Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader to Host Andrea Rossi at MA State House

Daniele Passerini’s 22Passi web site is reporting that Massachusetts State Senate Minoriy Leader Bruce E. Tarr is going to be hosting Andrea Rossi for meetings with Massachusetts government leaders and MIT officials.

Passerini writes:

“According to Sen. Bruce Tarr, Andrea Rossi, “the Italian scientist who claims to have developed the world’s first nuclear cold fusion reactor is coming to the State House tomorrow to explore the prospects of developing the device and producing it in Massachusetts.” Tarr’s office says Rossi plans to visit Tuesday morning for two days of meeting with government officials and representatives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Massachusetts and Northeastern University. “Mr. Rossi’s reactor, if successfully proven and developed, has the potential to change the way the world deals with energy,” Tarr said in a statement.”

Rossi has said that he plans to have business operations in Boston, MA, and so it would be likely that Rossi will be having discussions about manufacturing facilities and/or other business operations. It’s interesting that MIT officials are mentioned since Rossi has shown no interest in dealing with people from the academic world beyond his trusted associates in Italy and Sweden.

  • morse

    If this is true than we will soon be hearing more about Rossi on all channels. MIT is not a small player in the world of science and technology 🙂

  • daniel maris

    That’s put a smile on my face. Can’t wait to hear how the supersceptics on JREF spin that. Perhaps they won’t. Perhaps they’ll just slink away – more and more of them seem to be doing that.

  • daniel maris

    Rossi has a sense of humour does he not? No big news eh?

  • Sanjeev

    NASA files a patent on LENR method.

    Does that make it official for skeptics now ? 🙂
    Does that mean we have a lot many methods of producing LENR, and we need not depend on Rossi ?
    Is Rossi hurrying up everything because he knows, there will be a hundred kinds of Ecats in the market soon ?

  • dayton

    The meeting is a huge revelation for the world and the press.
    I believe that the entire Massachusetts government is a mafia based criminal organization bent on self aggrandizement and plunder.
    Mr. Rossi’s secret catalyst is their only interest and
    working with these people is having serpents in your
    The news exposure is ok but if I were he I would run
    like hell.

    • dandelion

      “I believe that any government is a mafia based criminal organization bent on self aggrandizement and plunder.”


      • Kim



    • MassChu

      In 1989 when Fleischmann and Pons announced, a portly ringleader named Huizenga took the hatchet to them. He’s still around and need be sent to stand in the corner for a year – with dunce cap on.

  • Josh

    This is very interesting and positive news. It will be interesting to see if any mainstream news sources do follow-up stories based on this happening. Too bad it is the day before Thanksgiving and risks being overlooked.

  • alexvs

    Mein Gott!
    Ich bin ohne Worte gelassen.
    Frueher war ich skeptik, jetzt erstaunt.

    • better use “Mir fehlen die Worte” instead of “Ich bin ohne Worte gelassen”.

      • Alexvs


  • alexvs

    Mein Gott!
    Ich bin ohne Worte gelassen.
    Frueher war ich skeptisch, jetzt erstaunt.

  • Wes

    Could be interesting news. I will look for the meat when the sizzle dies down.

  • Tom Andersen

    Massachusetts may not sound like the best place, but it is close to where he lives. One would think that the best parts supply will be from the auto/machinery sector, which is only 8 or so hours west on the expressway. What he really needs to build is a research manufacturing site – where they design and build the latest model, then satellite plants in India, china and Mexico can crank out the numbers. To stay ahead of the competition, it is not about manufacturing efficiency, but about innovation.

    If this whole thing works out MIT essentially owes the world ‘big time’ for 1989, and the 15 years their derision cost. (I would think at least a trillion $). Rossi would have a great source of know how combined with lots of money and something real to work on.

    • MassChu

      You’re correct Tom. Of course MIT doesn’t have this money – only their sponsors the oil business does. But MIT could charge a $250B license fee to each oilco that will want a piece of LENR so they don’t have to fold shop entirely. Those fees could go to finance some very effective distributed energy and fresh water projects around the globe.

      Of course MIT will first need to publicly apologize to Fleischmann and Pons – who probably deserve a Nobel Prize for Physics and Peace.

