Boston Globe Reports on Rossi’s Visit to Massachusetts State House

Last week Andrea Rossi visited the Massachusetts State House at the invitation of Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr to discuss E-Cat technology. According to reports, Rossi was most interested in finding ways to begin manufacturing operations in Massachusetts. The Boston Globe reported on the visit which included meetings with legislators and MIT personnel: Hope, Skepticism for Cold Fusion
In the article Rossi is reported as saying, ““I’m already planning to come back soon,’’ he said. “We are all hoping to get something started in a matter of weeks, not months.’’

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  • Robert Horning

    I am trying to figure something out here: Why would a patent application become invalidated if Rossi discloses his reactor design to some academic researchers? I am being serious here, as my understanding of patent law is that once you have filed the application and have documented that the design is original and yours, that patent protection is retroactive to when the application is filed, not to when the patent is granted.

    I’m not familiar with patent law in Europe so much, or in some other countries around the world, so there may be something to his statement about why he isn’t disclosing the details, but I see this at the moment as a cop-out excuse. It was mentioned specifically in this article with the Boston Globe, which is one reason why I’m bringing this up here.

    There is also the ability to sign binding “non-disclosure agreements” with researchers that are seriously investigating something like this, which can also maintain patent protection. I’m not demanding that Rossi disclose this information to the general public, but I really don’t see patent interest as a legitimate rationale for the lack of having honest independent research on whatever it is that the E-Cat is doing.

    • The US won’t accept patents on “perpetual motion machines”. Cold fusion is considered one of those. This gives Rossi an excuse not to reveal anything.

      My theory is that this is a perfectly orchestrated scam but not by Rossi. Rossi is a puppet of the mafia. The money to be made here is from poop for brains investors. When all of this is done the organization will leave Rossi and Focardi out to dry and pocket the money. They’ll hide behind safe harbor or whatever. They’ll be the next Pons and Fleischman, but at least they will be alive and their families safe. This whole thing is shrouded in secrecy so the victims will never be known or revealed. Who will want to admit that they were a dummy and invested in this hoax?

      • Robert Horning

        The suggestion that Rossi is a “puppet of the Mafia” is libelous and slander unless you can prove that is the case. I’m certainly not willing to support such a view and I think the assertion that this might be the case is sufficient to consider the above post by “Jack” to be simply flamebait, with the potential for legal action if you were in a position to really change anybody’s mind on this issue.

        In terms of potential fraud, the problem with that assertion is…. where is the investment scheme in the first place? Rossi is turning down money from ordinary folks trying to get into this gig, and about the only money spent by somebody who isn’t “on the inside” is mainly by overly enthusiastic fans who have set up websites allegedly selling the devices as a “pre-order”. Even then, you can’t actually buy anything, even a sales brochure from any of them.

        I’m not saying that can’t change, but at the moment I can’t even contact anybody who might even be trying to license the production of this device. I can’t contact them because either the e-mail servers are bouncing my queries or their phone numbers are disconnected, even if I can somehow find a number or contact point to even find somebody.

        If this was a scam, it is a pretty lousy scam even from the perspective of potential scams as something admirable.

        • Waiting

          You asked how Rossi could be making money off a scam. Here’s several ways:

          Ampenergo said they paid Rossi months ago for the right to resell his product someday. They said the amount of money they already paid him is “significant”.

          Rossi has stated repeatedly that other companies can also become distributors by paying him for that privilege.

          A mystery customer supposedly just paid him 2 million dollars, and wants to pay 24 million more, for big e-cats.

          Rossi is asking 10,000 people to sign up for home units. He then says each one will have to pay 400 euros as a downpayment. They’ll pay more when he delivers, but they have to pay 400 now just to reserve a place in line.

          Rossi claims he already has “investors”. Plural. And that they were convinced by the last October demo. An investor is someone who pays money now, and gets nothing back immediately, but hopes to get something later.

          The site has a feedback form that lets you identify yourself as a potential investor. The site is full of statements asking for investors. Rossi is pushing very hard to get investors.

          Rossi also asked Defkalion for a large sum of money. They say they refused because he couldn’t give them a good demo. The two sides have different stories, but they both agree that Rossi was asking them for money before they broke up.

          Rossi told NASA that they could test the e-cat, but they would have to pay him 15 million dollars to test it. They didn’t agree to that.

          All of this doesn’t mean that Rossi is running a scam. But it does mean he could be. And if he is, then he’s following the exact script that most scammers have followed throughout history.

      • Sojourner Soo

        “Rossi is a puppet of the mafia.” Rossi is from Milan, in Northern Italy. You clearly know little about Italian society and its social class structures.

        • Andrea B

          Berlusconi is also from Milan, Italy and has entertained a life-long relationship with the mafia. This does not prove that Rossi is, too (it’s certainly out of the usual book of tricks of the Mafia to organise one such scam) but his place of birth does not mean much in this respect.

