More Media Coverage of the E-Cat: Fox News Talks To Rossi

Even though the Associated Press sent a journalist from New York to Bologna, Italy to observe the testing of the first 1 MW E-Cat plant, the first major news source to cover the energy catalyzer story and actually talk to Andrea Rossi is Fox News.

John Brandon’s Article, “Cold Fusion Experiment: Major Success or Complex Hoax?” provides some context for the E-Cat story by briefly reviewing the history of cold fusion, and making the rather sweeping statement that “Scientists say . . . cold fusion is patently impossible. They say it defies the laws of physics.” That’s not exactly true — he could have said “many scientists”, or “most scientists”, but there are plenty of scientists who acknowledge that cold fusion is possible in theory, if not in current practice.

Brandon makes the interesting statement that, “Rossi’s claims have confounded the scientific community, many of whom have either dismissed the demonstration outright or have questioned whether the E-Cat really works. Several experts who spoke to declined to comment or go on the record.”

This reluctance to make an outright condemnation on the record could indicate that there are some experts who are hedging their bets about Rossi’s claims. And rightly so, in my mind. Even if you can’t fully get behind his claims, there is enough evidence from public tests, and statements from expert witnesses to at least make one wonder that something very unusual, however unlikely, could be going on.

For those who know Andrea Rossi, the things he says in the Fox News piece are very familiar. He explains that his method fuses hydrogen with nickel, releasing much more heat than is needed to bring about the reaction, and makes no attempt to debate the skeptics. Working products used by satisfied customers will provide all the proof of the E-Cat that will be needed, he maintains. “We have nothing to say, just to make plans that work properly and let those facts win against the skepticism,” he says.

It will be interesting to see the effect that this Fox News piece will have. has an Alexa ranking of 159 (meaning the 159th most visited site worldwide), making it a more widely read publication than any that has as yet mentioned the E-Cat story. And overall, I think this is quite a fair piece, especially in the fact that Rossi himself is quoted, and this will probably the first time that many readers will be introduced to his bold claims and his absolute conviction.

The Internet is an interesting place. People can go from obscurity to household names almost overnight if their story has right kind of coverage and a certain appeal. I’m not saying this article will do that for Rossi, but this kind of piece could start building a momentum that could one day, with just the right catalyst put the E-Cat in particular, and cold fusion in general squarely into the global consciousness.


  • daniel maris

    To my mind this article in Fox News is the most important development since the Jan 11 test.

    For the first time we have identified a major agency – the US Navy – as considering the Rossi device to be credible.

    It is a really blow to the sceptics…a direct hit on their most powerful position – the claim that Rossi is spinning make-believe stories.

    • 0mega

      “ spoke with a man at SPAWAR who identified himself as Swanson, and who said only that he was “not in a position to talk to the press.”

      So, what was identified? Nothing. No statement means, no statement. If you ask Swanson about what he knows about aliens, he’s gonna say the same.

      WHY doesn’t Rossi allow a university to prove his experiments? That would do away with all of the critics in one strike, and he could focus on working.

      • Matt

        I believe now that he has some funding he is sending it to the Universities of Uppsala and Bologna.

        • daniel maris

          Well although Rossi could be clearer about his aims and actions, so far he seems to do what he says in broad terms. So I will be surprised if R&D at Bologna and Upsaala Universities doesn’t follow.

      • daniel maris


        Don’t be silly. Rossi identified the guy. The Navy woudl be at perfect liberty to say we haven’t heard of this guy. If he were a scammer it would be a ridiculous risk to take – naming an individual like that.

        I think we can take it as read in the absence of a denial that there is this association.

      • “WHY doesn’t Rossi allow a university to prove his experiments? That would do away with all of the critics in one strike, and he could focus on working.”

        Here’s why: “Now that this first customer has signed off on this technology, and Rossi will be receiving funds, he can pay the half million needed for the University of Bologna and Uppsala University to begin doing their tests, which will take 2 years.” (
        No more need be said.

