Defkalion Green Technologies Issues Press Release, Technical Specification Data

Defkalion Green Technologies today issued a press release regarding business plans for development and commercialization of its LENR Hyperion products, and published a technical specification sheet providing details about the Hyperion kW series reactors which they state will be launched in 2012.

The press release is published in full below.



Wednesday 30th November, 2011

Today, and through our company website, Praxen – Defkalion Green Technologies Global has disclosed its current work on Nickel and Hydrogen exothermic reaction using Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.

The provided Technical Specifications Sheet is a first preparation of our pre-industrial Hyperion product. This data has been tested with progress made towards the design of a final product ready for market entry in 2012.

Hyperion products will be introduced into the global market with applications for buildings, agriculture and industrial energy needs.

Beyond the completion of the final product with all necessary certificates, our company has three key objectives for 2012:

1. Agreements with companies for exclusive licenses according to country / territory

We have received interest in our license agreements from 850 companies from 60 countries. They have already received an invitation for testing our products on the basis of a license for their country. We expect to sign contracts in 2012 and have already started talks.

2. Third party independent tests for scientific purposes and advancement of theory

Praxen – Defkalion Green Technologies is a strong supporter of LENR technologies globally. Greece can become the global centre for R&D on LENR technologies. We have already received numerous requests from leading scientific authorities, academic institutions and national laboratories from key countries to conduct tests on our products. Our policy is to accept their requests, under agreed protocol, and to allow publication of their findings. The process of agreeing to dates for such tests depends on the availability of our staff and labs, keeping in mind that we run a business, not a technology show room.

3. R&D-based joint venture partnerships with companies in niche market applications

There are many applications that stand alone Hyperion products cannot service. In these cases, we will enter into joint venture agreements with companies that have specialized know-how and technologies in their field, but who will be able to utilize and capitalize on our technology to create entirely new products with ours. Examples of such partnerships have come from interested companies in the fields of marine propulsion, water desalination, off-shore drilling, trains, telecom towers, heavy vehicles, and micro energy sources. These agreements will be consistent with Praxen – Defkalion Green Technologies Global product development and R&D efforts.

  • Mike Cheek

    This would be additional circumstantial evidence that there’s something real underneath all of this. We seem to now have two separate entities claiming to be able to provide an LENR type device, which to me adds some legitimacy to the thing. The brochure certainly appears to look “real.”

    If this is all true, then it would look like Mr. Rossi could lose much of the benefit of his ingenuity, and either Defkalion reverse engineered and/or pulled a fast one on him, as indicated in a previous post on this site. A recent issue of Time magazine (on inventions) commented that the actual inventor is the one typically cut out of any profits. I am sure Mr. Rossi knows he swims with the sharks but still it is surely most frustrating to see others take your work and profit off of it. Defkalion says they’ll start signing contracts in 2012. So we should know something next year. Nevertheless I remain impatient, I would really like to have this thing settled one or the other *now*!

    • Robert Horning

      This implies nothing of the sort, in terms of any proof of validity. If Rossi was offering a scam, all these guys have done is to copy the same scam idea using the same terms and repackaging it in such a way that Rossi is cut out of the loop.

      These guys aren’t going to sell a thing until people like the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other similar agencies in the major countries of the world take a serious look at this device and approve its sale. Perhaps they might be able to sell a few units to Ghana or Nigeria without such review, but those aren’t exactly major markets either and are also old hands at scams.

      This isn’t to say that this is a scam either, but this announcement is not proof. Any attempt that they make in terms of patenting this device is only going to get the whole issue thrown into court for a long, long time. About the only people who are going to be making any money off of this device may be the intellectual property attorneys, and that may happen regardless of if this is a scam or not.

      • Sanjeev

        It will be very hard to call these as nuclear devices legally (or even technically, since cold fusion is officially “non-existant”). It does not produce nuclear radiation (alpha,beta, neutrons or other subatomic stuff). There is gamma radiation though.

        Govts will need to accept cold fusion as a fact to even start asking questions about it.

        Unless the govts make a new law, it won’t be possible to regulate them. This is only an opinion, I’m not very good in this field of law and enforcement.

        • Robert Mockan

          Actually, just the opposite is true. It would be very hard NOT to call these devices nuclear. Anytime you have transmutation of elements, that is, changing the atomic number (number of protons) in the nuclei of an element, you have a nuclear process. The nickel has been publicized as changing to copper. That is a nuclear process. And the reactor is a nuclear reactor. There is no “maybe” about it. It is not the kind of nuclear reactor the public has been taught in the past to think of as nuclear, with the radiation, radioactive waste, and uranium.
          But it is a nuclear reactor, by the scientific and “legal” definition. Transmutation equals nuclear.

          • daniel maris

            I agree – and therein lies a puzzle. Why aren’t the authorities more interested in the radiation issue? Or if they have decided it is a scam, why haven’t the authorities moved in to put a stop to it?


            One explanation: it isn’t a scam and the authorities are soft-pedalling because above all they want the technology to stay in the West. Had Rossi say tried to interest Chinese or Russian companies, we might have seen a different reaction.

