Rossi: Additional 1 MW E-Cat Plants Sold, Projects Exponential Growth of Sales

It hasn’t taken long for Andrea Rossi to get back to posting on his site following last Friday’s demonstration. He said he was going to take a break to play tennis, but it was a pretty short one; he was online again on Saturday and is now back answering questions at a steady clip. Q & A’s now seem to be focused more on the commercialization side of the E-Cat, and there have been some interesting interchanges.

First, Rossi confirmed that the plant that was tested by Domenico Fioravanti on Friday has been taken away for delivery to the customer — showing that putting the whole thing in a shipping container was a smart idea.

When asked when the next sale would take place, Rossi answered, “done” — and said it was to a different customer than the first one. There was no indication of a second plant in the Bologna factory, so perhaps the sale was a purchase in advance of it being constructed, or maybe there’s another location where these units are being manufactured.

When asked how many units he was expecting to build in the first year, Rossi answered, “From 30 to 100 for the first year is what we are already ready to make, but we will get exponentially faster in time”, which means that production facilities must getting lined up to handle these orders. Rossi When asked where in the United States he will be working, and hiring people he listed Miami, FL; Manchester, NH; and Boston, MA. Rossi mentioned again that the industrial strength plants are ready for manufacturing, but there still is work to do to get authorization from government regulators for the small household units to be sold.

Rossi says he will back in the USA soon — “We gotta make jobs.”

UPDATE: Apparently it’s more than just a second plant that has been sold. Rossi was asked at the JONP whether he had sold 2 or more plants, and he answered, “more.” Also, asked if he could say who any of the other customers were he declined to do so saying, “I want not our Customers assailed by the puppetts moved by their puppetteers. Let the plant go to work, then they will reveal themselves automatically. Probably you did not understand that there is a war against us.”

  • alexvs

    New thread.

    A friend of mine has told to me that his brother in law, whose father lives in Bologna has spoken yesterday with a Rossi’s near friend whom Rossi in person said that he has sold 7 (seven) 1 Mw plants by which the COP would be risen 8,53.

    • Donald Gleason

      If this is all true—Miami, Manchester and Boston—the word will spread quickly and the sales will follow. Fingers and toes are crossed.

  • alexvs

    Take it easy please.

    • Luca Salvarani

      Hai fatto bene a precisare perchè dalla storia un po’ “matta” di Rossi avrebbe anche potuto essere vero….

      • alexvs

        Not everyone has same sense of humour. But as you say (excuse my bad Italian): Se non e vero, e ben trovato.

        • Luca Salvarani

          Sorry I thought you are italian… I mean that considering the very incredible not to say “crazy” history of e-cat that news could be true… now excuse me for my poor english!

  • Martin6078

    I´m anticipate the private 5-10kw units as soon as possible.I want to be the first buyer of an E-Cat.I would like to pick up it in Italy with personal dedication of A.R. on E-Cat´s housing.My first occupation was plumber, therefore I could install it by myself.

    • Luca Salvarani

      You must wait for e-cat of that size… Now we have only 1 mw plant for sale for corporation or industrial plants…. Rossi itself has stated that he needs “al least 2 years” to implement an e-cat that could efficiently produce electric power… Now we have “only” large e-cat plant producing heat… although collabororations with large corporations and universities could cut that period…

      • rantanplan

        Homeunits just for heating would be nice, too. Most energy used at home is normaly for heating.

        • Brad Arnold

          Here in Minnesota we pay hundreds of dollars a month to heat our home in the winter. The poor can’t afford this, and they suffer greatly. Please, for humanitarian sake help the poor in Minnesota heat their homes with Rossi space heaters.

          • Luca Salvarani

            I was thinking about my town: Mantua, in the north of Italy, very close to Bolonia… here cold isn’t a great problem… but I must recognize that there are a lot of places where cheap heat would be very important! I have just searched some information about Minnesota climate and I’m very surprised to learn it’s shockingliy cold in winter…

    • Robert

      I would love to look at, perhaps even buy, one of these 5-10 kw units (or even something below 1 kw) just to tinker with it as a toy to see how it might work and to do independent analysis of the device.

      I know Rossi is worried about the regulatory issues about home appliances, and this is something that is a legitimate concern. Making this something you can put into your house and “plug in” to your existing power systems (electricity, HVAC, water heaters, etc.) in a home isn’t trivial so that obviously would take some time.

      Still, it would be nice to get one of these devices just to play with and get a feel for the technology. At the very least, if you think this is something that is really working you can learn about its quirks and know how to install the larger units when they become available.

  • Johannes Hagel

    We should try and ask Rossi if the new customer ist secret too and if yes why???