  • atanguy

    Interesting in the article they talk to:”Paul Swanson with the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems unit (SPAWAR) can vouch for the demonstration”
    So the buyer could be the US Navy?

  • Mike Cheek

    “Working products used by satisfied customers will provide all the proof of the E-Cat that will be needed, he maintains.” – Yes! I think most scientists and engineers will be more than happy to believe Mr. Rossi’s assertions if this happens.

    And I certainly hope it will. If all this is true, then surely one of these companies will advertise such an important advantage within the next few months.

  • Sanjeev

    From jonp:

    Andrea Rossi
    November 2nd, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    An imbecile is going around sending “confidential” letters saying that our plant tested on the 28th did not have safety valves. Of course everybody with a minimum of knowledge of the matter knows that it is not possible not to put safety valves in a steam generator , but let me confirm the obvious: the plant has 104 safety valves, one per every vessel, regulated to open at 3 bars. The imbecile who is expanding this and other falsities is not a puppett, he is a puppetteer. Before or later I will publish the story of our relationship with this guy, as well as tapes in which he and his fellows have been videotaped while trying to steal samples of powder in my factory during a visit, as well as a draft of a contract which was a fraud. Desperate of the fact that we started the manufacturing of our 1 MW plants the puppetteers are scratching the bottom of their bullshit barrells, and teaming up with other gangs of thieves too.
    Andrea Rossi

  • Tim

    The Fox News coverage is not too favourable, but on the other hand it does not tear it apart either. I really like Rossi’s statement.
    “We have nothing to say, just to make plants that work properly and let those facts win against the skepticism.”
    He could not have put it more simply. It seems apparent that the e-cat has been sold to a company that no doubt intends to manufacture, distribute, install and keep them running. Keep in mind that the e-cat and cold fusion in general are only at the beginning of their infancy. The fascinating thing about the e-cat, despite the mysteries surrounding how it actually works, it appears to be a rather simple device. The device itself seems to do exactly what it is supposed to; produce energy. Perhaps how the energy from the e-cat is harnessed needs a little R&D which quite likely is already under way.
    To me this sounds like a very good start.

  • Alexvs

    I have followed every thread and posts in this site. From the first moment, a lot of expectatives around oct 28th demo were evident. After 28th the discussion centers on unliable gaskets, leakages, mysterious customer, open source, news from Fox and so on. But the kern of the whole story i.e. the irrefutable fact that the device works giving more energy than it consumes remains doubtful.
    Being at most generous what one can think of ECat is that even if it is true, the physical conditions under which it really works are not known. I mean, some units work, some do not work.
    And this is a real scientific issue very common at nuclear research. The right understanding of phenomena is the key for the correct application of any theory to practical devices.
    I agree with Mr. Rossi to the safety valves claim. I do not know if there were safety valves or not and I do not care. But Mr. Rossi must admit that imbeciles, snakes and similar would not deserve even a single comment if the ECat device had undergone the simple and safe proof: input -> black box -> output.

  • Alexvs

    To admin.
    Thanks for unbanning.

  • arian
  • felix

    Surely appearing on FOX news can only damage a man’s reputation XD

  • georgehants

    If Rossi proves his case in the near future it will be the fastest release of a beyond known science effect ever.
    To take the case of Quantum computers that where denied and abused by main-line science for years and years until a mathematician showed that they could crack any classical code in seconds, then only because of defense considerations research accelerated exponentially.
    Main-line science is inefficient, wasteful, incompetent, and led by people who should have no place in the premier occupation of FIND and RESEARCH new science in any area that an anomaly shows it’s self.
    Only the unknown is of interest and leave the army of ordinary scientists to work on and exploit known science for as long as they wish.
    Every person who does not want an answer to the UFO phenomenon and every other phenomenon is no scientist.
    Science cannot pick and choose, every unknown including the possible Rossi effect are as important as each other.
    People have been brain-washed by listening to a few closed-minds who are skeptical of everything new.
    There are NO REASONS WHY any unknown should not be viewed with excitement and eagerness to find out about a World that is put here for us to play with and discover it’s ultimate meaning.