  • Robert Mockan

    MIT officials? Would that be the same MIT that falsified research data to “show” that the “cold fusion” effect discovered in 1989 was phoney, and did not produce any excess heat?

    Watch your back, Rossi!

  • Robert Mockan

    Here is some of the history about how MIT intentionally
    almost killed cold fusion over 20 years ago.

    Rossi would do well to stay clear of MIT.

    “The truth about the calorimetry experiment performed at MIT in 1989 under DOE contract funding (DOE Contract DE-ACO2-78ET51013) is stark and unambiguous. Its purported “negative” result was used to influence the U.S. Department of Energy’s rushed 1989 report against cold fusion. In alphabetical sequence, it is the very first report cited in the U.S. DOE’s ERAB Cold Fusion Panel report of 1989. Some would characterize the data manipulation in the sixteen-author MIT paper of 1989 as mere “data fudging.” We do not mince words: the use of improperly handled scientific data to draw in the public mind and in the mind of the scientific community a completely false conclusion about an emerging discovery of overarching importance to humankind is high-level scientific misconduct, plain and simple.”–Eugene Mallove

    (Eugene Mallove was killed a few years ago, but fortunately his research and publications are well known).

    • MassChu

      Isn’t it a fact that Dr. Mallove was murdered?? Still unsolved?

  • Sojourner Soo

    MIT has long been funded by the US military, according to Noam Chomsky and many others. It’s hardly surprising then that Rossi would turn up in Boston. After all, the US military was his first 1 MW customer, and it has just ordered 13 more 1 MW plants. It all makes perfect sense to me. Despite my initial reservations about the involvement of the US military, I have decided that it is a good thing to have them assist with the research and development of the E-Cat, provided they don’t kill it, of course.

    • Dogma Bites

      Sources, Sojourner?

  • John

    So this is what Rossi was talking about last week:

    Andrea Rossi
    November 14th, 2011 at 5:43 PM
    Dear Gerard:
    One of the main goals of mine is to generate jobs in the USA. I will, you bet. Just stay in touch. Next week I will have a very important work to do in this sense.
    Warm Regards,

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  • david

    This is MIT’s chance to make up for its error in 1989. If they confirm the Ecat then the scientific community will fall all over itself to say they always knew it would work.

    This could be the tipping point when we can look back and say thats when the world changed.

    • Paul Schmidt

      Disgusting isn’t it?… and you are probably right. Next we’ll have Stanford saying they always supported LENR and that Pons and Flieschman took secret inspiration from them.

    • Robert Horning

      I don’t expect any of that to happen. The guys at MIT are extremely skeptical about claims of cold fusion, although if you wanted to get a place that could beat up an E-Cat and do a proper investigation of the device from a critical point of view, MIT would be the place to try the idea out.

      For myself, I think this is a waste of time, and it would be best for MIT to stay out of this tarpit of problems that could come from even speculating about the E-cat unless they are essentially given several units for rigorous testing or better yet given instructions on how to build more of these devices with a couple of working prototypes for comparison. Somehow that doesn’t sound like Rossi to go to that sort of level seeking real scientific proof for the concept. Besides, there are several other universities much more sympathetic to LENR that would treat the E-cat with real objectivity.

      I certainly don’t expect this to be any sort of “tipping point”.

      • MassChu

        MIT peed on LENR 20 years ago. Now they beg for a chance to be a part of it. First, they need to clean up their pee. It still stinks. Hope they figure that out.

  • If there are no neutrons then there is no fusion. So far no one has shown a neutron flux significant enough to indicate much is going on. What many people forget is electric energy is being pumped into the dewar and that turns into heat and by electrolysis hydrogen and oxygen gas. If these combine, “pow!” another burst of energy and heat. That “pow!” killed a researcher at SRI. Calorimetry experiments to measure net energy gain are extremely difficult to conduct and errors are easily taken as positive results. I have serious doubts that Andrea Rossi has anything but we shall see soon.

  • Dun

    “Rossi has shown no interest in dealing with people from the academic world beyond his trusted associates in Italy and Sweden.”

    Yeah, because academics are just the people we need to root his scam out.