Swedish Group Behind Ecat.com — NyTeknik publishes Interview

The organization behind the www.ecat.com website that has made a big splash this week is opening up. Four Swedes, including two physicists started a company named Hydrofusion earlier this year and entered into a commercial arrangement with Andrea Rossi to market and take orders for E-Cat products. While the company was founded in the UK, it has an office in Sweden and apparently they have been given rights by Rossi to operate in the North Europe area.

Mats Lewan of NyTeknik tracked down the company has published an interview with them at the link below.


  • Martin6078

    Dear all.
    Now we are at the point where in the 80´Bill Gates started his success MS DOS.
    I´m shure E-Cat will be the next industrial revolution.In a very short time sellers will offer variours types of E-Cat in similar manner like in the90´the mobil phone and PC dealers. I´m will dealing with them too.
    The project bekomes true.
    Yours sincerely

    • Hal Ade

      Re: “I´m shure E-Cat will be the next industrial revolution.”

      It’s the apparent *start* of the next economic revolution. There are pending HHO (Brown’s Gas etc.) and electromagnetic systems in the offing too, and the latter, it seems, will be the long-term winner with consumer goods.

  • Mike Cheek

    The referenced interview is actually quite good IMHO. This is NOT how “wheeler dealers” talk.

    Some immediate possibilities they mention:

    “Energy in district heating systems and desalination of water. After that electricity generation on a large scale. For consumer products, security requirements are completely different and also requirements for reliability to avoid that service costs go out of control, so they will [come later]”

    This is exactly how I would see it, IF this is a legitimate technology. So again, a rational interview. Good.

    • daniel maris

      One possibility: if the E Cat can produce electricity at say 4 cents per KwH, then it could be used to manufacture methane (from water and air), perhaps at a further 4 cents per KwH, making it competitive with natural gas. Of course the advantage would be that you would need less storage probably, and you would enjoy energy independence.

      • Steve Robb

        What? Are you suggesting using this technology to produce combustible gas?

        • daniel maris

          You have to understand that in the UK and central Europe gas is the main source of heating. To replace all that infrastructure would be horrendously expensive. But we could manufacture carbon-neutral (because the carbon comes from teh atmosphere) artifical methane and use that instead of natural gas. It would be a good solution – as long as the costs work out (and they might if the E Cat’s elec is sufficiently cheap).

  • arian

    [Vo]:Clarifications from Brian Ahern

    Jed Rothwell
    Fri, 18 Nov 2011 11:29:27 -0800

    Brian Ahern wrote to me:

    “I [will] give a presentation on the topic of energy localization.

    I believe [Rossi] did in fact see lots of heat on certain occasions, but he
    lacks the ability to probe for the conditions that produce the energy. . .

    As I said yesterday, the topic of “energy localization” is over my head.

    Brian was reiterating what he told me before, which is that he definitely
    does believe Rossi has seen anomalous energy, but he does not think Rossi
    has good control over it, or good understanding of it. As I remarked here,
    it would be weird for Ahern not to believe Rossi when he himself has seen
    the same effects.

    (Someone here claimed that Ahern does not believe Rossi . . . I do not
    recall who.)

    Ahern does not like Rossi’s business practices. He thinks that Rossi is
    being selfish because he does not share information. I told him: “This
    discovery is worth billions of dollars. It is unreasonable for you to
    demand Rossi give it away for nothing. Until he gets a patent he should
    keep it secret.”

    – Jed

    • Francesco CH

      Brian Ahern is the one behind Steve Krivit.

      • Wes

        We have the “Perfect Storm” here; Krivit is Captain Ahab to Rossi’s whale of story. Regardless of the outcome, I do believe Krivit will use his remaining breath to hunt Rossi to his grave. Sadly LENR has been replaced by theater while our fossil fuel clock runs down. If there is a real LENR inventor in the house, please step forward.

