New Video From Features Sergio Focardi

The mysterious website has released another video, this time an interview with Sergio Focardi, emeritus professor of Physics at the University of Bologna, and collaborator with Andrea Rossi. In this video, which was shot at the October 6th E-Cat demo in Bologna, Focardi speaks in English and is as always very positive in his evaluation of the E-Cat.

He says, “the Energetic problems of humanity will be solved by this system, because the energy will exist forever with this system.” The reason, he says is because nickel and water (for hydrogen) are so abundant. Focardi predicts that all other sources of energy will disappear in 150 years.

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  • Adilson

    If this thing works, who will receive the Nobel Prize?

    The Nobel Prize of Physics to Focardi and the Nobel Prize of Economics to Rossi?

    • Wes

      The Nobel Prize for Physics will go to Focardi. The Oscar for “Best Performance” in a drama will go to Rossi.

      • D R Lunsford

        ROFL – perhaps well earned 🙂

        Actually Focardi, Pons, and Fleischmann will get a joint award – possibly as early as 2015.


    • It is my understanding that Focardi doesn’t even know what the catalyst is. As such, he won’t merit the Nobel, Rossi will.

    • Francesco CH

      Focardi + Rossi + Piantelli = Nobel trio

  • Hassan

    For you Gringos this will backfire. 20% of so called world economy is based on oil business.As we know, the oil business is based on US$. Without US hegemony no US$. As the US$ is already weakened, collapse of oil industry will mean for Gringos on the street that their printed US$ are less worth, in particular they won’t buy them imported products. US living standard is based on printing US$ for which they import all their stuff. Gringos would need to produce their own stuff. With more decline of the US$ and the weak or non existent industrial output of US industry, living standard will drop.

    • daniel maris

      Saudi and other countries that contribute little to the world but sit on a pile of oil will be most badly affected. The rickety, corrupt Saudi monarchy won’t last long if say the E cat could produce electricity at 2 cents per Kw. Combined with the Toyota 1000 Km battery (at one fifth the cost of today’s batteries), we’ll all be driving electric cars within in a few years. E cat motors might power cars as well.

      • Hassan

        The Saudis are monkeys fed by US. They will go to exile in US.

        • Brad Arnold

          I think you are evaluating the “new” (post-Rossi) world using the “old” (pre-Rossi) paradigm. Currently, our economy is based upon fossil fuel, meaning relatively expensive and limited energy is the primary limiting factor to growth.

          Instead, over time, natural resources will be the primary limiting factor to growth. Forget the US oil dollar, the current world-wide economic system, or even (within reason) materialism in general.

          In particular, it takes about a half million calories to boost a pound of mass outside the gravity well. A gram of nickel yields about 5 million calories (i.e. nickel is about half a million times as energy dense as crude oil using LENR). Therefore, it is predictable that mankind will (within our lifetime) be exploring the solar system in search of natural resources.

          Gringos and everyone else will have to wear sunglasses the future will be so bright.

    • Bob Norman

      Hassan, you have it backward, the US will become free of the middle east oil and with cheap energy will be able to produce more for itself. With cheap energy our agriculture will flourish. Not only will we produce more, but we will export more food in wheat and corn. The middle east will no longer make money from exporting oil and will go back to their camels, wondering the desert.

      • Hassan

        soy mexicano pinche gringo bueno con tanta energia van a venir mas indocumentados quien piensas les haga el trabajo en el campo

        I’m Mexican, Darling, with so much energy there will be more immigrants coming who do you think is doing the work in the fields

    • Rassmuten

      Hassan assumes the LANR revolution will not spiral out of the US – it will. There are MANY configurations of the H+Ni phenomenon that will emerge after Rossi. Many of these configurations already have patents issued. No, gringo dollars will gain strength as 90% of LANR research and production will flow from the United States. One ready example is the Patterson cell – issued several patents long before Rossi built his e-cat:

      • Hassan

        Hassan assumes that gringo dollars will plunch because if energy costs close to nothing it will not contribute to economy, only production will. And who says H+Ni cannot be a source for bombs. With US hated by the rest of the world all countries you bombed in the past will adjust the bill.

  • Focardi gets it, most of it. It won’t take 150 years to make oil as a fuel obsolete. At the forecast is that in 20 years oil as a fuel will be all but gone. The nickelpower website very much focuses on this topic — the technological, social and economic effects of the e-cat.

  • nima

    From: “Andrea Rossi – Leonardo Corp.”
    To: “Sterling Allan”
    Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 12:00 PM
    Subject: Re: after the Oct. 28 test […]

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    here are the answers:

    Citando Sterling Allan:

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    > course the final decision is yours. The main purpose for my input
    > is to help stimulate information from you and to help you solidify
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    > Here are some questions to help with that stimulation. You can
    > compare these to going to an eye doctor and he presents a series of
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    > 3.. Are you willing to give anyone else (a particular class of
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    > 4.. Are you willing to license anyone else to do R&D engineering
    > to improve the technology?


    > 5.. Are you waiting for your patent status to get stronger before
    > you open the technology for general knowledge?


    > 6.. Are you willing to give exclusive territorial licenses?


    > 7.. Are you willing to give a licensee rights to develop any size
    > or application they wish?


    > 8.. What are your plans to prevent exclusive licensees from
    > gaining monopolistic status?


    > 9.. At what point, if any, do you plan to let the public know the
    > secrets of how to make your system work?


    > 10.. Would you consider a quasi open source approach in which you
    > divulge the secrets (e.g. still defined in a patent), but require a
    > royalty for any commercial deployments?


    > 11.. Where do you plan to have your world headquarters?


    > 12.. What would be the name of the primary company?


    > I’m sure there are many other questions that could be asked, but
    > this is a good starting point.


    > Let me know if there are any of the above question answers that you
    > don’t want to be made public.
    > Sterling

    — SilverThunder 16:00, 26 October 2011 (PDT)

    – – – –

  • nima
  • arian

    Andrea Rossi
    October 27th, 2011 at 9:03 AM

    Dear RockEye:
    Thank you: now it’s 4 p.m. of the 27th, and we are finishing the cosmetics of the plant. I think tomorrow we will make, with the help of God, a good job. My work, basically, is finished. Within one hour the Consultants of the Customer will arrive to start the check of all the parts of the plant and prepare all their stuff for the test of tomorrow. Until some hour ago I felt a strong pressure, now, at the eve of the battle, as usual, I am recovering all my coldness and calm. We are ready.
    Warm Regards,

    • shawn

      bless you andrea rossi, if this works, you have changed humanity forever. 🙂

  • arian

    Video of Dr. Miley answering questions at recent conference

  • Chrystalkay

    What the effect on the dollar may be is a moot point at this time. 85 (and counting)other countries are planing to use alternate money to purchase oil. The US$ will collapse long before the alternate fuel is redily available.
    It can only be a welcome benifit to those countries whose income is not (unfortunately)dependant on oil.

  • John Lance

    Hassan, La envidia y el odio es la reponsable del desastre en que viven ustedes los mejicanos. Todos odian a USA pero la gran mayoria quiere emigrar al norte. Que hipocresia

  • Iggy Dalrymple

    I nominate Hassan for the Nobel Prize for Hate, Envy, and Bitterness.