          • Sojourner Soo

            Are you making the mistake of generalizing from Berlusconi to all N. Italians? That would be a mistake, don’t you agree? The cultural divide between the North and South are widely known. Berlusconi’s, according to you anyway, association with the Italian mafia doesn’t negate that social fact. Trying to smear Rossi’s name by implying he has ties to the mafia is pretty desperate stuff. I wonder if it’s even possible for skeptics to write a post, without resorting to using the word “scam,” or “fraud.” I rather doubt it.

            I can also assure you that a scam artist is not going to go to the Republican Minority Senate leader and try to scam him, while at the same time trying to secure a US patent, and then walk out of the same meeting and say they are trying to get a manufacturing announcement ready in a couple of weeks.

            Give your head a shake. It might clear the fog from your brain. Then again, it probably won’t, because it’s much more fun playing the game of skeptic isn’t it?

      • Chefbuster

        Oil industry wags and NWO toadies paint themselves florescent yellow ragging on Rossi. Their denial, and paid agenda is so deeply implanted they think with laser-like narrowness. Like, denial of Dr. Mike McKubre’s recent public LENR lecture in silicon valley. Or Sven Kullander’s recent public lecture in sweden. Or, Sergio Focardi’s public TED lecture in Italy. Or, Brian Ames’ upcoming Citi5 FLASH lecture in New York. Or George Mily’s public discussions at U Illinois. Or disclosure by McKubre of three US and a Japanese government agencies funding LENR research. Or even… shhhh, NASA’s Chief Scientist Dr. Dennis Bushnell confirming LENR’s viability.

        Gack!! I gotto quit the pleze department and get me a steady job!!

      • Steve Robb

        The suggestion that “Rossi is a puppet of the Mafia” is humorous. Some people thrive on the invention and propagation of conspiracy theories. After all the noise and heat generated it Rossi should be involved in a scam he would not live one more year.

    • These things are going to be more efficient. Lets imagine you hold a patent on a toaster. Then along comes a toaster oven that is a bit different and better and people may stop buying toasters and the guy with the toaster oven patent will win.

      • Steve Robb

        Thanks, now I’m hungry for toast.

  • Yes. The whole situation is bad. Anybody with a good theory on this LENR can probably get a patent before him and push him out of business. Even his catalyst is bound to be improved upon once a better understanding of what is transpiring at the quantum level.

    Defkalion seems to have unlimited resources in this matter, and I think they can bring their own version to market without too much complication. Andrea Rossi could very well get cut out of “royalties” as soon as this technology is improved and it may already be improved. Andrea Rossi seems quite “jumpy” with his temperament.
    Most of what is happening now is legal posturing, but we may get a few surprises as ordinary people are having success not only in replicating the experiments but achieving the extra energy gain.

    Has the ecat switched to heated hydrogen? Rossi has claimed electricity is now capable from ecats. Could Hydrogen now flow through the tubes?

    Don’t forget Francesco Piantellis team who say they have the “reason why it works”, plus a 200X energy gain model. Piantelli is known to have work on this before Andrea Rossi’s so Andrea Rossi might have little claim against him.

    We also have Defkalion. They say they were partnered with Rossi, but Rossi failed to have a unit capable of running 2 days in a row and failed their criteria. By inventing a machine that can run continuously they have a valid invention of their own. They did claim they are making a statement soon, but since have said nothing. Puzzling? They should be making waves for a legal stance in my opinion. also has an inventor claiming to have a working model, and has plans online (I think). is a website wanting open source ecats. Open source ecats would make the world a much better place for sure.

    Brian Ahern is also saying he has run nickel/hydrogen reactor for 4 days straight and understands the nanotechnology involved. He may get successful patents based on this, and I would guess he has applied for them. He already holds 26 patents.
    He is giving a speech on it on Dec 7, in New York.

    Most countries would want e-cat technology to be licensed as opposed to Andrea Rossi’s business concept, and if he tried to maintain a monopoly he would find himself in the courts.

    I think Piantelli/Rossi/and Defkalion should sit down and divide up a royalty agreement three ways before any or all of them gets cut out. I am not adverse to buying a black market e-cat as well, or a “kit” sold on the internet, so they better start rethinking their prices. Honestly 2 million for a 1 MW plant. I know it may seem cheaper than other methods, but that is like $30 000 for each 3 cylinder e-cat. I will wait for the $137 chinese version.

    Come on guys. Any car motor on the market has mure construction needs, and they are all less than $1000 each. The black market is going to be rampant in this industry possibly before this industry even announces itself. This is obvious already.

    Get it in gear guys, or I may just start filing patents myself based on all the public information we have now.

