To Put E-Cat Technology on the Map

While Andrea Rossi has stated that he hopes to be able to provide cheap, clean energy for the world, and in building a manufacturing base for E-Cat technology create many jobs, he finds himself having to work under significant constraints, in large measure because of the business model he has chosen to operate under.

Rossi is so carefully concealing his technological breakthrough that many observers believe he is hiding something with the intent to deceive the public. The recent public and semi-public demonstrations may have been convincing to some, but to others they have served only to solidify doubts about his claims — the main reason being that not enough scrutiny of the E-Cat has been allowed.

It seems clear that for now, at least, Rossi is not going to change his strategy for commercializing his invention. He is intent on protecting his trade secret and when it comes to selling his 1 MW plants, seems to be dealing only with customers whom he trusts to protect his secret. To magnify the cloud of secrecy, the first E-Cat customer has demanded anonymity and Rossi has obliged — and no other potential customer has stepped forward to publicly identify themselves. It’s all very murky.

So what could happen to change this situation, and provide the spark that could change public perception? Well, one potential customer recently made an interesting public proposal on Rossi’s JONP site:

“Dear Mr. Rossi,

We make GREEN detergents and are growing even in these dangerous economic times.

My company relies on GREEN technology and a GREEN aware customer base. Our customer distribution reaches all 50 states and several countries in Europe and the Far East

I have a mfg plant and warehouse to heat. Not only would your e-cat devices save me money, but the advertising value of our using your technology would greatly increase our sales and spread information about your company to many parts of the world.

We hope we can afford to get involved at this early stage of development.

Charlie Sutherland
Sutherland Products, Inc.
Mayodan, NC USA

So here is a potential customer who would welcome the publicity that would come from having an E-Cat heating plant at his factory. That publicity would help his own company as well as draw invaluable attention to what the E-Cat can do.

So long as Andrea Rossi, or his customers shrouds his technology in secrecy, there will be suspicion and skepticism about his claims. It seems obvious that a strategy like Charlie Sutherland proposes will have the effect of erasing many of the doubts that are out there, garner additional attention, and put the E-Cat as a product, and LENR technology in general firmly on the map, causing a surge in interest and acceptance of Rossi’s discovery that could be far-reaching.

  • Maris

    I think this strategy is doubtful, especially if there’s a strict article on confidentiality in the purchase agreement..

  • andreiko

    CocaCola heeft nog steeds zijn geheim!!De impact van de(e-cat) is niet in een kader te vangen.Het enige wat van belang is of E=MC2 van toepassing is en of deze zonder schadelijke effecten tot stand komt!De weg van tot standkoming is van ondergeschikt belang voor de toekomstige gebruiker.De wetenschap heeft er een nieuw probleem bij,leuk toch.

    • Maarten

      Groot gelijk. Empirical falsification (Popper) maakt een nieuwe wending mogelijk in het wetenschappelijk veld. Tenslotte, je kan niet aantonen dat iets niet kan, wel dat het wel kan. En dat is mogelijks wat hier gebeurt. Nu is het aan de theoretici om een nieuwe theorie op te stellen.

  • Johannes Hagel

    I think you are perfectly right, Frank. As long as Rossi sticks to this destructive policy, there will not be much ado about the E-Cat. In this situation we can hope for a competitor finding out or knowing about some of the important secrets and going forward with it. In this respect maybe Defkalion GT is a good candidate. According to what they claim, they have a working model (Hyperion) close to being ready and they will announce something definitive within 2 weeks. Let us see what is behind it.
    Generally I cannot understand Rossis appearingly paranoidic behaviour and if there were not important people arround him like Focardi, Levi, Stemmenos, Kullander etc. supporting his device I would slowly but sure stop in believing him.

  • Johannes Hagel

    Let me make a proposal. Let us wait for 1-2 weeks and then try to make contact with the potential customer “Charly Sutherland” to learn more about progress being made with respect to a contract with Rossi. Could well be Rossi refuses Sutherland because of being to much publicly oriented? However, I think this is what WE can DO. Identifying potential customers and putting ourselfs on the trace…. What else remains?

