Rossi: Don’t Try This At Home

Although we don’t know all the secrets of the E-Cat, from what we have been shown it is quite a simple device. You have a reaction chamber in which nickel, hydrogen and the unknown catalyst are combined, which is attached to a plumbing system through which water is pumped. There are also some electronics involved, including the mysterious radio frequency generator, but nothing too high tech that would put off a determined experimenter who is trying to replicate this device at home.

Andrea Rossi is aware of the E-Cat building going on out there, and has just issued a statement about it.


Rossi is not so naive as not to expect that people will not try and replicate his technology, and he is not attempting to stop replication attempts, but he is clearly worried about accidents that could happen if safety precautions are not followed.

  • Robert

    When Wilhelm Röntgen discovered how to make X-rays, he found himself in a similar position. Making an X-ray emitter was comparatively speaking trivial to make and extremely cheap, yet it was also incredibly dangerous too. Any determined undergraduate student in electrical engineering or even a really gifted high school student which possesses the skill that with a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars worth of parts could build one of those devices.

    In the past, before knowledge of the danger of these devices was generally known in the public, you could get into “therapeutic radiation” clinics to receive a daily or weekly dose of x-rays, stick your hand under a Fluoroscope just to see how your bones in your hand were shaped in a department store, and there was even one chain of shoe stores which even used X-ray devices to help measure shoe size for its customers with a continually running machine sitting in the front of the store.

    If this sounds horrifying, it is. A great many people did become sick from all of this radiation exposure, and the “home experimenters” made a great many mistakes that cost them their lives.

    I could give other anecdotal about the possible dangers, but I would have to believe Rossi here when he says this has some potential dangers that home experimenters are not aware of if they are casually making these devices. If you are used to working with toxic materials, if you have a laboratory or workshop with some very reasonable precautions to handle these dangers, it isn’t so bad. I think a “home experimenter” perhaps even could build one of these devices, but most homes are not equipped with the proper handling equipment or have the work space secure enough to keep the dangerous stuff away from children or other folks who might not be aware of the dangers.

    • K Reilly

      My father once told me when he was in the Army he had seen technicians at an Alaskan radar station stand in front of the emitter to keep warm.

  • Renzo
  • Casey

    Just remember that any home user that does manage to get a Ni + H LENR to work could be subjecting themselves to harmful levels of radiation while it is operating. Rossi uses a few inches of lead and without that protection it could be very dangerous.

    • atanguy

      Interestingly Rossi doesn’t warn of radiation hazard..

    • Justin

      LENR reactions don’t produce radiation, because they don’t release excess neutrons. Radiation isn’t a problem. It’s also been a huge mistake of cold fusion “debunkers” to look for signs of radiation with neutron detectors. They won’t find any.

      • alainS

        Then no neutrons = no fusion.
        This looks to me more as a chemical reaction of unknown origin (for the moment).

  • Martin6078

    Its likely the same to mix black pouder or similar chemical matters in the garage.
    Nobody, fools only without experience would handling and tampering an electric power systems,car brakes, or gas apparates,etc.
    Let´s go rather to the professionals, especial by these advanced tecnique, the E-Cat.
    Best Regards:

  • eco-ernie

    Nickelpowder alone is allready dangerous enough. Nickel can cause cancer and other inriversable damage! Read the warnings and advises on the packaging. This is not to be underestimated. i guess even more dangerous than hydrogen, the explosion might cause damage but you can heal from it. Damage from airborn nickelpowder you will discover that when it is too late…
    Looking so very much forward to the day the Ecat is simply for sale for everybody!
    Wishing Andrea and his team the most possible success

  • Kim

    I’m sure the future will bring us to the point
    where anyone can order a core generator already to
    go and calibrated properly, with specifications and
    proper utility…

    We don’t need any bad news or press from amateurs at this point.


    • Alec B.

      Morbidly, it would probably bring attention, but it would make the public only take the technology more seriously. Rossi can not be found at fault with his statements.

  • nima
    • Sanjeev

      Wired :
      “Firstly, the demonstration should have been much more convincing. The shipping container housing the E-Cat setup should have been hoisted from a crane and visibly disconnected from any external power supply. ”

      :). When I commented that every skeptic has his own pet method of ‘proving it’, I did not imagine this one.

      Overall a positive article but full of errors.

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  • Francesco CH

    AGI (Agenzia Giornalistica Italiana – Italian Journalist Agency – is one of the main Italian news agency) published a bulletin concerning the E-Cat:


    07:50 06 NOV 2011

    (AGI) Bologna – Twenty-years since Martin Fleischman’s and Stanley Pos’ experiment, 2 Italian researchers go back to cold fusion. Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi hope to get safe and unlimited energy. In their machine “E-Cat”, three hydrogen and nickel atoms produced ten times the energy uptaken, due to a still unexplained reaction. This occurred at low temperatures and with no radiation emission

  • Sanjeev

    If you read this Q&A with Rossi, he has listed many dangers of working with ECat without proper training. ECats emit alpha and gamma radiations and pressurized hydrogen gas feeding a red hot cell is as good as a bomb.

