market fluctuation to make trillions. Imagine the devaluation of fossil fuel related industries while market value of energy intensive industries will be inflated.

    • Brad Arnold

      Also, previously energy prices were slated to go up because world wide demand was projected to increase 50% in the next couple of decades. Instead, a person could short sell energy commodities and make a big fortune through leverage.

      It would make Rothschild’s Waterloo scam (where it is said he pretended to react like Napoleon won Waterloo, then snapped up devalued assets before investors discovered the opposite occurred) seem like a child’s stunt.

  • Raul

    Hi all:

    I’m following this blog to know about Rossi’s progress. But I’m a bit confused know… is it the test going on now? I thought the test was this Friday (28-10-2011).

    I do not understand the customer role also. I thought Rossi’s was making agreements to develop the 1MW plant. But now I think the customer is going to use it, but this is a prototype isn’t it?


    • Francesco CH

      These are just preliminar tests, the real test will be in the presence of the representatives of the “Customer” on 28 October 2011

  • daniel maris

    Good news. Let’s hope the test on Friday can be verified.

  • Jonathan

    Stop fooling yourselves.

    The reason why “the officers of the Customer” won’t be videotaped is because they don’t exist. There is no Customer.

    Rossi is a troll. He is trolling all of you.

    No Customer, no videotape. Obvious.

    • Adam

      “Pot, Kettle, Black” comes to mind.

    • And he’s got his hands open begging for my money at every opportunity, right?

      • Jonathan

        I don’t know what Rossi wants.

        If he wants money, he is preparing a very sophisticated scam.

        Or maybe he doesn’t want money, he is just delusional, and want some attention.

        • mv

          I think you’re delusional and want some attention.
          If that would have been his aim, he would have sent out some press-releases before the ‘big test’. And the sceptics would have been able to debunk him on October 6th.

          • Jonathan

            Nothing special happened in October 6th. That “test” was “proof” of nothing.

  • Paul C

    HI Frank – Thanks for this update ! great to hear Sterling will be there in Italy for the final Demo before release to the public.

  • daniel maris

    Not long now till potentially one of the biggest events of the last 100 years…or alternatively a notorious damp squib of a scam. 🙂

  • max

    being possible, has the time come or not?

  • s

    Has anyone seen the hourly updates on a blog anywhere?

  • arian

    Dear Andreas:
    You are right, only Italy granted the patent so far. Yes, our Attorney is constantly adjourned. The pending period can last up to 6 years, even if there is not a precise limit set by law.
    Warm Regards,

    Andrea Rossi
    October 25th, 2011 at 3:58 AM

    Dear R. Breathnach:
    We do not use radioactive materials, do not leave radioactive material and the highes temperature we can reach is the melting point of nickel : once the nickel melts, the E-Cat stops and this fact makes it intrinsecally safe.
    Warm Regards,