    • Luca Salvarani

      I’m trying right now!

      • Johannes Hagel

        Oh, good, we are very very curious!!!

        • Luca Salvarani

          His answer: “I want not our Customers assailed by the puppetts moved by their puppetteers. Let the plant go to work, then they will reveal themselves automatically. Probably you did not understand that there is a war against us.
          Warm Regards,

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  • Francis

    Rossi told me directly, that he sold already 13 E-Cats.
    The price is increasing and the last customer was Tepco in Japan. Tepco will earn much money with the E-Cat and pay for the impact of the terrible crisis in Japan.

    • arian

      Can you explain What is your relation with Mr. rossi?

  • New Hampshire? Perhaps he will be working with the illustrious inventor Dean Kamen, who in past years has also been working to provide a portable source of power. DEKA ( is also in Manchester, NH.

    • Sebastian

      Leonardo Corporation, Rossi’s company is based in New Hampshire. That’s what Rossi is referring to.

  • daniel maris

    Well again, Rossi is upping the ante because these claims will soon be proved false if nothing emerges about the operation of the E cats over the next few months.

    But if it really is being commercialised, then this is a spectacular development.

    I remain a little sceptical…the 1MW looked a bit experimental! Or is he simply going to hand over these machines and give permission to companies to develop them as they see fit? That’s an unusual but not so crazy way of proceeding. He gets a cash flow but retains his independence. Maybe he will get a royalty on sales?

  • peter

    looks like Francis and you are the same user?

  • arian

    New video from 28 oct test taken by Mats Lewan

  • Sebastian

    alexvs is only pulling our legs…
    Admin, you better have an eye on him, could become complicated.

  • Abelardo

    Rossi is totally crazy. He sold nothing to anyone. Nobody bought any plant.

    Just lies.

    I want PROOF that any company bought anything. Where is the receipt?

    This is ridiculous.

    • I remember watching reports of the first rocket launching people to the moon. An elderly gentleman was watching, so they interviewed him. He said, “ain’t nobody goin’ to no moon.” To hear the internet chatter, you’d conclude that he’s right. Seems even bringing moon rocks back isn’t enough to quell the naysayers.

    • Hari

      The whole deal of ecat is like child’s game — like a 7 year old playing with his friends with a lot of make-beliefs. When he “glides” his spread out palm in the air, if you ask him what he is doing he would say I just built anti-gravity tires for my truck and I am flying. He won’t tell you anymore details, which are supposed to be big secrets known only to him and his best buddy.

      • Rockyspoon

        And if I were Rossi, that’s EXACTLY what I’d be doing, too.

        So where’s your beef? You want to rip him off? You’re jealous? What’s your problem?

        • Hari

          Hey, cool down. We are talking about science and scientific invention and experiment. Money is only an after-effect. The H2 in the chamber of all those devices itself can probably produce 470kW of heat for 5 hours. If people involved in this experiment want to keep it (results as well as methodology – nobody is asking to reveal the black box) secret then why are they crying that media is not giving them publicity? Publicity for what?

          My interest in this is equally scientific. If some one could do nuclear fusion at low temperatures, he can get Nobel prize if he publishes the facts, right?

          • Rockyspoon

            No, that aspect of the experiment (that H2 could create the necessary heat) has been completely and totally discounted. Unless you can do the calculations and post them here, what you say has no basis in fact (I’ve read other places where that’s been tried just to see if it’s a possibility, and it has been dismissed completely.)

            As far as Rossi crying for media attention, I’ve not seen that from him–He’d rather not have to be confronted with nasty, nosey investigators that aren’t there for a “story”–they’re there to assert their agenda, which right now is political and completely anti-humanitarian.

    • Why is this ridiculous? Because he doesn’t personally respond to you? Does he need to show you a canceled check to make you a believer? Why would you suggest such things? Do you have the funds required to purchase such a device? Are you on the waiting list to purchase an E-cat, which will supply industrial heat or steam distribution to a facility of yours? You need proof!!!! You and all the other skeptics. You need proof! Why? Have all your other endeavors to discredit hard working entrepreneurs failed? You know just about as much you don’t know. Your demanding of proof only negates your statement about any company not buying anything. If you have no proof, than how can prove that a company did not buy an E-cat? You should work on your logic before tackling such issues as LENR. And in the meantime let’s find you a receipt so we can put this issue of proof to bed!

  • alexvs

    to Mr. Sebastian.

    I do not want to pull anyone’s leg. When I say great success I mean just that. That the success be E-Cat reality or E-Cat scam is another very different issue.