    • Alexvs

      Scientists make their best in trying to replicate any unknown phenomenon. Only through replication can be it further researched and explained. As far as I know research on Ni + H reactions is on. If they had not found anything as supposedly good as Mr. Rossi is their business. But nowadays Mr. Rossi’s assumptions are inconclusive and a replication is impossible because nobody knows what is inside the E Cat.
      A normal scientific process took place in 1938 when Otto Hahn, Lise Meitner and Fritz Strassmann tried to replicate the Joliot-Curie experiment. They could replicate it as all data were available. Results were incredible. Then Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch discovered the nature of the phenomenon and here began really the Atomic Era.

      • Gerson

        Can you replicate an earthquake?

        Can you replicate a black hole?

        Black holes exist, and you can’t replicate it in a lab.

        Earthquakes exist, and nobody can predict when an earthquake will hit. Even so, nobody says that Seismology is “not a science” or that Seismology is “junk science”.

        Mainstream “scientists” have used the “replication” issue to discredit Cold Fusion, and call it “junk science”. For 20 years, Cold Fusion was treated like “nonsense” and “fraud” just because it couldn’t be replicated whenever wanted. That was a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY commited by the mainstream “scientists”.

        • Robert

          You may not be able to replicate an earthquake, but they are something which is a repeatable event that can be measured multiple times, tested in terms of a theory, and have instruments set up to test that theory and refine the ideas behind how an earthquake works. On top of that, yes you can “replicate” an earthquake in terms of man-made events like collapsing a mine or detonating a nuclear bomb underground to give you some of the same characteristics that resemble an earthquake and are otherwise indistinguishable from the natural phenomena.

          As for black holes, it may be argued that CERN is indeed making black holes in a lab, but that is for a completely separate discussion. Again, the issue is if you can find multiple black holes (or suspected black holes as a responsible astronomer would suggest) to test the theory for how they work and to refine those theories for the next time you discover another similar object in the sky.

          All of this is science.

          The problem with “cold fusion” is that serious attempts to replicate the results of the test have come flat, and that some of the scientists involved gave up on trying to replicate the results after what they thought was a good faith attempt to do so. There is also the added problem that for the “mainstream fusion researchers”, any attention and funding for cold fusion research was taking money away from their pet programs. Certainly the Tokamak designs (like ITER) have sucked up almost all of the proverbial “oxygen” in terms of any rational discussion on fusion techniques, where any other idea is openly dismissed. Reading some of the discussions about that topic by Robert Bussard when he made his announcements about the Polywell reactor go into details about that particular issue.

          Seriously, please see this video if you want to see some of the problems with fusion research in general:

          I detest “big science” for a whole bunch of reasons, but that is a completely separate issue compared to the issues of if cold fusion is real or not. Science can be done here, but it must be real science and that takes poking, prodding, and really looking at how something works. Fusion devices are something that should be reproducible as it is a human-built artifact. Neither most natural earthquakes nor black holes fit that definition.

      • guido

        The point, at least from Rossi’s perspective, is not to explain why it works but to show that it works. So the only serious question is: Is excess energy produced? All scientist (skeptics and sympathetics alike) witnessing the tests accept that the machine produce excess heat. Rossi don’t care where that energy comes from: he’s not a scientist, he’s a businessman and want to make money out of it before someone else will be able to replicate the process. He still doesn’t have a patent yet. Most of the ecat engineering an chemistry is well known by italian physicists (his machine is almost identical to a patented catalyzer built by the university of Siena 10 years ago and, btw, that’s why the italian patent office didn’t grant him yet the patent). Rossi is rushing to get contracts in order to keep the lead. He’s trying to outpace institutional and private labs who are very close to where he is right now and have much more funds than he does.