  • georgehants

    Defkalion are due an update in under two weeks, will probably be the next big news other than Rossi said in a reply—-
    November 14th, 2011 at 5:43 PM
    Dear Gerard:
    One of the main goals of mine is to generate jobs in the USA. I will, you bet. Just stay in touch. Next week I will have a very important work to do in this sense.
    Warm Regards,

  • Francesco CH

    I think what Charlie Sutherland is trying to do is the right thing to do: buying a 1 MW plant now is a win-win-win-win situation.

  • Anton

    Has anybody checked out Sutherland’s company?
    It is a very small family run business. 6 workers.
    No way they could afford to spend 2.8 Million dollars
    to heat a small building 3-4 months per year
    in North Carolina.

    • Jim

      Really? A mfg plant and warehouse doesn’t sound like a small building. I spend $150 a month to heat my small house, with natural gas. A mfr plant would likely lose heat faster.

      Also, the e-cat is only $2million, not $2.8million, and it generates hot water too.

      “Sutherland Products Inc in Mayodan, NC is a private company categorized under Cleaning or Polishing Preparations, Nec. Our records show it was established in 1976 and incorporated in North Carolina. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million and employs a staff of approximately 10 to 19. ”

      19 employees, not 6. But $1 million annual revenue probably means that they don’t spend $2 million on heating and hot water.

      But amortizing it over 30 years is 67k a year, and they may very easily be spending more than that per year on heat and hot water.

      • Robert Horning

        It is also a calculated marketing move that would certainly get them noticed, and could potentially get several thousands or even millions of dollars worth of publicity for their company alone if they make an early move. Even the sheer promotional value of “the first company to publicly support the E-Cat” might be worth the effort, and for a smaller company like this there isn’t much of a down side for that kind of public support.

        For the kind of customers that a company of that nature is likely to have, a bold move of this nature is certainly going to be noticed and they may very well cover the expenses in less than 30 years from increased sales alone. If it flops miserably, there is little chance of a loss of revenue, and instead they can go after Rossi with a team of lawyers. I presume that making an “investment” on the order of $2 million is going to give them the chance to see the plant in person and decide for themselves if this is legitimate or not. In that sense, the only thing they have to lose is a little bit of time to check out the E-Cat like many posting here would love to be able to do for themselves.

  • iSynic

    We’re going to find out the catalyst is ground babies or something.

    Seriously, the longer he stretches this tease the less I want to take him seriously.

  • Anton

    Sutherland’s company is a small family run
    business. Check out his website. 6 workers.
    No way he can afford to spend nearly Three
    Million Dollars to heat a small building.
    Would not make any sense to do so.

  • MJS

    Living on paranoia was former CEO of Intel’s stance through out his career.

  • Loop

    As I understood from Charlie Sutherland email, he is not trying to profit from the e-cat, but to help the whole project and to donate the money to Rossi, because no one could say with the right state of mind that 2 or 3 millions is the good deal.

  • arian

    very important announcement from Professor Stremmenos

    “University of Bologna is under pressures from certain people, or groups of interest to end it’s relation with andrea rossi”

    Letter to the blog of Professor Stremmenos
    I get by Professor Stremmenos, in order to share it with you all, an article published in April 1999 on “Chemistry and Industry” (Official Organ of the Italian Chemical Society) and a few lines of accompaniment.


    Dear Friends

    I am puzzled to say the least, according to the vicissitudes of the contract with the Company UniBo EFA (E-Cat, Red) … and the quote of Daniel, “… the pressures that affected the University of Bologna to disengage from the project” … !…?… [Editor’s note, the exact pace at which it refers Stremmenos “… there are certain people, or rather groups of interest, which in addition to spreading mud everywhere, using even the journalists who know and / or may affect, are placing the ‘ University of Bologna to pressure to disengage from the contract with Rossi, who is activated or not. “]

    Since in this University from the early fifties I was born and grew up scientifically, I would do certain assessments: my great masters of that time as Professor Bonino and others, have taught me that the University has the main task of transmitting knowledge of current and create new …

    I do not think missing now these small funds for research on a topic of this scope … …!

    The involution and the deviation from the vocation renaissance of this great University, the prevalence of poor bureaucratic criteria in science, management of funds in small groups and departments other causes degenerative diseases, prevent the open and generous … to new scientific horizons …

    I enclose my personal experience that I hope is acceptable to your readers, dating back to the ’90s when in parallel with Sergio Focardi we carried out this research in the middle of the incredulity of my colleagues (it was fashionable …!) e. .. tolerance of Academic Bodies.