  • alexvs

    If admin does not want me posting, please send an e-mail to me. You may do.

  • alexvs

    By the way, I have nothing to do with Mr. Francis, but I am sure we would have a very good time together drinking some beer.

  • arian

    Andrea rossi in russian popular science magazine.

  • Andrea Rossi
    October 31st, 2011 at 9:12 AM
    Dear James Bowery:

    “The dissipator has been designed by me and the person who leaded the test, an engineer of NATO (a Colonel) who has 30 years of experience in thermopower plants and thermodynamical systems…(omission)”

  • Francesco CH

    Domenico Fioravanti is a NATO Colonel-Engineer:

    Andrea Rossi October 31st, 2011 at 9:12 AM Dear James Bowery: The dissipator has been designed by me and the person who leaded the test, an engineer of NATO ( a Colonel) who has 30 years of experience in thermopower plants and thermodynamical systems.

  • arian

    Andrea Rossi
    October 31st, 2011 at 9:12 AM

    Dear James Bowery:
    The dissipator has been designed by me and the person who leaded the test, an engineer of NATO ( a Colonel) who has 30 years of experience in thermopower plants and thermodynamical systems.
    It has been designed to dissipate 4 times the necessary energy. All in the tested plant was redundant: we had 2 power generators, so that if one should fail the second would automatically had been put in operation, we had 4 pumps instead of 2, so that each pump would have a reserve, we had 2 control panels, so that ant electronic shortcoming would have been overcome by a reserve, etc: I simply could not fail, so we foresaw any possibility of failure and prepared a back up for any of it. The day before I wrote in this blog “we are ready”: when we say a thing you can bet on it.
    Warm Regards,

  • By Sterling D. Allan
    Pure Energy Systems News

    “Scam? I think that is 99% improbable.

    Part of that is because I am privy to some confidential information about an independent validation by a very credible institution that starts with an N.”

  • Sanjeev

    Andrea Rossi
    October 31st, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    Dear Manik Sahai:
    We have started the manufacturing of 1 MW plants. Who wants to buy them whatever its Nation, can contact us at: [email protected]
    Warm Regards,

    The link goes to some company with product named EON, oil based gensets.

    Probably they are taking up the orders for Ecat ?
    Or did I miss something ? News is coming very fast.

  • Sanjeev

    Andrea Rossi
    October 31st, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    Dear Manik Sahai:
    We have started the manufacturing of 1 MW plants. Who wants to buy them whatever its Nation, can contact us at: [info.leonardocorp1996]
    Warm Regards,

    The link goes to some company with product named EON, oil based gensets.

    Probably they are taking up the orders for Ecat ?
    Or did I miss something ? News is coming very fast.

  • Luca Salvarani

    My question: “So far have you sold 2 plants, or even more?”
    Rossi answer: “more”

  • Francesco CH

    Andrea Rossi starts the production of the 1MW plant:

    Andrea Rossi

    October 31st, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    We have started the manufacturing of 1 MW plants. Who wants to buy them whatever its Nation, can contact us at: [email protected]

    Warm Regards,


  • arian

    Article about e-cat in Corante daily news a academic and scientific blog.

  • Rockyspoon

    I’m betting OPEC will be holding an emergency meeting soon (if they haven’t already). Some economists figure this invention could drop the futures price of crude oil by half in a year or two. And countries that currently export terrorism because they’re so rich in petrodollars will find they’re just economic backwater countries again. Couldn’t happen to a “better” bunch of people. (This is likely what Rossi means by “war against us” and he’s right.)

    • Robert

      Why would OPEC hold an “emergency meeting” on this topic? So far, it appears to be something made by a crackpot in small quantities for what could very likely be a scam. Please don’t flame me here, I’m just saying how it looks to somebody on the outside.

      This is definitely flying under the radar of ordinary policy makers. Cold Fusion research is so heavily discredited that anything like it will be similarly dismissed and ignored for some time.

      When the emergency meeting will take place is when some company in China (with ties to the “People’s Liberation Army”…. an organization whose hand is in almost everything economically in China) starts to produce these devices on a mass scale. BTW, it would be in China’s best interest to produce this too, as they are a net importer of petroleum and have an economic reason to want to cut the ties they have to OPEC.

      I also don’t see this having much of an impact upon crude oil production for about a decade or so, even if it pans out. It will take time for this to have a significant impact upon world energy sources even if Rossi is sending these units out by the millions.

      • Kim

        Coal first and then Oil.


        • Robert

          Coal, perhaps even less. Coal is still indispensable in terms of steel production, and will likely continue to be used for that years into future even if this device works out. Coke (not the soft drink), something commonly derived from Coal, is really a necessary to generate both the heat as well as provide the “oxygen reducing atmosphere” necessary for the production of several kind of metal including iron.