    • Robert

      Quantum computing did have the backing of Richard Feynman, and there was some substantial backing by well known nuclear physicists about the concept. It wasn’t until Shor’s algorithm was introduced (giving it the ability to do something other computer architectures can’t do) along with other techniques that proved the concept could be done on a practical basis that it was dismissed as a fringe topic and only of academic interest. I should note, however, quantum computing still is something left to academic laboratories and simulations as the number of Qbits which can be put together on a practical device is still so few that it can’t be used for any real number crunching.

      On that basis, I’d agree the comparison to Cold Fusion/LENR is very appropriate, or even almost any sort of fusion research. Fusion devices have been a “holy grail” in terms of the fact that the energy potential has been acknowledged in scientific circles for quite some time, and some very substantial amount of money has been spent by governments and private individuals over the years in terms of trying to find a way to make it happen.

      Unlike the other “UFO phenomena”, this is something which can be seen in nature, thus the conditions which will permit fusion to happen can be documented with testable scientific theories applied, modified, rejected, and refined.

      What is being urged, however, is caution and not to simply jump onto the bandwagon thinking that the world’s energy needs have suddenly been met. Indeed even if Rossi has discovered something new and interesting, I don’t think the full details in terms of how it works or what its limitations might be have been developed yet. There is plenty of experience to suggest that “there is no free lunch”, and that some drawbacks to this approach to energy production might still come up.

      The 1 MW reactor demonstration wasn’t a runaway hit, and it certainly showed some problems with the design. It still hasn’t been handed to independent researchers for testing on a serious basis, and at best the tests which have been done to date are only demonstrations, not serious scientific inquiry to even see if the device works as claimed merely as a “black box”, much less understanding how the thing works. That this hasn’t happened is a current flaw with the idea.

      Show me this reactor working for weeks and months, and I might be a whole lot more sympathetic. Can it work for more than a week? Has it ever worked for more than a week? No demonstration to date has shown that it can.

      • georgehants

        Do you not think that it is the job of science to lead and supply answers not as you are doing defend incompetence and keep asking for somebody else to supply science with the answers.

  • twmemphis

    To All: Please give me just one good reason why Roosi has made all his tests in a doubtful way, always leaving multiple doors open to keep the audience in doubt of the E-Cat really working?

    Since almost a year he hears the critics, he knows what needs to be made to prove it right, but he never is doing it.


    He claims to be an engineer, he reads hundreds of comments, he should know what his “customers” and the public expect.

    • georgehants

      It has been 23 years that main-line science has hidden Cold Fusion, why are you not complaining to them.

    • Sanjeev

      This is the obvious question any newcomer would ask. You will perhaps find the answer if you think over it and dig in deep.

      From Rossi’s perspective, you are only an onlooker, who happens to hear about Ecat.

      For him, it is important that the customer who is spending so much, is convinced. Onlookers are not his priority and should not be, if he wants to get the Ecats into market in his lifetime.

      If you have 2 mil euros, you can test it as much as you want and if you are satisfied, buy it, else say no. If you do not want this hassle, just wait for the testimony of a reputed customer. If it appears, its real, else it will be lost among a million other snake oil varieties.

      If you read the skeptical comments here or on other sites, you will see that the point of doubt keeps shifting and all have their own pet method which should be used to ‘prove it’. If another demo clears some points, 100 other doubts are raised and are demanded to be cleared.This game continues, while Rossi works hard and spends a lot of money and time.

      This is because you are looking at it sitting comfortably on your armchair and from a large distance. The people, documents, equipments, tests, videos, photos and every other thing can be faked. Nothing will convince an onlooker. Just ask yourself what can be a perfect demo, then ask how can it be faked. You will understand. There is no way to clear doubts without getting involved.

      If you step into his shoes, this situation is not good for him or for the world. What the world needs at this time is mass production of Ecats. And for that we need people with money who can test it, buy it or set up a production facility.

      If you can buy a working product in coming years, that would clear your doubts.

      • Az

        Outstanding comment!!!!!!!!
        Right to the point.