            It’s all v. confusing.

      • sdb

        the nrc regulates nuclear i.e. Radioactive materials, reactors using said materials, and associated waste and byproducts. The regs are such that if you don’t have such materials you do not fall into their domain.

        • Robert Horning

          I don’t think they would see it that way. They are oriented towards fission reactors, and that I’ll admit, but you would need a certificate from them saying you are clean from those materials, or at the very least don’t be too surprised if a lawyer from that agency drafted a nice threatening letter to you if you were either selling or manufacturing these devices in America.

          There were some private satellites that were being launched from America using 100% private financing and even private launchers (no government money involved at all) and it turns out that NOAA requires you to obtain a license from them on the off chance you might take a picture of the Earth with that vehicle, and they have to receive those photos before anybody else for “clearance”. Sometimes bureaucratic regulations will simply make your head spin at the stupidity involved.

  • David Hall

    I second Mike’s sentiment. If Rossi’s E-cat really were a hoax why on earth would anyone create a competeing hoax. It is almost unfathomable that there isn’t something to this tech if there are two companies selling products based on it.

    • daniel maris

      I tend to agree, unless it is a very complicated scam, which seems unlikely.

      Given that is the case, then it is even more frustrating that Defkalion puts on such a pathetic display. Would be better if they just stayed silent and got on with it.

  • daniel maris

    I thought the press release was amateur and disappointing.

    The tech spec looks good and seems to have been well received.

    But the absence of any video of working prototypes is pathetic in this day and age.

  • Kim

    Diddo on the NOW!

  • s

    We need to see COP and excess energy data so that a comparison can be made against the ecat.

  • K Reilly

    Ive been searching through the McMaster Carr catalog and I can’t find “pleasure sensors” anywhere. LOL

  • Robert Horning

    Assuming this device is for real, here are some observations about this announcement:

    Going over the spec sheet, this device does look a little bit different than Rossi’s device. The maximum temperature being 1100 °C and the “ignition temperature” being 450 °C are both a bit higher than what Rossi is claiming. While it may be possible to be using water and seeing it convert into steam at these temperatures, I would think some secondary coolant might be better suited for these temperatures. A Sodium-Potassium coolant might be possible (it is used on some experimental fission reactors), and there might be some other potential coolants as well. I have a hard time seeing water as the primary coolant in this kind of environment conforming to this specification.

    The operating wattage for the “standard unit” of 40-100 watts (I really don’t know what a Wh is as a unit, but I assume that is a “watt-hour per hour” or some other similar misunderstanding of electricity). If that figure is correct, it could plug into a standard home small appliance outlet (like the one your computer is likely plugged into at the moment) and pulls the wattage of an ordinary table lamp with an incandescent bulb. By comparison, a desktop computer typically pulls about a kilowatt of power (1000 watts), so this is rather minimal power consumption and wouldn’t even need professional installation other than to get a utility outlet into whatever place this is installed in…. at least if you want this device as a heat source.

    I can’t find any specification for the heat output of the device, but 12 liters per minute (max flow rate) for coolant that is above 500 °C (to keep the reactor temperature above the “critical temperature) seems like a whole lot of heat to dissipate. That is roughly the same rate of flow that a home kitchen sink would have in terms of water coming out of the spigot. Not huge, but respectable and something that definitely would have applications in a home environment.

    It will be interesting to see if these specs will hold out or not for the finished device.

    • Sanjeev

      The primary circuit uses oil (see page 9)
      1100 C is the max rating of the sensor. The max temperature is rated at below 414 C. (Above which they recommend molten salt as coolant)

      Page 18 shows the output in KW (easier to understand). There are two models so two ranges of power output.

      The spec is highly technical, so most people won’t understand anything. But the bottom line is – their (future) products are far superior to Ecat.

      Also, from the replies being posted in their forum, it does not look like a made up spec to me. The replies make sense.

  • hempenearth

    Lol, the language is a bit messed up on page 4 of the spec. It says:
    “Pleasure and temperature sensors”

    • hempenearth

      Sorry K Reilly,
      Just read you’ve beat me to the punch there.

    • Bruno Padovani

      “Pleasure and temperature sensors”? Maybe the device produces a different kind of heat!

  • Waiting

    Someone here asked “If Rossi’s E-cat really were a hoax why on earth would anyone create a competeing hoax.”

    Answer: to make money.

    This is common for scams. Historically, if the first guy is making money off of “investors” and “distributors”, then the second guy starts a competing scam. Because the first guy has already shown it can be profitable. Scams come in clusters.

    For example, in Jamaica, the Cash Plus company offered investments that would give you 10% a month interest, every month, for years on end. It was a Ponzi scheme, of course.

    Shortly afterwards, the Olint company started offering investments that just happened to also give 10% a month. Quite a coincidence. The two Ponzis were by different people, with no relationship. They were both in the same small country, at the same time. Both prevented any audits, so no investor could be sure they were real. But they sounded real. They really were separate, though one was copying the other. Both of them made millions of dollars off of investors.