          On top of that, there are medicines, dyes, plastics, and all sort of other products which are derived from coal and petroleum. Even if we don’t need these carbon-based “fuels” as energy sources, there is going to be a huge need for industrial quantities of these materials in the future even with an eCat device providing the raw energy.

          OPEC countries are also going to be doing well (perhaps not as well), simply because their production costs are also incredibly low compared to elsewhere. Where the impact is going to be felt most is in the North Sea and perhaps northern Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico where extreme environments are going to be uneconomical for oil extraction.

          • dandelion

            Robert, I think that E-Cat driven electricity generators are going to make Aluminium very cheap. Aluminium alloys are going to replace iron and steel in many applications – including buildings. This will reduce the need for coal.

      • Matt

        It’s about future prices though. The only reason oil prices are so high now is because everyone knows there isn’t a better alternative and that oil is finite, giving it a huge value. As soon as it becomes common knowledge that oil is not the energy source of the future the price will plummet. Oil will still be useful of course, plastics and whatnot.

        • Robert

          It might be something fun to get into, if you are convinced the eCat really works. You can short futures contracts on the expectation that they are going to drop in price, and if you think this is likely to happen there is the possibility of making a rather sweet pile of money from this “fact”.

          Investors can make money in rising or falling markets, and this is one of those opportunities. Of course you can lose your entire investment rather easily if you speculate on short contracts and the price rises too. It is a very risky investment… so buyer beware.

          • jack

            Short wind farm utility companies and go long on gas companies. A good arbitrage. If this is a scam nothing lost, but if it is real Wind farm industry will collapse and regular power stations will be retrofitted so price should not collapse. Arbitrage is the way to play this.

      • George

        Here! Here! Finally someone with some sense! It is so tiring to read some of the postings on here! I am a supporter of LENR and I hope and pray that Rossi is for real. But if you are a the type that walks around with tin foil on your head please keep your opinions to yourself or find a site for that.

      • Rockyspoon

        No flaming–for somebody on the “outside”, your observations are accurate. However, those in the “know” aren’t oblivious to the facts; they know without reservation how huge of an impact the E-Cat will have on the world-wide energy sector, and how quick it can be implemented.

        The futures market doesn’t run on a true supply/demand curve; no, it has a large speculative component that will see exactly what you mention–less than a decade from now oil could be essentially useless except for lubricants and plastics. The futures price of crude isn’t going to wait anywhere near a decade to reflect what will happen in the “future”; it will begin to decline as soon as the analysts on Wall Street come to the conclusion the E-Cat is real, and that will happen easily within a year.

        • Robert

          I have no doubt that as soon as these units are produced in any quantity, there will be some oil company CEOs who will “buy” one of these units and have their R&D guys take the thing apart and try to reproduce how it works or even if it works.

          Still, I wouldn’t give too much credit to these multi-national companies. There are so many fringe energy theories that nobody can keep up on all of them, and 99% of them all end up as a hoax. It happens so often that even a few interesting news stories isn’t going to be enough to even make these companies blink, much less change their business strategies.

          A good example of this is how Martin Eberhard was driving around America with a completed Tesla Roadster prototype trying to drum up some sales and ended up in Detroit. Mr. Eberhard had been making noise (including a very public blog) for several years but with the prototype in hand, he finally got an appointment to meet with the CEO of General Motors. They talked for a couple of hours, and when that conversation was over GM started to work on what is now the Chevy Volt. It wasn’t until that CEO got a chance to drive around in the would-be competitor’s car that he had even considered how important the electric car market even was. Why Eberhard held such a conversation with a potential competitor is sort of odd, but then again Elon Musk (the current CEO of Tesla Motors) held a similar conversation with the CEO of Toyota, and ended up getting Toyota to sell them the Fremont, California manufacturing plant currently being used by Tesla as well as a huge infusion of capital with Toyota now a significant minority shareholder in Tesla.

          The Toyota deal wasn’t signed until well after the governor of California (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and several other prominent people had already accepted deliveries of the Roadster, so I think it is reasonable to presume that this could fly under the radar for awhile with “big oil”.

          Hopefully Rossi has the business sense to know how to handle himself on these matters, or at least gets a good partner he can trust who will make these business decisions.

  • Robert

    Assuming that this news is correct that several “power plants” have been ordered, is there a production line somewhere that is making these reactors? Where is the production facility at? Are all of the reactors being (currently) hand-made by Rossi, or does he have a team working on them?