    So much for history … and hope does not happen again …

    Christos Stremmenos

  • Waiting

    There is an easy way for Rossi to convince everyone this is not a scam: simply keep his promise. That’s all it would take. He keeps promising to give e-cats to the two universities.

    If he did that, then we’d all know within a week whether the technology is real. Even a poorly run experiment would prove this is a nuclear reaction if it were run long enough. They wouldn’t have to open the e-cat. They would just have to run it long enough to show it’s nuclear rather than chemical.

    When a shipping containing generates a half megawatt of heat while plugged into a half megawatt diesel generator, that tells us nothing. When a 24 liter black box generates as much heat as 2 liters of chemicals, that tells us nothing. But if the faculty at the university ran the smallest e-cat, and it generated kilowatts of excess heat for days or weeks on end, then we would know it’s a nuclear reaction. They wouldn’t have to learn the secret catalyst. They would only learn whether it’s nuclear, or a scam.

    He promised in February to give them an e-cat. He didn’t say when he would fulfill that promise. He didn’t do it then. He promised it again in March, and still didn’t keep that promise then. He has repeated that promise every month since then. After the October 1MW demo, he made the promise again, and has continued to not keep it. When will he do what he promised?

    In the spring, he said he wasn’t keeping his promise because he was too busy preparing for October, and didn’t have time. That didn’t make sense. Later, he said that he couldn’t keep the promise because the contract hadn’t been agreed to yet. But several months ago, he claimed a contract with Bologna had actually been signed. Yet he still hasn’t given them the e-cat. He has promised to give them a large sum of money, too. But of course they would be willing to test the e-cat right now, even without any money. Rossi says he has made hundreds of the smallest e-cats so far. There’s no reason he can’t give one to the university.

    Some people have speculated that he doesn’t trust them to leave the box unopened as they test it. But if he’s given hundreds of e-cats to the secret customer, there can’t be any harm in giving one more to the university. And if he truly doesn’t trust the university, then it raises an interesting question. Why does he keep making this promise, even after the October demo, if he doesn’t intend to keep it? Especially when such tests would actually convince most skeptics this is not a scam?

    This is the BIG QUESTION that everyone should be asking. When will Rossi keep his promise?

    • Iggy Dalrymple

      I seem to recall that Rossi said that a university test would require him to pay $500,000 for the study. Perhaps he’s waiting to build up his finances sufficiently to spend the required $1,000,000 for 2 university studies.

      • Waiting

        No, Rossi didn’t say the university required that money. Rossi just said he had decided on his own to give them the money.

        No physicist would turn down being given a free e-cat to test. You wouldn’t have to pay them to take it.

        • Robert Horning

          I think this is a good point to make. While some universities might be reluctant, I would imagine most land-grant state universities in America (there are many of them) as well as many other more modest universities would love to get the chance to essentially get gift wrapped a device that could get them published in a major energy research journal… regardless of if this device works or not.

          It would help to be able to understand how the thing works, so far as it may be some new science to explore in depth, but even just “testing a black box” would be interesting for some people. The extra funding would be icing on the cake at least to justify the lab space and hiring some graduate students to help out in running the experiments.

      • Tony

        I believe that the University contract states that the first payment should be made by the end of December or the arrangement is off.

        • Waiting

          It would be good to see a URL for that. I hadn’t heard that the contents of the contract had been made public.

          But regardless of what the contract says, there is no way that a physicist would refuse to accept a free e-cat. And if he received an e-cat, the first thing he would do is run a test that actually tells whether it’s real.

          So clearly Rossi could give them an e-cat and get some basic testing done for free. Maybe he would have to wait for more funds to come in before he could get all the testing he wants. But he could clearly get some free testing if he gave them an e-cat today.

          So the question remains of when he’ll keep that promise.

  • Hari

    Here is an idea for Rossy and co. to establish credibility for Rossy’s invention. You don’t have to reveal the secret of the device or publish the inner workings, all you have to do is to build a similar setup for your own home and cut off your natural gas and electricity connections from your local utility providers. That way no one can question the credibility or feasibility of e-cat. Ready to take that as a challenge?