    • daniel maris

      Is it possible that Rossi has managed to “tame” this energy source through some sort of feedback system? I notice he is always very clear that the system guarantees only 6×1 energy, whereas experiments suggest much larger gains are possible, but less controllable…

  • arian

    Re: [Vo]:Clarifications from Brian Ahern

    Jed Rothwell
    Fri, 18 Nov 2011 13:44:07 -0800

    Someone pointed out to me that Ahern has been posting incendiary comments
    to Krivit’s blog, such as this one, in which he loses the argument,
    according to Goodwin’s Law; a.k.a. *Reductio ad Hitlerum:*

    “This criticism of Rossi is far to leient. He is making his beggest claim
    yet with no back up data whatsoever! Hitler got away with the big lie by
    deftly mixing in some small amount of truth. Rossi doesn’t seem to need to
    mix in even small amounts of truth any longer.”*

    I expect Ahern is jealous. He knows perfectly well that Rossi has real
    heat. He is pretty stupid posting baseless accusations.

    Ahern does not like Rossi personally. That is his business. I do not think
    it is wise to plaster your private dislikes all over the Internet. Who
    cares whether you like someone or not? Ahern should not let his feelings
    interfere with a technical evaluation. People betting against Rossi are
    playing a losing hand. Ahern should know that, based on his own results.

    Anyway, I quoted his message to me. He has said that many times. He has
    also often claimed that Rossi is a fraud and so on. Apparently he thinks
    the heat is real but exaggerated, and even though Rossi has a real effect,
    he is a fraud. That seems unlikely to me. It seems irrational.

    I suppose most of the scientists attacking Rossi are jealous. That is not
    surprising. He is miles ahead of them. Academic scientists are prone to
    hissy fits.

    – Jed

    • daniel maris

      The plot thickens!

      This is never-ending fascination.

      If Ahern is criticising Rossi, he is criticising Focardi who has confirmed that Rossi’s claims are genuine. You can’t just target Rossi in isolation.

      • Wes

        Excellent point! Piantelli wound up Focardi, who in turn was “discovered” by Rossi. Focardi’s published work avoided using water calorimetry, instead using extrapolated results based on estimated ambient heat dissipation. I found this very curious, because his test setup was almost perfectly configured for water calorimetry. Why avoid a conclusive calibrated test, especially after CERN disputed his findings?

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  • Wes

    Am I the only one who finds Mats Lewn’s ability to be the first to break a new angle in the Rossi story simply amazing. Too amazing…

  • arian

    From Randell Mills yahoo group

    The gas CO2 is patented by Dr. Mills and BLP as a hydrino catalyst. Nickel has
    an affinity to bind to CO. At temperatures below 700 degrees Celsius heating
    nickel first releases CO and around 400 degrees Celsius a dominant reaction
    causes 2CO to form C and CO2 on an abradided nickel surface.

    At the same time, hydrogen is split at the nickel surface, creating one hopes a
    population of atomic H and a population of CO2 in close proximity which can
    undergo hydrino transitions at the nickel surface.

    Interestingly, above 700 degrees C, the dominant exothermic 2CO -> C + CO2
    reaction stops and is reversed such that endothermic formation of CO dominates –
    a nifty self regulating physical mechanism that could be used to create a self
    regulating reactor.

    The variable factors are what ratio and pressures of H2 and CO would work best
    to create an observable reaction? Reaction rates of resonant energy transfers
    appear particularly dependent on exact conditions for each type of catalyst and
    the manner in which H and the catalyst are brought close together to trigger


  • arian

    A new short course on cold fusion science and technology sponsored by the Engineering and Computer Science departments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be held in January 2012 during institute’s Independent Activities Period.


    • georgehants

      Your reporting something that should of happened 23 years ago, when is science going to have an independent judicial inquiry into it’s failures with Cold Fusion and persecution of Pons and Fleischmann.
      Main-line science has lost all respect and credibility until this fiasco is brought clearly into the open, the people responsible named and justice seen to be served.

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