  • rc5011

    From Rossi’s Blog that the consultant that ran the test is a engineer from NATO.
    “Dear James Bowery:
    The dissipator has been designed by me and the person who leaded the test, an engineer of NATO ( a Colonel) who has 30 years of experience in thermopower plants and thermodynamical systems.
    It has been designed to dissipate 4 times the necessary energy. All in the tested plant was redundant: we had 2 power generators, so that if one should fail the second would automatically had been put in operation, we had 4 pumps instead of 2, so that each pump would have a reserve, we had 2 control panels, so that ant electronic shortcoming would have been overcome by a reserve, etc: I simply could not fail, so we foresaw any possibility of failure and prepared a back up for any of it. The day before I wrote in this blog “we are ready”: when we say a thing you can bet on it.
    Warm Regards,

  • arian

    Andrea rossi in italian popular science magazine.

  • Al

    Its a SCAM – Now he’s worried about jobs in the US.

    Rossi says he will back in the USA soon — “We gotta make jobs.”

    Looking for money from Obamma ????????????????????

  • “Engineer of NATO” sounds….weird…

  • alexvs

    Looking for 116 South River Road Bedford N.H. in Google Earth, yields the E-Cat manufacturing plant of which existence a lot of worried bloggers are doubting.
    It is there.

  • Sanjeev

    Rossi : we sell the 1 MW plants at 2000Euro/kW.

    Which makes it 2 million Euros or 2.8 million USD for 1MW box.

  • arian

    Andrea rossi in india media

  • Sanjeev

    If a not-so-high-profile vegetable oil genset maker can manufacture ECats at the rate of 30 to 100 units per year, then I guess it must be so simple that any hobbyist can build one in his kitchen.

    • peter is their place then

    • Aken

      Maybe it’s not so easy. You don’t know the exact components, you don’t know the catalyst, you don’t know the parameters, you don’t know the details.

      With all measurements similar unit will cost 10 000 – 20 000 € (I have calculated). Cost could be so low as 3000 – 5000 €, but if you can’t see whole picture there should be used quite expensive measurements. On other hand, measurements should be very accurate (otherwise you can’t notice when small overunity occurs), but on the other hand in the system should be enough capacity, if the correct installation, parameters and other details are found.

      Other process already cost us 95 000 € (with measurements and safety components, but to be honest that process module could do a lot more than just measure and storage thermal energy). I already design similar device than E-Cat and price tag was around 20 000 €. If I have recipe (= lot of accurate details), I don’t have to worry about very small energy production, then measurements and components might cost that 3000 – 5000 €.

      And for all that wonder how to build small series of industrial devices:
      1.) Engineer and design prototype
      2.) Seek component subcontractors
      3.) Seek main subcontractor (responsible for assembly)

      It’s highly unlikely that in address 116 South River Road Bedford N.H. is nothing more than some sort of Leonardo Corp office. One or several container (per year) is so small serie that you don’t build/buy factory – you get subcontractor to do assembly for you (which have all required facilities and tools).

      • Sanjeev

        I was actually speculating the scenario after someone reverse engineers the Rossi version.
        There will be ‘plans’ floating on torrents and sites like will become a collab spot.

        I was a bit surprised to read that you managed to design something similar to Ecat for Euro 20000. I’m sorry I do not have any knowledge of your work.

  • arian

    Andrea rossi in canada media

  • arian

    Andrea rossi in (american popular science magazine)

  • arian

    Andrea rossi in (american popular science magazine)

  • Sanjeev!/petersvensson

    He reappeared 6 hours ago and started twitting. Says he can’t tell anything at present.

  • Sanjeev

    Is marked for deletion !

    • Roberto
    • Roberto

      I’m italian living in a kind of place where spaghetti and Rossi stay close each other, and where italian wikipedia does not trust a ecat voice, telling it’s not peer-review, and merging it with cold fusion! Tell me what’s the ratio!
      A crazy place but sometimes surprising …

    • Robert

      Don’t worry. This is typical for Wikipedia and there have been multiple editors threatening to delete the article for some time. I actually goaded one of them into trying just to air the issue and seal the deal that it won’t be even recommended for deletion again.

      Controversial articles like this routinely go through deletion nominations, and for something like this the grounds for deletion are particularly weak. Wikipedia admins mainly worry about some nut seeking to use Wikipedia as a way to publish some pseudo science theory, and the typical grounds for removing that is using Wikipedia to publish the content is unreasonable. Self-published sources are typically not respected, including blogs, forums (like this one), or ordinary websites dedicated to a specific topic.