    • Waiting

      Good idea. Rossi claims to have already done that. He says he heated a factory for 2 years with an e-cat, and that it dramatically lowered his heating bills.

      But he refuses to tell anyone where this factory is, or to show anyone the heating bills, or to give any other information about it.

      • Waiting

        And anyway, it would be hard to prove he didn’t just turn the thermostat down. Really, the best way to show it’s real is to give the promised e-cats to the two universities. That would be pretty convincing. And it’s trivial to do.

        So when will he keep that promise?

  • A neighboring site, link below, has an article which blasts critics and skeptics, then conveniently filters comments. The article says that those badmouthing ecats can’t explain how the scam works. Here are three ways Rossi could be making money off of this:

    1. Internet advertising on sites dedicated to the controversy.

    2. Safe harbor statement on his semi-official site indicates that there very well might be investors.

    3. Immediately after a customer starts communicating with the Leonardo company he may be forced to sign non-disclosure agreements which prevent him from revealing that up-front fees are charged or risk being sued.

    • daniel maris

      Jack T.

      1. I understand Rossi is a millionnaire in his own right. It seems unlikely he would be looking to make money from sites dedicated to the controversy. If he is, then I can’t imagine he’s making much so far. There is interest but it’s not at a You Tube viral video level.

      2. He’s disowned that site has he not? (Are we talking about the Leonardo site?).

      3. That’s a possibility but I find it hard to believe people would part with such large sums (say $2M) without having the equipment checked out.

      You also have to explain how Rossi scammed Focardi and other academics who seemed to have been involved in a 4 year programme of product development – or are you claiming Focardi is in on the scam? – something I think there is no evidence for.

      • 2. the safe harbor statement in a nutshell says I can say whatever I want to investors and I am not responsible for fraud because I told you up-front that everything I say is baloney

        3. The first shadow customer paid for the product. No more freebies! Subsequent customers may be corkscrewed into putting up money for legitimate let’s call them “expenses” and they may be offered to “take it or leave it”. Now that Rossi has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the device is real, next customer may be asked for money up front.

        4. Focardi might have been pressure by the mafia to shut up and lay low and don’t deny anything Rossi says.

        • daniel maris

          You forgot to say teh Mafia forced Focardi to make that recent technical presentation…

  • I don’t understand why everyone expects Rossi to disclose details of his technology when he does not have intellectual property protection. From a business strategy perspective, it would be more sensible to ask why he is commercialising his product before he has these protections.

    Setting aside the various suspicions about whether he is trustworthy or not, he is obviously not able to fund the horrendously expensive business of pursuing patent protection worldwide, because if he had he would have done it. Remember, protection does not end with the granting of patents – there have to be the deep pockets to DEFEND the patents afterwards against the inevitable rip-offs that come once the patents place the state of the art in the public domain. Look at what happened to Dyson in very similar circumstances, and he HAD patent protection

    More importantly, Rossi acknowledges that the physics of his device are not well understood – hence the proposal to conduct research. This may be his best protection in the absence of deep-pockets protection of his intellectual property – the fact that the physics are not understood.

    He is clearly gambling that he can get cash flow funding from buyers who are prepared to maintain confidentiality. This is obviously very risky in an environment where a large-ish number of parallel developments in the same field are going on.

    So assuming he is NOT scamming (I have no position on that) and if you accept at face value what he has said and is doing, then he really has only the one choice – gamble that he can stay ahead of the power curve.

    If you don’t accept that what he is saying and doing as genuine, then why spend time asking for proof – why not just wait to see when/if the house of cards collapses and do the crowing then?)

    Finally, if Rossi is a scam artist, what about Defkalion? They are making almost the same noises as he is.

  • Robert Mockan

    It is too bad Rossi only has one product of real value. The activation method to increase the energy output per unit mass of the nickel “fuel” in the E-Cat, if disclosed, could possibly provide the information needed to form an agreed upon theory about how LENR works in general. THAT would be worth millions. And as soon as the method is duplicated, the value to Rossi becomes…zero. Nothing else he has is anything other than engineering. And any engineering team paid to build better devices using the “fuel”, or the improved fuels that will undoubtedly be developed within a year, will be able to quickly render the E-Cat as presently designed, obsolete. If I were Rossi I would disclose the method to all the world over the Internet. When technology of the magnitude of LENR is applied by thousands of companies, a better world becomes inevitable. There is no possible way that one company can be more successful than the net effect of thousands in doing all the things Rossi has said he hopes to accomplish by selling E-Cats. Meanwhile, without disclosure of the activation method, all we have is another delay in building the future.