    Rossi himself has managed to blow up 37 Ecats till date.

  • I would hold Rossi responsible anyway. You don’t go announce something this important and then withhold basic facts about the device.

    I have a locked shipping container on my ranch. I’m not there during the week. I put 10 gold bars in it. Don’t try to pick the locks yourselves because I booby trapped them and they might explode. Having said that I’m not responsible because I told people not to monkey with it. Right? Same logic.

    • Alec B.

      Not really, I think him making this statement absolves him of any responsibility. Could say the same thing but also say the gold bars are not locked up, but have lethal dogs on the property. As long as you hang a “beware of Dogs” sign up, your pretty safe to say the thief should have known better. Can’t fix stupid, you can only warn against it.

    • spad8

      your logic is pretty bizarre. Would you hold responsible the acrobats in a circus for a kid hurting himself trying doing some acrobatics without training?

      By the way: yes, people messing with your lock to get into your stash, are responsible for themselves if they break into some mean trick.
      unless law is very peculiar in your country…

      Funny opinion!

      • Well let’s say this is a Dr. House situation. He can get away with alot because he does things that are fantastic for mankind. If he doesn’t come across his actions border on criminal. If some grad student looses his life because of this, I sure hope for his sake Rossi’s machine works. If it is hogwash and people die then sux to be Rossi. What do you think is going to happen? Everyone is going to leave this stuff alone because Rossi said don’t do it?

    • Alec B.

      I think the real test is, if the ECat turned out to be a Hoax, and people still killed themselves replicating it. I still believe Rossi and crew, would not be at fault. Although, some of those acts of Darwinism, would be good additions to that 1000 ways to die show.

      • Darwinism back at you if one of the relatives of one of the grad students who tries this at home takes it personally.

        I have a different beef with Rossi. I don’t like to be made a fool of. I am about to connect to Edison power on the ranch. I may need to connect to propane service as well. All of this will cost me money. Should I hold off and wait a year or two for this magic box of his to appear?

        Also you paint things in terms of black/white. Hoax or not hoax? 1MW or 0.5MW? Consistently or sometimes? It may work but be extremely unreliable and erratic and not ready for mass consumption.

        Under any other circumstances I would say fine, NDA, his invention he can do with it as he likes. Given the nature of it he needs to come clean otherwise he’ll just be upsetting people.

  • arian

    Jay Caplan
    ]Sun, 06 Nov 2011 12:01:40 -0800

    Just saw a 30 sec video report of Rossi and his recent Ecat test on
    Bloomberg TV in the US, but can’t seem to find a link on their website.

    • Alex

      I don’t think it would be on Bloomburg TV, until Oil has been toppled. If it was there briefly, it has probably been deleted. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but Bloomburg TV is in someones pocket. 3 guesses.

      • Rogerborg

        The Gnomes of Zurich? No, wait I’m going to go with the Saucer People.

    • Adam

      I think I may have found it. energyNOW! on Bloomberg.

      From 19:02 onwards:

      • Omega Z

        Your Link goes to a segment about 28 minutes long with the subject at about 18 minutes in.
        This takes you straight to the E-cat segment just over 1 minute long.


  • arian
  • PersonFromPorlock

    A little OT, but this is as good a place as any: Could we settle on a spelling for E-Cat / E-cat / e-Cat / e-cat / ECat / Ecat / eCat / ecat? I favor ‘Ecat’ as being short, and correctly capitalised (at least in English) as a proper noun.

    It will make future web searches a little easier.