      This topic has been covered sufficiently from enough organizations that the problem isn’t finding discussion but instead finding places which can authoritatively discuss what is happening and adding in the details.

      Unless you are an active and regular Wikipedia contributor, don’t join into this discussion. Just take it in stride and know that it will all blow over in a few days.

  • arian

    This is a scientific forum for replication of e-cat.

    • Wes

      The site is interesting, but not “scientific.” They plan to use a brass reactor. Brass outgassing (zinc atoms) will quickly poison the reactor. Use vacuum-grade stainless steel.

  • peter

    then post the link to that post in rossis blog.
    mhh I should not feed the trolls. bad peter bad

  • peter

    no…. no I will not feed the TROLLS again
    ahh damn it

  • arian

    Interesting article from someone that recently find out
    about e-cat and lenr.

    • peter

      Now that is someone who does it right! I Whish every one would search for the truth.

    • daniel maris

      Yes, excellent summary of the pre-history of the E cat.

      I have been monitoring the uber-skeptic response on the JREF cold fusion forum. There was a spike of unpleasant posting just prior to the 28th October experiment but very little since. A straw in the wind? The heart seems to have gone out of the sceptics.

  • George

    So does anyone else know what the catalyst is? Is Focardi or any other physicist able to look inside the black box? I would be much more comfortable knowing there was another scientist knew exactly what was going on inside the box.

    • To George

      Why do YOU or any other “scientist” outside of their group need to know how it works for you to feel comfortable?

      All you shills may as weel get use to the fact that the Big Oil/Nuclear hegemony party is officially OVER.

      The oligarchs will have to try and find another way to leech off the masses.

      • My thoughts exactly George!

      • enoughAlready

        I believe the desire to know what is inside is driven by the fact that we still don’t really know if it works or is an elaborate scam.

        I really hope it works as it would change the world.

        What I do not understand is that there are plenty of people, with plenty of money, with plenty of engineering knowledge/skill who would help Rossi deliver this technology in what ever distribution/financial form he desired. I would speculate that many would assist at no charge just to participate in such a world changing revolution.

        These resources could provide engineering expertise so that he didn’t have some of those minor issues(like the gaskets/seals leaking as have been reported).

        Further, they could provide manufacturing and distribution channels to spread this incredible break-thru worldwide in months not years as its appears his plan might.

        For example, in exchange for a large unit and its nearly free energy, many manufacturing plants would gladly offer up some number of manufacturing lines/facilities in exchange for a power plant. This free energy would be well worth the lost opportunity costs of manufacture for part of their plant.

        For example the ailing airline industry has enormous manufacturing and maintenance facilities which are largely unused(one exists within 15 miles of my home). These mechanics can make anything including tight precision manufacturing. Offer them an opportunity to be the initial manufacturing plant for the cost of material plus an agreed upon margin and this system would be unstoppable by anyone.

        Again, all dependent upon whether its legitimate.

        • D R Lunsford

          Rossi tried to make fuel from garbage in the 70s. The Italian authorities (the Mafia) and the Italian government came down on him hard. I imagine he has no faith at all in the system, and why should he? Capitalism has been corrupted by bankers and government committees into one giant pile of organized crime. Science has become a laughing stock of dark energy, brane-worlds, wormholes, time travel etc. The entire system of Western culture is shot through with corruption and self-interest. Why play by the old rules? Rossi’s making up his own rules as he goes. Good for him.


          • Luca Salvarani

            Trust me please on this point: in Italy we have, and always had, an absolutely disfunctional justice system and the free market doen’t exist at all here…so do not consider Rossi’s past justice and economic problems in order to assess him, whatever you think about e-cat!

          • Alain

            not only western, but all planet.
            simply we thing we are better, and we are better that most, but yes corruption is still strong.
            in western countries corruption is only restricted to the highest level… in poor countries it is everywhere. in developing countries, it is concentrating up, but reducing.

            (data from my anti-corruption wife, having lived in corrupted bottommost to topmost milieus)

      • George


        Firstly, I am not a scientist. I hope as I said that Rossi is legit. However, I am a business person and in business when someone is not completely forthcoming with how something works then I ask more questions. There are times when secrecy is necessary, such as security in an IT system. However, when this is necessary then we need to know that the company that we are trusting has people with legitimate credentials back them up. To me Focardi would be a person with legitimate credentials that could say, “I have thoroughly investigated Rossi’s device and have found no reason for to suspect fraud.” I would then question Focardi about his methodologies to determine fraud. Did you verify that no external source of energy was present, etc. In business you usually would like more than one source, however, even one would be nice in this case.
        I believe LENR/Cold Fusion is real and should be heavily invested in by governments and private investors. I hope that Rossi is completely successful. I understand that inventors like him are often quirky. (No slam on Mr. Rossi, just my experience with many inventors.) I can accept that, but I am asking questions that any business person would ask.

