The Mystery of the Mystery E-Cat Customer

Andrea Rossi has been preparing the public for the coming week — the last week of October — for a long time now. The launching of the first 1 MW E-Cat plant has been considered by many as the time when the world will learn whether or not he has the miracle technology that he has been claiming.

Now, as we are only a few days away from this event, it is unclear what to expect on the 28th. Part of the reason is that there is a cloud of secrecy surrounding the customer to whom the E-Cat will be delivered.

What do we know about the customer? From statements that Andrea Rossi has made we learn the following.

1. The customer is based in the United States.
2. The customer is in charge of the demonstration, and will be sending consultants to conduct the testing on its behalf.
3. The customer has signed a contract to purchase the E-Cat plant if it measures up to certain specifications. Rossi wrote yesterday, “The 28th test will be made along the protocol foreseen in the contract: if positive, we will deliver the plant to the Customer. If negative, we will have up to two months to make corrections.”
4. The customer does not want to be identified.

Finally, Rossi made a statement yesterday that only deepened the mystery. He said the customer “is an Entity that wants not to be disclosed, for its particularity; this does not depend from me, the Customer is not the same we supposed would have been. As Eraclitus wrote “…all changes, and the water flowing along a river is never the same…”

I’m not sure how to interpret this statement. Has there been a change in who the customer is? Or has Rossi learned something more about who the “real” entity is? It’s hard to tell exactly what he means here. But I don’t think we will be getting much more information from Rossi at this point.

It is understandable how a customer might not want to be identified as being involved in the purchase of an “impossible” cold fusion plant. If it is a public company there could be serious consequences for its stock price as there would surely be negative comments from the mostly unbelieving press and scientific community. Even if it is a private entity, the customer will be surely very protective of its reputation. Perhaps following a successful demonstration the customer will come forward and announce it has taken a bold new step into a new technological era; while if the test is a failure, then its anonymity would allow it to withdraw with an intact reputation.

So for now, at least, the mystery endures. Perhaps the events of October 28th will make things clearer, but in any case, there’s nothing like a good mystery to keep an audience on its toes.

Frank Acland

  • Penguin

    Rossi’s understanding of English has some limitations. His use of the word entity is interesting and could be referring to a group of affiliated companies.

    If you had to make a guess the you would probably point to the most obvious business application of the device, power generation. What is the biggest affiliated group of power utilities operating in the USA ?

  • Owen

    He may mean the US government (Navy, NASA, etc.).

    • PeterG

      If you remember there was a contractual problem with the original US customer. I expect that was the customer that everyone would know, etc.

      Since then, at the Oct 6 test, the US Navy was one of the observers. I expect that it is the Navy that is the current customer.

  • Francesco CH

    I ensure you that the customer is not the US government:

    The customer is 100% private.

    • Robert

      How do you know ?

  • arian

    Andrea Rossi
    October 23rd, 2011 at 8:08 AM

    Dear Dario:
    The certification for the business to business has been done. For household applications not yet.
    Warm Regards,

  • Sanjeev

    Frank may want to post an article on this very important announcement.

    Dr. George Miley Replicates Patterson, Names Rossi

    I tried to post links, did not go through.

  • serinx

    Apple ? They did say that they wanted to generate their power on-site for their new HQ –

    • Francesco CH

      There are three possibilities about the customer:

      1) Apple

      2) Google

      3) Microsoft

      95% is Google (or a society related to), the remaning 5% of chances can be equally divided between Apple and Microsoft

  • arian

    Andrea Rossi
    October 23rd, 2011 at 10:49 AM

    Dear Franco Morici:
    Good Sunday also to you, while I write this comment we are testing the 1 MW plant, which is working well so far. I am very sorry of the very restricted attendance, due to the particular kind of our Customer, but during the test on this blog we will transmit the main data of the test every hour, while at midnight we will publish the full report and a video. The direct transmission is not possible because the officers of the Customer want not to be videotaped.
    Warm Regards,

  • Meanwhile, Defkalion claims they are planning their own public tests and demonstrations of their Hyperion Modules, which will commence as soon as they get EU safety certificates for their products. This is all going to make mainstream news in a big way soon.

  • Ubaldo

    Se Bill Gates e Steve Jobs avessero ragione anche sull’energia?

    Bill e Steve sognavano un computer personale su ogni scrivania nel momento in cui la IBM ed altre compagnie simili, che all’epoca imperavano, sostenevano il concetto che invece potessero essere sufficienti pochissimi grandi centri di calcolo per ogni Nazione. Il tempo ci ha mostrato chi aveva ragione. La miniaturizzazione elettronica, la personalizzazione, la diminuzione esponenziale dei costi, sono stati i fattori trainanti della rivoluzione computazionale della seconda metà del secolo scorso. Un computer su ogni scrivania, motore indipendente, collegato a tanti altri motori indipendenti, in una rete di attori, non di spettatori.
    Lo stesso concetto potrebbe allora essere esteso all’energia? Se riflettiamo oggi esistono poche grandi centrali energetiche sul territorio che distribuiscono a tutti l’ energia prodotta. E se volessimo una centrale per ogni “scrivania”? Vale a dire una centrale per ogni casa, o per ogni ufficio, o per ogni azienda? Perché mai non si è verificato per l’energia ciò che si è verificato per i computer? Semplice: perché i costi di produzione non sono diminuiti. Allora è ovvio che esistano ancora pochissimi grandi attori che, con le loro grandi centrali, distribuiscono a tutti l’energia prodotta.
    Allora cosa potrebbe far cambiare le cose? Probabilmente l’econucleare (solare, geotermico e l.e.n.r.) sarà l’elemento che affermerà il concetto di personal-energy, così come si affermarono i personal computer. In particolare molti pensano che le l.e.n.r. (low energy nuclear reactions), potendo determinare una terribile discesa dei costi, possano rappresentare la chiave di volta della rivoluzione energetica del XXI secolo. I fisici, con le loro innovative ricerche, potranno consentire ad ognuno di noi la produzione diretta dell’energia che ci è necessaria studiando forme ecologiche e personali di reazioni nucleari a bassa energia, un generatore miniaturizzato per ogni casa, senza problemi catastrofici e senza scorie radioattive.
    Consideriamo, inoltre, un ulteriore aspetto: il prezioso petrolio, fonte non infinita, deve servire a creare materia, robusta, moderna, in forme complesse, insostituibile; non deve essere bruciato, distrutto, oltretutto inquinando il nostro povero ambiente. Basta bruciare petrolio!
    Non abbiamo nulla da perdere, siamo ottimisti, siamo visionari, crediamo nella possibilità di queste ricerche, appassionamoci all’argomento: avanti tutta con l’econucleare L.E.N.R. per la Personal Energy!