    The victims rejected the idea that it was too good to be true. Because two different companies were making equally incredible claims. They couldn’t both be scamming. So they must be legit.

    Eventually, the investors lost everything, and the heads of both companies were arrested. One is being tried now. The other has already started his long sentence in prison.

    Defkalion announced that they’re refusing proper testing. Just like Rossi. That doesn’t prove both companies are scams. It just gives more evidence in that direction.

    • Hampus

      Defaklion is saying the opposite. They will let other people test the device. They are far more open then Rossi has been.

      • Waiting

        Unfortunately, they said:

        Our policy is to accept their requests, under agreed protocol, and to allow publication of their findings. The process of agreeing to dates for such tests depends on the availability of our staff and labs

        The dates must match the availability of their labs. That means the test is in their lab. And it must match the availability of their staff. That would probably rule out overnight tests. Their boxes are fairly large, so a test of only a few hours will not show whether it’s just known chemical reactions providing the heat.

        So they’re saying they will do EXACTLY the kind of thing that Rossi has been doing. Giving demos that tell us nothing.

        They really need to allow **outside** tests, where the device is given to an independent party to test in their own lab, running it for enough days to show this is beyond the ability of known chemical reactions. If they did this just once, then the world would beat a path to their door immediately.

      • Rogerborg

        Well, Rossi and Defkalion both *say* a lot. They *say* they have a product, they *say* what it’s capable of doing, they *say* that they’ve tested it themselves, and now Rossi *says* that a customer has bought one and that he has another lined up.

        However the silence from the alleged customers is thunderous.

        Until a clearly independent company or organisation is in sole possession of one of these Magic Boxes and says “We have one, we’ve run it for days or weeks and it works as advertised” then it’s a scam.

        The burden of proof is on Rossi and Defkalion. Constantly *saying* things proves nothing.

        • Hari

          I read somewhere: “My uncle discovered a liquid which can melt anything in the world, but unfortunately he could not show it to anybody (because he could not store it)”

  • At about 800-1000 C of temperature some cooling technology systems and materials used in Fission- Fast Neutrons Reactors (FNR) are immediately available. The Soviet russian Alfa Class hunter/killer Nuclear submarine has used them since 4 decennies (1972). It is the fastest submarine of world, 82 km/h.

  • hubert

    according to the datasheet:

    the COP is 25 for the unit for buildings and
    COP 32 for industrial units.

    • Greg Goble


      I have been pondering sound, or harmonic phenomenon (like cavitation), as being the catalyst in the Rossi – E Cat reaction chamber. This can also be harmonics in the radio frequency bandwidth. Knowing your interest I am sending you this. You will find enlightening leads in this piece with which I have been doing flash crowd education.

      A bit of research and I come across this item. Rossi is associated with these folks who are experts in the cavitation phenomenon.

      Different frequencies may cause cavitation and focus heat within the nickel and hydrogen lattice, specific frequencies oscillating through a harmonic may create standing waves weakening the lines of resistance between subatomic particles. Is vibration the catalyst in the Rossi E Cat reaction chamber? Related information see Sonofusion

      Are the radio frequencies creating a micro-cavitation within the nickel hydrogen lattice? This is the first post I found where Rossi mentions radio frequency generation as part of the reaction process. “In the self sustained mode, a one megawatt plant can operate at full power, while consuming a miniscule amount of electricity to operate fans, pumps and radio frequency generators”, Andre Rossi.

      Further harmonic speculation in a recent CBS News article “Cold Fusion Debate Heats Up After Latest Demo” -By Natalie Wolchover- “Peter Hagelstein, an MIT professor of electrical engineering and computer science and one of the most mainstream proponents of cold fusion research, thinks the process may involve vibrational energy in the metal’s lattice driving nuclear transitions that lead to fusion.”

      “Not so far in the distant future, the next generation… will look back at our generation.. and know that the term ‘energy shortage’ was a term for unenlightened minds” gbgoble-2008



    • s

      To be more specific: We need to see a video of a test of their unit running while measurements are being made. We then need to see data from that test run which allows us to calculate the COP of the test run and how much excess energy was produced. Since we were given videos and data from many ecat runs, it is reasonable to expect the same for this new device.

  • Sputnick

    Defkalion has apparently spoken to the Greek press about the sales price of the 10-45KW 9-core reactor.
    They are considering to sell it in Greece for €5’500 plus a couple of hundred per year for the maintenance.

  • Francesco CH

    Defkalion’s device is the same one they have months ago, they still do not have the core of the technology from Rossi’s E-Cat, they are waiting Rossi enters the market in order to steal his technology.

    • Francesco CH

      OOPS: Defkalion’s device is the same one they HAD months ago

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  • B.Spieker

    As soon as this gets out there will be hundreds of bootleg machine shops making the housings, Catalyst will be available on the black market.
    The Government cannot control illegal drugs, what are the chances with something like free energy.?

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  • Major General

    Somebody check the thermal conductivity of steel to see if 5Kw can pass thru the wall thickness at the listed temperature difference.
    Heat conductivity is dependent on:
    K (for steel), / T(Kelvin),area and thickness.

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