    • Robert Mockan

      “Any car motor on the market has mure construction needs, and they are all less than $1000 each. The black market is going to be rampant in this industry possibly before this industry even announces itself.”

      All anybody needs is the fuel. From what Rossi has already disclosed it is easy to make and cheap.

      I give it a few more months before you can buy a hermetic sealed canister of fuel on the open market to power a 10 megawatt thermal reactor, for a few hundred dollars.

      We should be seeing those $1000 reactor designs soon, that all you need do is put the fuel into them.

  • Johannes Hagel

    “E-Cat News”

    reports that DGT will announce their stuff on Wednesday, 30-th November.

    Dear all,
    We will release the expected info pre-announced on November 14th 2011, on Wednesday, November 30th 2011.
    Thank you for your attention
    Defkalion GT

  • Galileo Galilei Linceo

    Mafia? What a racist thing to say. Perhaps it sound strange that some inventions that had changed the world come from the land of “pizza”, but this is it.

  • Francesco CH

    From The Boston Globe article, IMHO this is admirable… Commenting an assertion made by Rossi, who said he was not ready for a full academic investigation of his technology because he doesn’t yet have full patent protection, the Dean of Science at the UML Robert Tamarin stated: “That’s consistent with it not working, but it’s also consistent with it working very well”.

    So it seems to be a perfectly splitted 50-50 chances situation!

    • Robert Mockan

      I bet Rossi will not be able to obtain patent protection. More likely he will receive notice from government agencies never to release information about how the fuel is made or activated. Then all LENR device sales (not just by Rossi, but ALL the others) will be prohibited, also by governments, as a threat to global security. Then other people will start selling fuel(s) on the black market that work as well or better. Then people will secretly start building their own reactors, and use the other fuels in them. And even if Rossi can obtain patent protection, it will be ignored. If the source of energy that is being publicized is verified, thinking one can get patent protection would be like trying to patent water.

      • Robert Horning

        The way to avoid the government from doing something like you are talking about in terms of “prohibiting the release of information” is to invoke the Barbara Streisand effect and post messages in places like Slashdot, Facebook, or Reddit that some important piece of information is being censored. Then post that information as a PDF file with ALL of the details on how to build the thing.

        I was involved with the Linux-Video group that was trying to reverse engineer the DVD-Video specification for use on Linux systems, and when the CSS (content scrambling system) encoding scheme was reverse engineered and the DeCSS algorithm published, that is precisely what happened. You can still get copies of that software today because of that effort, and in spite of an initial flurry of legal effort to stuff that genie back in the bottle, it was never “undone”. I’ve seen that happen on a first hand basis, and it could happen here with the E-Cat if the various patent offices don’t want to play ball here and grant Rossi the patent.

        In spite of that, if I was able to make a commercial product out of the E-Cat, even without a formal patent I would still give Rossi and Focardi royalties on everything I made.

        • Robert Mockan

          I was unaware it was called the Barbara Streisand effect. Depending on what happens from this point on I may end up doing exactly what you describe about disclosing details.
          See my blog at:

  • jobi


    I’ve been following this for a couple of months now.

    It is perfectly logical that by no,w in time, people are comming up with new and better energy sources.

    I don’t think this is a hoax or a scam. ifso, it would be an expensive one.

    Only negative possibility that i could think of is that someone very rich is paying Mr. rossi and a whole bunch of people for this “scene”, just to encourage other scientists to examine LENR… you know: Once you think something is possible, it becomes possible.

    If that is not the case, than I hope this is the time for a new step in the evolution of the human kind.

    I wish that some day all of us would realise that we are simply a product of evolution and we are striving for that reasons.


    • Jil

      some people also want you to believe its possible (for some weird reasons) cus the world depends on it, it doesnt make it possible.

      striving for something is good. discarding/ignoring question from people that feel the laws of mother nature are being broken is just very very very suspicious.
      believing something is good, defending things without evidence is weird. saying something is true without evidence…. ye… just ask for trust on the greatest invention all time, have a bad history record, have a small circle of ppl that co-op. then ye, we should totally trust this, even with the arogancy of the creator. it totally has 0% chance to be a fraud. because this invention is so important it nullgates all possible outcomes and must be true what has been claimed.

      its the people that ask for an explanation that arent being answered and somehow threaten the progress of this very public open project that limits all possible independent research/verification. just the people that have been selected may act as independent or may buy.
      when do we feel this project is true? we already did cus we need it. and we feel its true because unknown customers or customers that always primanily dont confirm or deny information. and we feel its true because it surely cant be a group working together.
      at some point this project isnt about what nature can do within the rules we thought would be true. this project is about how you cannot prove it is true, opinions make it true and the importance. surely not about 1995 second time jail or tax fraud, that should be forgotten cus of the importance of the project it MUST be true and you have to disclaim something you dont have in order to prove its all a lie.

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