  • Robert Mockan

    I agree with Rossi. I have an industrial space
    I rent for use as workshop, machine shop, and
    laboratory. I do that because trying to do the
    kind of projects I do need an industrial
    environment to conduct properly.I worked as a
    manufacturing engineer and held other
    comparable positions in industry for over 30
    years, and been responsible for employee
    safety on several projects. My last position
    was as a department manager. Having set up
    hoods for chemical use I’m well aware of the
    difficulty working with chemicals in industry.
    That includes toxic particles, toxic gases,
    toxic liquids, heat exchange fluids at
    400 centigrade, oil pressures in hydraulics of
    3000 psi, and high air pressure in pneumatics.
    And I have been responsible for re-designing
    entire rooms for negative pressure operation
    to prevent toxic chemicals from escaping into
    the environment. It IS possible to get injured
    even when all possible safety precautions are
    taken. Fortunately such accidents never
    happened under my watch, but there were a few
    close calls. For example a 55 gallon drum
    containing a highly volatile solvent had built
    up internal pressure (it was bulging on top),
    and the cap had to be removed to check the
    level of the contents, since it was suspected
    it might have been overfilled and thermal
    expansion of the liquid would rupture the drum
    if it had no volume to expand into. It was my job to check it, so I
    removed the cap as carefully as possible, but
    the last thread was sheared off by the gas
    pressure, and it was full enough that toxic
    liquid was blown out and I got drenched. Even one incident like
    that is too many. Some body working with gas
    bottles under pressure need to know what they
    are doing, and the pressures are much higher.
    If one does not know how to calculate the
    rupture pressure for a steel container of
    specific dimensions, filled with hydrogen gas
    under pressure at elevated temperatures, also
    taking into account hydrogen embrittlement of
    the container metal that will weaken it, then
    forget even thinking about doing projects with
    gas loaded LENR cells. It is good Rossi is
    saying what he does, but he does not go far
    enough in my opinion. Unfortunately, even when
    people are told there is danger, and have an
    intellectual understanding of the danger, they
    still can not judge properly their limitations
    of dealing with the danger. In the example I gave
    I knew I had available a shower to wash chemical
    off, an eye wash station if needed, and I knew all
    the chemical properties from the MSDS. Yet still,
    an accident happened that could easily have been more serious.

  • Omega Z

    From all I’ve read,(Dozens of sites.) It would appear that it’s a better then 50% chance that this is what it is.

    Physicists from multiple Universities have seen similar results with other materials though not consistently reproducible. 1 time 50 watts, then none, then maybe 30. Rossi, by process of elimination of thousands of combination’s may have stumbled upon the combination that is consistent & mostly stable.
    Rossi discourages people from trying to replicate it at home as it is dangerous. The nickel powder itself is very toxic in the form used.
    Now the bad news. It’s not free as some appear to believe. It’s just extremely cheap compared to existing energy.
    If you want free energy, go outside in the Sunlight & let it warm you up. That’s the best you get for free energy.
    Now for the really bad news. You will still have to be connected to a grid of some type. Either the Electric grid as we know it or to a local neighborhood grid.
    For stability & safety reasons you still need an external power source. Even if it’s an external generator which on an individual residence would eat up a lot of your savings. So to retain the cost savings you will have to co-op with the neighbors to some degree. Kind of like a Nuclear power plant can’t provide it’s own power to operate. It requires outside power links.
    It also won’t Doom the Oil, Coal, or Gas companies. For starters all these Fossil fuels have many other uses. Example: Theirs about 50 coal plants in operation in the U.S. alone that have nothing to do with Electrical production. Oil & Natural gas are used for fertilizers & a Bazillion other synthetics, chemicals & products. It will over time reduce demand that will help lower (or Stabilize) prices on these other products.
    I state over time, because if E-cat pans out it will take a couple decades to incorporate this into society.
    I know everyone wants one now, but you’ll have to wait your turn even if & when they become available. Besides, If we all had 1 tomorrow, there would be 10’s of Millions of your fellow citizens around the world thrown out of work. Maybe even you. As the process will be a gradual thing, it will allow time for new jobs to be created for those who will be displaced. Yes, the money you save, you will spend on other products which will create these new jobs.
    If it pans out, I would expect it to be several years before we even see a dampening effect on fossil fuel prices, But we would be headed in the right direction.
    Good Luck Rossi…

    • PersonFromPorlock

      We all need a new acronym, so ITECW (If The Ecat Works), oil prices should drop fairly rapidly as producers flood the market trying to sell while demand is still high, and also as it becomes harder to sell contracts priced on future scarcity of oil. To a considerable extent, the present price of oil is based on its perceived future scarcity.

  • Robert Mockan

    @ Omega Z,

    Almost correct. But the errors negate much of what you conclude. Alternate nuclear active materials that consistently self sustain at ambient temperature were publicized by several scientists dating back over 10 years. The thermal power per unit mass is less than the nickel hydrogen system, but when insulated they can be used to heat the nickel hydrogen system to operating temperatures. Thus no external power is needed to start the system. When Rossi says “stability” he does not mean the system suffers some catastrophic event without external power. He simply means it is easier to control the thermal output with negative feedback activating the “fuel”, than to rely solely on heat being generated. This is an engineering issue, and will be solved with more efficient heat exchanger design. People can live off the grid now using biomass (wood) for fuel and a boiler with steam engine and generator for electricity. When they have wind they have used a wind turbine. When they have lots of sun they have used solar cells. An alternate heat source when designed to run for years without maintenance except replacement of a “fuel” cartridge is not an obstacle. There are certainly other obstacles having to do with regulations, but those can be resolved when people decide they have had enough of debt slavery.

  • AnonymousI’ll be very disappointed if Rossi gives the teconolhgy to government or military organizations. They are more likely to make bad use of it. And I bet to you that they will not give any information in the near future.