        • Kim

          Outstanding Comment!

          If it was tested in the united states
          they would tear it apart and put it
          back together again.

          Then they would say it works!

          But wait, no theory so it does not work!

          Then they would start in on regulatory issues…

          and bury it, just like the big oil
          coal, and nuclear would demand…


      • georgehants

        I have followed Rossi since the beginning, your evasive answer is not impressive. please try again.

        It has been 23 years that main-line science has hidden Cold Fusion, why are you not complaining to them.

        • Sanjeev

          My reply was for twmemphis.
          I guess there is a misunderstanding.

          I agree with you , mainstream physicist did not take LENR seriously, they do not want to lose funding I guess. Money corrupts everyone equally.

          • georgehants

            Sanjeev, sorry, thank you.

      • Josh

        Your answer is fine… except, if we are just “onlookers”, then why does Rossi give us anything? Do I have any idea what energy products GE is working on? They might give a little information, but not much… “onlookers” aren’t necessary if you have a nearly magical product to sell – it will sell itself. “Onlookers” cause problems because they force you to share too much about your product to the competition.

        • Rockyspoon

          I understand it was Focardi that pressed Rossi for the first and subsequent public tests. Rossi’s a busy man, but beholden to his mentor, so he did as his elder requested. Whether it has worked for his benefit or detriment is a good question–at least it has widened the scope of the field and perhaps brought in a few customers that wouldn’t otherwise have considered a purchase. But it is Focardi who can be attributed when the reason for these tests is asked.

    • Gerson

      He is not concerned about the public. He is just concerned about his customers. And his first customer was allowed to make tests in October 28th, and was satisfied. This is the only thing Rossi is worried about for now.

    • guido

      What should he be trying to achieve by cheating and personally spending million euros in the ecat? Fame? Look what they did to Fleishmann and Pons; Wealth? Will you invest in the ecat at this point? I would not. Is he just a fool? Maybe, but not dozen of scientist, journalist etc. who witnessed several experiments.
      He’s not a scientist. He’s a businessman with engineering skills who made a catalyzer (tapping heavily on researches made by mainstream italian physicists) which produces excess energy. He doesn’t know why and he don’t care to know! He just want to keep the lead in order to maximize his future financial benefits. And he knows that soon other people will be able to reproduce his ecat, a quite simple machine of which 90% of its engineering and chemistry is public and well known to scientist (at least in italy). He’ll hide to the public the last 10% of the machine ’til an international patent will be granted. What would you do in his place if you’d care more about the money you can make rather than academic prestige?

    • Alexvs

      Mr. Twmenphis.
      I would give you a good reason but I fear it would not be politically correct nor had nothing to do with science / engineering.

  • Sanjeev

    Fox says:
    “Rossi said this customer measured and verified the test — and told that Paul Swanson with the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems unit (SPAWAR) can vouch for the demonstration.”

    Notice the ‘–‘, they are made to look as if the two sentences are related. You can expect this from today’s sensationalist and fact twisting journalism.

    Why would Rossi disrespect the contract and give away the name of the customer like this ? This will surely end the contract and possibly bring on a lawsuit on him. This will end everything.

    We do not know which demonstration he is talking about. It can be one of his Ecat demos or can be SPAWARS own experiments. They did the CF experiments earlier and the reports were positive.

    • Robert

      There is no indication, at least from Rossi nor from anybody who actually attended the test, that the name of the “customer” was ever revealed. I think this is a bit of speculation on the part of the Fox News reporter, who obviously has followed this story for a little while and has done some background digging.

      As to if SPAWAR is the customer of this first set of reactors or not, I think that remains to be seen. I have not seen a credible independent report or article suggesting that is the case.

      It certainly seems odd for Fox News to bring up that issue, but it wasn’t Rossi who spilled the beans regardless. It was a reporter who got somebody at SPAWAR to spill the beans, even if it appears that the guy being interviewed didn’t have the authority to really make a press release or to even discuss much about the topic. Announcements of that nature should either be made at the Pentagon in the briefing room, or from the White House, so whoever this “Paul Swanson” might be, he certainly was acting well above his pay grade even to make any comments at all. Reporters don’t care about little trivial details like that.

