Rossi: New Sale of 1 MW E-Cat Plant Made to “Normal” Customer

The secretive nature of Leonardo Corporation’s first customer has led to a lot of speculation — and some skepticism. Many people who are looking for confirmation that Andrea Rossi really has what he claims have been frustrated because there is dead silence from the customer who purchased the first 1 MW plant, and according to Rossi, subsequently ordered 12 more. The testing that was done in Bologna was essentially private, and although the customer’s agent was satisfied with what he saw, many people were hoping for much more complete data from the testing that was done.

Well today there may be some good news for those seeking third party confirmation of the E-Cat. Andrea Rossi made the following announcement on his JONP site.

Today we sold in the USA a 1 MW plant which will go to a normal Customer. This installation will be visitable by the qualified public.
We wait to have completed the contractual procedure through the attorneys, then we will give communication. It will be in the North East of the USA, where I have been in these days.

So there is apparently a “normal” (i.e. non-secret) US customer who may be willing to allow members of the public to visit the plant and see the the E-Cat in operation. Rossi has said that he has no problem if one if his customers wants to open up a plant for testing. Perhaps this new customer will be cooperative if qualified people want to give the plant a thorough examination. A working power plant by a customer who is independent of Rossi and his company would provide a tremendous amount of credibility to the E-Cat as a viable energy solution. This is all part of the “validation by the market place” strategy that Rossi has been championing all along.

It will take some time for all this to materialize, but for many people who are currently on the fence regarding the E-Cat it could turn out to be a real turning point towards widespread acceptance of a new and superior energy technology.

  • Kim

    I now dream of my 10 year in the future houseboat
    self sufficient… ect… ect… Protein… sunny weather… fresh air…


  • It will still be a long time until it is delivered and open for inspection. His technology will be obsolete and surpassed by defkalion or someone throwing more money at solutions.

    • Keith

      As long as the tech finds it’s way to market, why care if it’s Rossi or someone else that provides it?

  • Don’t count your retirement chips too soon there Kim. This is only the prospect of good news, sort of the gossip of good news even. At least it is something to look forward to. With so much possible espionage, a verifiable account of a working device, may actually put the whole operation in jeopardy. Those with something to lose, have nothing to fear at the moment, because the whole thing is still widely viewed as a hoax. Remove plausible deniability, and some “accidents” may happen. I sure would hate to be the scientist to announce those findings. He/She will have to watch their backs.

    • Kim

      Darn Alex you are so responsible
      I was just ready to push off…
      But, you may be right.


    • Keith

      My thoughts exactly. I have no way of knowing if the tech is real or not, but Rossi (apparently) is going about this exactly as I would.

      Focus on small-scale sales and production, and let the scientific community reassure the big energy companies that it’s all a big scam. At least until the tech has a foothold in real businesses that won’t let the whole thing be swept under the rug by chicanery or purchased “safety” legislation that maintains the status quo.

    • Keith

      This is Rossi’s version of what happened to his Petroldragon venture. If true, his current strategy makes perfect sense. He doesn’t want to get burned again.

  • My guess for the Second customer:
    University of Lowell, MA

    Today he announced a sale…..
    By the way, he visited UMASS today, and the Dean was “very” impressed with the presentation and expressed a great deal of interest to have one on campus to study.

    It’s my insider secret. I build Linear Accelerator’s, and happened to be on campus. This is a very likely customer, for a future purchase.

    • It’s almost too good, sell all the first units to Universities, who will certainly publicly test. Smart.

      He has been making rounds in the North-East, my guess he will return to Italy to resume oversight within the next 2 months, and likely not be back until he starts hiring for his facility in New Hampshire or Florida.

    • Luca Salvarani

      Are you sure that University of Lowell (I’m Italian and i don’t know it) could affort a 1 MW plant? It’s very expensive! I think MIT is much more likely: it has more resources and can make engineering improvements and patents on it!

      Another possibility is that Rossi did’t sell the plant but let the university to expose it… so he can have a huge low cost promotion and visibility in the most important market: the USA! without further tests… just what he wants and needs!

  • bill

    If Rossi can keep his scam running for a few more months. All the while taking orders, He should come out of this a rich man. He has to get as many firm orders before the compitition blows him out of the water. The tech. is real Rossi is not.

    • Maartenv

      You couldn’t be more wrong, Bill.
      They don’t even accept money before the sale is final. So of the people who placed orders, nobody payed a single penny. Inform yourself. Then comment.

      • rototo

        lol, “they don’t accept money ?”. Tell me again why they stopped business with Defkalion. Right : Rossi didn’t get the millions check on the planned day and he INSTANTLY flew elsewhere where he could find new pigeons. Funny for someone who “doesn’t accept money”. That part of the fairytale is long dead & gone at least.

        • mv

          Are they accepting money from customers before delivery? No they are not. They indeed don’t accept money before the delivery. What went wrong with Defkalion is anyone’s guess.

        • Rossi was going to sell anything to them, he was going to license Defkalion to market and build the devices. They held onto their money, he withdrew from that deal. Simple, and short lived. It’s a shame really.

        • Rossi wasn’t going to sell anything to them, he was going to license Defkalion to market and build the devices. They held onto their money, he withdrew from that deal. Simple, and short lived. It’s a shame really.

    • Rossi is a Doctor, and was already a rich man before. He has sponsored formula 3 car team. He has met a President of The United States.

      He is a worker and doer. You don’t scam people using your own money and taking 5 years off work at the wages he earns, and with the patents he holds.

      So what’s the plan.. Go live on a beach?

      Get real.

      If it were a scam we also wouldn’t be seeing Defkalion, and Piantelli, and Brian Ahern (look him up), and NASA all filing related patents and racing for credit on this. Plus the guy from who claims success. That is 6 fronts or more this is coming from.

      Also a scammer would have avoided the US. Instead he is selling to the US government. The US has some of the strongest fraud laws around. e should have kept it european.

      Also Rossi has not taken money. Hell; I would have bought shares if he put them out. A larger chance of not getting caught if it was a scam also. Like selling mining shares for an empty mountain rock (It’s been done.)

      So there is cold fusion now. Accept it and move on.

  • daniel maris

    If true, he’s moving in the right direction. For his marketing strategy to work, he really needs to get practical confirmation. Enough of secret customers, and verbal reports!

    • Uppai Mappla

      If he is willing for “members of the public” to open and inspect his e-cat, then why did he he refuse Professor Josephson’s invitation to have it validated at Cambridge University?


      • Francesco CH

        Because Rossi wants to sell plants. Then the buyers can do whatever they wants with their acquired plants.

        • Jil

          also if it turns out to be a container filled with cement?

  • Adam
    • Francesco CH

      Thieves are thieves, not doubt on it.

      • Jil

        lets hope this project turns out to be clean ^^. at some point this project also looks without a doubt as “not so very trustworthy”, but because we need it. its more trustworthy

      • Connor

        So what you’re saying is that if one company makes a computer, another company that makes a computer is stealing? I think you should look at the facts: Rossi won’t give away the secret (probably) because of commercial reasons. If I were to invent something like the E-Cat, I would give away the secret to anyone. I think Rossi shouldn’t care about money, but about solving the world energy problem. So it’s a good thing if someone else finds out how it works

  • sapain

    lenr is near
    hot fusion and oil fear
    masters shake
    slaves take
    freedom for alll

    • Is this something like a Haiku? That belongs on a strike board.

    • Rogerborg

      Forever secret,
      customers all hide their names.
      Nuke jam tomorrow.

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