        Good Luck Mr. Rossi! The world needs what you are offering right now and I hope and pray for your success.

  • stefano cicchiello

    Just a suggestion , comes from my synapsis

    Maybe , just maybe THERE IS NO CATALYST

    Think about it . if would be , the customers would have in their hand right now , and with that the secret too . So why sell the secret before got the patent ?
    Other though , that come from what i heard from stremmenos : there is no known catalyzer for atomic reactions . So i suggest the “catalyzer” is the nano-structure of the nickel inside the reactor itself .
    thats it .
    hope u enjoy the work of my sinapsis
    Peace and Love

    • I’ve tried to replicate the reaction without a catalyst and had no measurable success. On the other hand, the catalyst may be a form of pulsing or frequency generator. The more people who try this on their own the better.

      • glugglug

        I’m thinking the fact that it is Nickel *powder* not just a nickel bar is critical in order to provide a larger reaction surface.
        Maybe the catalyst is a fan to pick up nickel dust and make it mix with the hydrogen more?
        Or it could be something to kick the electrons off of the hydrogen atoms so the proton can hit the nickel nucleus without the hydrogen electron repelling the nickel ones.

        • jcragris

          You must read this book:

          Acces with Microsoft IE Browser, not Chrome!!!

          this is a good book if you want to understand the work of Rossi and build an e-cat

        • Aken

          I guess that there are several details that must be correct.
          -Nano Nickel (with enough proper Nickel isotopes). Particle size 20-70 nm
          -Hydrogen (H+ not H2). Hydrogen should be inside Nickel FCC lattice (the reactions and phenomenon are known from battery chemistry – ex. Nickel Metal Hydrite battery).
          -Correct frequency (Nickel nano particles resonation speed = 1100000 m/s) – correct voltage, current and frequency => resistor => EMC field => resonating nano particles
          -(Probably) correct catalyst – (my guess) carbon based. C14 (or was it C12) cause anomalies in quarks (spin effects). Speculated secret catalyst is Ni-K2CO3 (or somewhere near of that compound).
          -Enough temperature > 60 C
          -Enough pressure > 20 bar
          -(Maybe some other details, but I not aware of those details)

          • Alain

            AFAIK the fact that Deuterium polute the celle is well known (like Paladium-Deuterium is polluted by H).

            the shape of the Ni latice, impurities, holes, …

            a few years ago someone have proved that radioactvity flux was modified by pressure (in thorium I think…)…

            AFAIK it seems the catalyser is said to break H2 in H+, and place the H+ and Ni latice in good state and position…

            IMHO it is only the begining of an engineering domain, like warn supraconduction is today… ther is propably space for many innovations, big and small…
            looks like a cooking device today.

      • Wes

        What H2 pressure did you use? Did you use high-vacuum degasification prior to operation? Did you observe expected adsorbtion during the loading phase?

    • Francesco CH


      Last Very interesting coincidence is that the size of nano-particles of nickel (as stated in the patent) and one of the fundamental frequency of these reactions is similar to the wavelength at which the new lines of hydrogen spectrum (presumed orbital 1 / p) which are of the order of tens of nanometi (22 nm if I remember correctly the new line spectrum of hydrogen).

      In short nano-powders may resonate and then give the missing energy to the system.

      At this point I stop, good job and we hope that soon a university can attest to having her work with passion.

      I do not know if it is real cold fusion or whatever, (the time is the best judge in these matters), however I would like to thank you for introducing me to this fascinating and just to say THANK YOU.

      For the remainder will be deferred if the positive assure that the choir will be much, much stronger!


      Ultima INTERESSANTISSIMA coincidenza è che le dimensioni delle nano-particelle di Nickel (come dichiarato nel brevetto) e la frequenza fondamentale di una di queste reazioni è simile alla lunghezza d’onda di emissione delle nuove linee di spettro dell’idrogeno (orbitali supposti 1/p) che sono dell’ordine delle decine di nanometi (22 nm se non erro la nuova linea di spettro dell’idrogeno).

      Insomma nano-polveri potrebbero entrare in risonanza e quindi dare l’energia mancante al sistema.

      A questo punto mi fermo; buon lavoro e speriamo che presto una università possa certificare il lavoro da Lei Svolto con tanta passione.

      Non so se è reale la fusione fredda o altro, (il tempo è il miglior giudice in queste materie) vorrei comunque ringraziarla per avermi fatto appassionare e solo per questo le dico GRAZIE.