  • arian

    check out this website

    this site look professional,i hope rossi make this site
    his official website.

    • Adam

      Very nice. Thanks for posting arian.

      • RichyRoo

        Yep that looks much more professional than the previous effort. I think we are in the ‘time will tell’ stage of this saga, the technology will either gain credibility over the next few years, or it will not.

        • is currently discussing business collaborations and other ventures with interested parties in the following areas: Investments

          looks much more like a professional scam that the previous effort

          • daniel maris

            I would agree we are at the tipping point between scam and genuine. There is of course no reason why a new business requiring huge capital funds wouldn’t be interested in hearing from investors. I think this is genuine.

  • JimBob

    If I created a cold fusion device and was unable to secure patents(THEY DO NOT EXIST FOR COLD FUSION DEVICES) I would do exactly as Rossi is doing. All it takes is one person coming by and scooping a milligram of Rossi’s secret recipe and he has lost the potential to be the richest man in the history of man kind.
    “Just give the universities a couple”…??? Seriously?…Just leave his device out for anyone to come by and take it? Doesn’t make any sense at all.
    IF, IF, this is legit, he is doing what should be expected. IF,IF, it is not legit, he is doing exactly as expected.

    • The exact opposite is true. The moment he delivers it to someone in a secret setting it can be reverse engineered and the Chinese will mass produce it and you will be able to buy it at Walmart or Target. If on the other hand he makes a public demonstration that can be verified by all he can claim that he is the inventor and he has the Italian patent and he should be first in line for the US, European, and World patent because everyone will know it is his.

      • Ummm… That is not TECHNICALLY true. You see if the process, i.e. you cannot patent the reaction of fissionable materials, that process, and chemical reactions, believe it or not, are not patentable. Then it is simply designing around the process. So no matter what he does he is sort of messed up… Now I do not know if this whole thing is ‘true’ BUT it appears to be on the up and up… lets give it a few months and if there are 100 satisfied clients then who knows…

    • Bernie Koppenhofer

      ” IF,IF, it is not legit, he is doing exactly as expected.” What! Why would Rossi sell his first reactor to a customer who takes it to their lab for testing if he is a con artist?

      • Waiting

        A con artist would “sell” to a fake customer to drum up support. He would then say to people privately “I’ve already sold one for $2M, so if you want to invest a mere $100k, it’s practically a sure thing that you’ll make a fortune”. This would be done privately, so no one would know about any of the investors. Historically, con artists have found that approach to be successful.

        The new site has a feedback form with an investor option, it has a description page looking for investors, and it has a “quotes” page containing only a single quote, which encourages investing. So he seems very interested in getting investors.

        So far, Rossi has followed exactly the script that many scammers have used. That doesn’t mean he’s a scammer. But it looks more and more like he is.

        There is one way he could distinguish himself from the scammers. He could keep his promise to give e-cats to the two universities. Since he keeps promising to do that, it’s fair to ask why he isn’t doing what he said.

    • Waiting

      “IF, IF, this is legit, he is doing what should be expected”.

      No, if a legit person didn’t want to give e-cats to the universities, then he wouldn’t keep saying publicly that he will. He’s been saying that every month for 10 months now. It would be more legit to tell the truth.

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  • arian

    Andrea rossi confirm is his official website

    Frank Acland
    November 16th, 2011 at 3:34 PM

    Dear Andrea Rossi,

    The site is now saying it is “In Association with Andrea Rossi”. They have an order form for E-Cats, also. Do you have an official relationship with this site?

    Thank you!

    Best wishes,

    Frank Acland
    Andrea Rossi
    November 16th, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    Dear Frank Acland:
    Yes, it is the website of our North Europe commercial Branch.
    Warm Regards,

    • Sanjeev

      Now that’s what I called a professional site !
      Sterling Alan should be ashamed, he nearly destroyed the Ecat.