      I certainly wouldn’t disparage Andreas Rossi for this incident.

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  • Sanjeev
  • Robert Mockan

    If Mr. Rossi were building and selling better roller skate bearings who would care? His competitors. And if the bearing market was big then unethical competitors might contract out some industrial espionage, sabotage, and character assassination. But once Mr. Rossi completes a bearing contract with a customer, his competitors have a problem. The next step would then be to regulate Mr. Rossi out of business.
    Get ready for the next big battle that Mr. Rossi is going to have to fight.

    • Robert

      The problem is that there isn’t any other comparable device. Presuming that the emission of radiation is as being claimed, there is little to regulate here other than the dreaded “N” word tied to this device. I really don’t see what can be done here other than to validate Mr. Rossi.

      I know there are a couple of Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor devices in the town where I’m writing this reply, and I also know of a couple of fission reactors at some universities in some nearby towns that would shock some folks if they realized just how close their homes are to those reactors. Seriously, I think these fears are far overrated.

      The largest problem that I see with these devices is trying to get the licensing to hook up the steam turbines to the power grid, assuming you want to install this in your home. Then again, you may want to simply disconnect your home from the grid altogether…. and it will be especially interesting to see what utility companies may think about a home consumer doing that.

      If anything, the approach currently being taken to sell this device to industrial customers first seems like an excellent move for a whole bunch of reasons, if only to get the foot in the door and have these major industrial customers (who have political contacts as well) take the initial regulatory hits.

  • arian

    This is a joke?

    “NFL Fans Invent New Energy Source To Power TVs Amid Outages”

    • Robert

      Yes, it is a joke. It made my already low opinion of the Huffington Post even lower. I guess I can congratulate you on the reference if only for that reason alone. See also at the top “Comedy” and the source that this “article” has referenced for the original source material.

      It also shows how mainstream news media is treating this announcement by Rossi, but otherwise this “announcement” is purely coincidental. It is a funny parody, and the kernel of truth presented in terms of angry NFL fans due to power outages is even more hilarious. If you knew the passion of some NFL fans, seeing them go out of their way to duplicate Rossi’s device certainly wouldn’t be out of the question if it meant the difference between them watching a game or missing it. There certainly are more than a few geeks who are also fans that might be able to pull it off too.

  • Kim

    I just read every post here.

    Like the first caveman demonstrating the flint and fire…

    some are watching, others are huddled in the dark corner of the cave wetting their pants.

    Morality of Science is despicable today.


    • Alexvs

      How profound! I cannot get it.

    • Martin6078

      Hi Kim.
      Very lovely told.
      Maybe sceptic caveman and cavewomen may ask the flintstone invetor how it is working. At first he should explain and prove where the sparks came from, bevore to start a fire.

      • Robert Mockan

        The caveman who makes the sticks used for starting fire by friction is huddling with his friends plotting to bash the flint and sparks inventor in the head the first chance they get. Then they will collect all the flint they can find and kill any body else who tries to use flint they do not provide.
        Hey, that sounds like a fascist corporate/ government police state, doesn’t it?

        • Kim

          Its a very good analogy.

          It time to claim our future for
          our children.

          money,gangsters,banksters ruling
          our lifes.


          • Dimitrie

            Well put Kim. Wetting their loincloths is more like it. But yeah, the mentality of the caveman is “There’s not enough!” So they lie, cheat, steal and remain in the cave the world relegates savages to.

            Change is coming. With the light.

  • Hari

    Even though we need more data and proof to believe e-cat, saying that it is impossible just because it violates the laws of physics is absurd. Laws of physics, as we know it, were not published by the God. It is what we inferred from the nature. Everything what we believe may not be the truth, including the belief that the speed of light is constant in free space.