Professor Sven Kullander to Give Lecture on Cold Fusion at Orebro University, Sweden

Sven Kullander, professor of high energy physics at Uppsala University and chairman of Sweden’s Royal Academy of Sciences Energy Committee will be giving a public lecture entitled “Tomorrow’s Nuclear Power — Will it be Cold or Hot?” at Orebro University in Sweden on November 23rd at 16:30 in lecture hall T in Tech House.

The announcement of this event reads, “In the wake of Fukushima accident the future of nuclear power is discussed again. The rush to replace the world’s eighty percent dependent on fossil fuels coal, oil and gas. Severe climate change will probably be difficult to avoid without massive expansion of both renewables and nuclear.
Very large investments are being made to greatly improve existing nuclear reactors. Within a few decades are expected to see a new type of reactors, breeder reactors, both safer and more efficient than today’s reactors. In an even longer perspective, the hope is that the hot fusion on a large scale to provide humanity with almost infinite amount of energy.

But maybe all these planned large-scale facilities will compete with small reactors that could be the private property of every man and woman. Cold fusion has been developed recently in Bologna can be housed in an apparatus which is not much bigger than a coffee maker and generating energy only with a few teaspoons of nickel powder.
 An intensive discussion on the net have questioned the experiment in Bologna mainly because it can not be explained by the established nuclear physics theory. It has also been speculated that the derivative produced heat energy must have been greatly overestimated mainly by an overestimation of the buildup of steam. At the lecture, these issues will be treated in order to gain a better understanding of the experiment in Bologna.

Welcome! Free admission!

Kullander is one of the professors who has been involved in testing of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology, and has gone on record in favor of the validity of Rossi’s claims and this lecture might get some extra attention in Sweden now, since Swedish Public Radio has entered the E-Cat discussion and suggested that NyTeknik, and its reporter, Mats Lewan, could be involved in perpetrating a scam with its extensive coverage of the E-Cat story.

Here’s hoping that NyTeknik, of some other Swedish news source will attend the lecture and report.

  • Johan H

    I will attend if I am not indisposed to participate, it’s only 100 km from home.

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  • Kim

    Increased Iodine 131 levels in Europe.

    Could Andrea Rossi’s Secret Catalyst be Tellurium



    • Rockyspoon

      I’m not sure about the tellurium component–Rossi has said it’s a fairly common compound and I wouldn’t consider tellurium as one of those. In fact, it is a relatively rare metal currently selling for $310 per kg (for 99.99% purity):

      Of interest is a comparison with nickel using the Kitco graphs on nickel. The price of nickel is at a relative low due to depressed demand from the world-wide economic downturn (nickel is primarily used to make steel, which is not in high demand right now, although nickel was trading for under $5 per pound from Oct ’08 to April ’09 and had been on a moderate upswing until Feb ’11 as the 5 Year Nickel Spot graph indicates):

      So I don’ think tellurium is in the secret compound used by Rossi. Besides, it is projected that there will be a scaricy of tellurium in the future and the price of the metal has risen considerably from what it was 11 years ago, which was $14 per pound:

  • Hampus

    I have bought my train ticket :), soon I will see Sven Kullander himself.

  • alexvs

    What about levels of 14C and 30P?
    131I increase is not caused by Rossi’s experiment. Be sure.

    • Kim

      I did not know this.
      Thats very good news.


  • If you fly with a plane over the atlantic ocean you get 40000 more times radiation then what’s now in the air in Europe.

  • Martin6078

    I hope the lecture of Professor Kullander will published in the net as a life video with english subtitel or maybe translated.
    Byside: It is not a good idea to jump on the train of the Climate hoax,the manmade climatechange.Under the guise of carbondioxide fraud to create the E-Cat would be a big failure, to start E-Cat by a lie!

    • Ron Sonntag

      Carbon dioxide fraud? Are you a complete idiot? 500,000 years of ice-cores ranging from Greenland to Antarctica don’t lie. You, on the other hand, appear to require a brain cleansing.

      • Joss

        Right, ice-cores don’t lie but human made CO2 is a tiny percentage of CO2 increase due to its large amounts being emitted by warming waters of oceans. Recently 9000 years old Hindu city has been found 36 meters (120 feet) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay. Thanks to this it is easy to calculate ocean water level average increase of 0.4 cm per year:
        Global warming slowly continues for thousand of years and it is a natural process. There is no proof that puny human civilization can cause any substantial global changes. Obviously some guys have an agenda in promoting human-made global warning scam.

    • Bertil

      Check out this site, search for Rossi or Kullander, there are English translations. This paper will surely have reports from the lecture by Kullander in the next few days.

  • arian
  • arian
    • arian

      ops my mistake

      article is about cold fusion

  • arian
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  • Ron Sonntag

    Hopeful but reluctant to believe. Strange, I don’t take much measure from Hollywood films, but, there is one where the declaration of cold fusion was done in a public and demonstrable fashion. I would think that anyone proposing a cheap and workable “coffee can” sized device would be more than willing to go public, say, on David Letterman, or, on John Stewart, and simply proclaim success? Too simple? Of course, if it is NOT a coffee can sized device, and requires, in fact, a few BILLION dollars of investment, well then…it’s not so easy to sell, is it?