    U. Nele [email protected]

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    My wild guess is Siemens Power Generation, Inc (SPGI), formerly Siemens-Westinghouse. Westinghouse built the Niagara Falls hydroelectric plant, which commercialized Nikola Tesla’s alternating current dynamo. Westinghouse, now owned by Toshiba, sold its non-nuclear power generating business to Siemens. SPGI has a manufacturing plant near Orlando, Florida.

  • ric steinberger

    “secret catalyst” = fraud

    When the patents are granted and the research is published in Science, I may be ready to take this seriously. Remember Pons and Fleishman.

    • Pipmon

      The spelling is “Fleischmann” and, had you done the due diligence you would know this, as well as the fact that Pons and Fleischmann’s basic mechanism (hydrogen loading of a metal) is also behind Rossi’s device. While Pons and Fleischmann (henceforth P&F) are both reputed electro-chemists I’m not so sure about Rossi.
      Without a doubt 20+ years of further experimenting along the lines originally traced out by P&F (and in too many labs all over the world to enumerate them) has pretty much vindicated P&F’s original findings. Maybe not as spectacularly as Rossi is claiming, but with a lot more hard facts being made public.
      Hot physicists notwithstanding there are things going on in those hydrogen/palladium experiments that defy ‘conventional’ explanations.
      My worry is that either out of sheer self-delusion or a desire for fame (notoriety!) or whatever, Rossi is not totally ‘above-board’ in all of this. What a calamity for LENR research that would be. It might never recover from the scorn and derision that all too many are very ready to heap upon it!
      Let us hope for the best.

  • robert lindsay

    In regards to the customer I would expect NETL/LTI/AmpEnergo have made arrangements with GE to incorporate the generator into one of the existing GE military micro-grid projects.
    Just a guess.

  • Mario Tuscan Optimist

    About “Rossi’s understanding of English”: he uses the English word “entity” most likely to translate the Italian word “ente”.

    Now Ente is normally used to define a public (Govt) or extended-property (shareholders) institutional outfit which cannot be defined as “azienda” (corporation).

    Mind you, it’s unlikely but there’s also a possibility that he’s translating the word “entita'” which has the same meaning as in English ….

    So one should ask him whether he means “Ente” or “Entita'”.

    • Francesco CH

      He means “entity”/entità, not “institution”/ente.

      And the “Customer” is a very large US company

      • pg

        Hi, how can you be so sure it is 95% google (or related company)?

        • Francesco CH

          Or Apple? Or Microsoft?

          Because I know a person who know who is the “Customer”.

          But I did not ask this person who the “Customer” is, because it would be inappropriate: this person is bound to a pact of secrecy.

          However I have acquired a lot of hints about who the “Customer” is.

          • Francesco CH

            It is a very big US corporation.

            I hope that this US corporation will reveal its name, but this is a matter that depends only on the desires of this corporation.

          • Francesco CH

            Or Apple? Or Microsoft?

            Because I know a person who is acquanted of the identity of “Customer”.

            But I did not ask this person who the “Customer” is, because it would be inappropriate: this person is bound to a pact of secrecy.

            However I have acquired a lot of hints about who the “Customer” is.

          • Francesco CH

            It is a very big US corporation.

            I hope that this US corporation will reveal its name,
            but this is a matter that depends only on the desires of this corporation.

          • pg

            could you share your hints with us?

          • Francesco CH

            It’s three days from X-hour (28 October 2011) so probably you will not need my hints anymore

    • Robert

      The customer is Rossi himself or his wife’s company EFA.
      Because the entity doesn’t want to be revealed the reports (largely positive of course) will be released on behalf by Rossi himself. Too funny 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Each day that passes it looks even more like a fraud. Unfortunatelly…

    October 28th will be a huge deception.

  • K Reilly

    The customer, really, could be any company with 40 milllion and some metal working equipment. It doesnt take a multinational production giant to make a small metal box with some pipe fittings.

  • Alexvs

    As the date of demo approaches the fake probability arises.

  • Why you do not organize a contest-

    “Who can identify Rossi’s mystery Customer?”
    (prior the test, during the test)

    It seems to be an evil entity or what’s even worse
    a poor one – Rossi had to sell his own house
    to continue this test.

    And a very strange entity having accepted a short
    12-15 hours test for such a great setup. 5-6 days continuous working could be relevant.

    These characteristics show with a 85+% probability
    who is the Customer.

  • baabaablacksheep

    I hope it’s not Bechtel, they’re evil.

  • baabaablacksheep


  • Haiko Lietz

    Can someone point me to a primary source where Rossi said that the customer is from the United States?