      Frank (Admin) should make a article just about this site with a review of the contents, that will surely promote it well.

      I found the site satisfactorily done, and reference to Miley and Patterson are a good sign. This site will clear a ton of misinformation floating around the net.

      • I always said to be a good (web) designer you have to be either gay or Italian. Congratulations on a nice site!

      • Waiting

        Wow. It’s amazing what a difference good web design can make. Courses in web design should show this site next to the previous one.

        The question was raised here about how “e-cat” should be written. It looks like this site is suggesting “ECAT”, though in one case it used “E-CAT”.

        The site gives an incorrect definition of “fusor”. It says it means a fusion reactor in general. But for decades, the word “fusor” has been used for one particular type of fusion reactor (hot fusion with two concentric wire spheres with high voltage between them). At least in English. Maybe this is a translation problem from the Italian.

        The feedback section has a pull down menu giving a short list of reasons why you are contacting them. One is that you’re interested in investing. Some people have assumed they won’t take investments. But that assumption may not be true.

        • Robert Horning

          I agree with your sentiment about the fusor being used in the fashion it has been used on this website. A “fusor” is the device and its derivatives developed by Philo T. Farnsworth and Robert Hirsch for internal electrostatic confinement fusion. This is a form of “hot fusion” and not LENR, although it is a different approach to fusion from the typical Tokamak ring that costs billions of dollars to even research.

          If the E-Cat approach turns out to be a flop, I think the Fusor approach (particularly with the related technology in the form of a Polywell reactor) is much more likely to produce real fusion energy than most other approaches. At least there is strong theory for how that approach will work.

          This seems like an attempt to take a proven technology (fusors) and attempting to claim legitimacy simply by using the words from that fusion energy technology and applying it to something completely different in a patently inaccurate fashion.

  • arian

    Please go to this site and nominate rossi for 2012 renewable energy award.

    • Ben

      Huh? For what? Where is it?

  • Wes

    The commercial e-cat site,directed by Rossi, has a few interesting bits on the design of the reactor:

  • Wes

    I found Rossi appearance somewhat disturbing. I didn’t know why until now. It’s that scary clown from the Simpson’s TV show; he has Rossi’s hair pattern. Not good. A historic figure should have good hair. Hair conveys confidence and credibility. Think of Einstein what you see? His hair!

    We need another Rossi contest, this time to design a hair piece for him. Winner gets the “Hair Fusion” award.

    • fraudrossi

      IT SCREAMS CROOK!!! Snake oil salesmen!!! Stay away.

  • arian
  • Winterstille

    This whole strategy of secretcy is downright stupid. If the E-Cat is indeed real, do you really thing an patent or tradesecret will stop any Energyhungry country from reverse engeneering it by “any” means? Think China , Think USA or Germany. Noone will play fair!

    • Hari

      But they all will have to (play fair), otherwise the whole patent system will collapse. Oh well… that may never happen because there is nothing to reverse engineer!

  • JayEl

    Mr. Rossi and the strategy he choose i more then doubtfull by now. None of the tests were ever performed as promised.

    Alternate forms of licensing thus LEGALLY protecting his invention was turned down. He should get SERIOUS legal advise on this. Anyone with enough money can LEGALLY screw him over right now.

    Mr. Rossi, just make the test, have one or more e-cat in a closed and windowed room running for as long as they can. Suspend this room in mid-air without any chance of having the chance-cable running in or out. And most importantly, make sure the entire construction if fully transparent. So no extra water, no extra fuel, no extra electricity. Also make sure these e-cat are production off-the-shelf, not ‘customised’.

    Personally i no longer give you the benefit of the doubt. Every test again you have shown not to be of great reliability or easy to influence. The latter could prove very very bad to your ultimate goal, profit. This caused you to abort the test after just five hours, conveniently ?

    The seemingly unreliable quality of testresults is also confronting or even insulting for those supporting and endorsing you. Which is MOST likely the reason people would want to stop endorsing you and your associates.

    Please take note, make a simple, undeniable proof this e-cat technology is working. Do not lead yourself into determining what is proof or not. You’re isolated because you know what it does, others do not and need simple undeniable proof.

    Best Regards,


    • lensman

      You are smoking crack. I guess you work for a coal company. Rossi please continue as yoU are.