      Per il resto se i risconti saranno positivi le assicuro che il coro sarà molto ma molto più forte !

    • Charles

      I read somewhere that the catalyst might be copper oxide. But be careful, it could react with the hydrogen if you are not careful.

  • I remember, some time ago, after Rossi’s second attempt at a patent application, that he installed some sort of fail safe device to destroy the catalyst. I remember him explaining that he had worried about intellectual theft while the application was being processed. Also he was trying to insure safeguards against any radiation leakage, seeing as though the basic theories on the atomic levels are not quite understood as of yet.

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  • arian

    Iggy Dalrymple
    October 31st, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    When do you intend to start production in the USA?

    Andrea Rossi
    November 1st, 2011 at 3:35 AM

    Dear Iggy Dalrymple:
    Already did. The charges are already made in the USA. Of course the work is in progress.
    Warm Regards,

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  • Potential Customer

    Rossi’s commercial e-mail is: [email protected]

    Well, what if we visit the website

    That is the website of a company called “EON”, also known as “Leonardo Corporation”. The company makes electric generators (GENSETS) fueled by vegetable oils and animal fats. The company is probably a property of Andrea Rossi.

    Address of Leonardo Corporation:

    116 South River Road
    Bedford, N.H. 03110 – USA

    Phone +1 603 668 7000 – +1 603 674 1309
    Fax +1 603 647 4325

    So, can someone please go to Bedford, New Hampshire, and knock at the door of 116 South River Road, and ask: “Hello, are you building E-Cats here? I want to buy one…”

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  • Aaron R

    Dear Mr. Rossi, do you have any plans on making this available to Canada?

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  • Steve Parry

    Dear Mr. Rossi,

    When will an ~ 1 KW household e-cat be available? I would love to have one. As I am living in Alaska it would be extremely useful for remote sites.

    Sincerely, Steve Parry

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  • Nicholas Payne

    It is ironic that just two days after the October 28th test, nature provided the best advertisement for his system by a second record storm that left 77% of Connecticut without power. The thunderous roar of home gas powered generators has stopped now that power is returning, but Mr Rossi makes the whole electric infrastructure that fell apart obsolete.

  • Pontus

    Unfortunately there is a big investment in existing energy sources that is protected by big interests who care only about their importance and power to control the world. Many scams have been presented to discourage belief in any real breakthrough like E-cat. If the powers that be can not own it they will destroy it. Hopefully E-cat technology will prevail by proving superior to existing technology and be more conducive to a decentralized energy economy thus diversify power production so it can truly serve the needs of many and not just the few.

    • Studious Citizen

      There are nations whose entire economies and governments are run solely on the revenue generated by oil and natural gas. Of course there is opposition to revelation of any new energy source that is both cheap and effective.

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  • Russell

    I remain skeptically optimistic. While I really hope the Ecat is the real deal there is too much overall secrecy surrounding it.

    Firstly, and I know I will be jumped on for this, the Ecat was still attached to a running generator. If you want me to believe it is self sustaining turn the generator off.

    Second, the “customer” who “bought” it, even though it was still plugged into a generator, is completely anonymous. Someone saying their customer is completely satisfied is not the same thing as the customer saying he is.

    Third, there has been no scientific review of the Ecat before sales. If it is to be believed that it is a cold fusion reaction, it need scientific review before sales to guarantee safety, if nothing else. A cold nuclear reaction is still a nuclear reaction. From a liability standpoint what Rossi is doing is extremely foolhardy.

    Those are my concerns with the Ecat test. If the devise is truly being tested by the Bologna University I hope they reveal to the world that the Ecat is the real deal. Otherwise, I will have to conclude this is another in a long line of free energy scams.

    • Carl Nemo **==

      Spot-on analysis of E-Cat Russell, myself having similar concerns.

      I urge folks to pull up Rossi’s bio on Wiki. You’ll be surprised to the fact he has a criminal background although ‘acquitted’ makes one somewhat concerned as to whom he associates with?

      Surely everyone has heard of the word “Ponzi” related to a financial scheme. Well folks many people in our modern era have been duped by alleged technological advancements soon to fail after introduction into the marketplace.

      I’m hoping beyond all hope that this would turn out to be the real deal simply as an “Edison” type breakthrough in power generation. Possibly Rossi too, as Edison, is a hands-on, practical genius without the hardcore mathematical and physical science background to explain his invention via formally accepted modes, but in the final analysis it works. (hopefully so) : )

      It means hasta la vista babeee to oil sheiks and other perveyors of oil and natural gas as the world’s premier energy source.

      Carl Nemo **==

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